Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Does It Take To Get The Beautiful Girl?

April 16, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

What does it take to get the beautiful girl? It takes a man who shows confidence, stability and verve and who doesn’t supplicate like a “nice guy” chump. It seems to me that it requires much the same sorts of qualities to preserve a culture or a nation. We sure as hell aren’t going to get anywhere with the Zionist Jews by supplicating and mollifying their perverted appetites for greed and chicanery which are just getting whetted up and ready for the hour of devouring America like a parasitic Pac-Man looking for the Four Remaining Ghosts of Dissent as he swallows all the gold. The hour is ever near and carries the portents of doom and the guaranteed end of the United States as some of us once knew it.

The mortgage bubble has popped like a piece of Bubble Yum in a valley girl’s mouth. Our numerous occupations and invasions of other nations for Big Jewry has brought only carnage, maiming and blood. It has shown us the decent hatred of all non-American, non-Israeli life on the planet. Our currency is devalued and worth pennies on the Federal Reserve note. Our manufacturing base is rotted away like a termite (Jewish extremist) infested structure once comely and aesthetically appealing to the eye. The New Testament of the Bible could soon be outlawed as hate literature by Jewish activists through their Fifth Columnist moles who have broken our judicial system and shrunk its moral imperative to the size of a matchbook that has “Noahide Laws” written on the back of it. Christianity could soon be branded as a hate cult, though Judaism is much closer to fitting that bawdy bill.

Yet apathy reigns. We ARE mostly preaching to the choir, as my compatriot Curt Maynard wryly noted before taking a deserved vacation from several years of shining a light on the whole horrific reality of the Jewish empire, the terror state we have become under Jewish drivers and financiers. Yet it is galling and jaw-droppingly amazing that Americans grin and bear more abuses heaped upon us like hot coals, scorching a circled letter U or a ‘K’ upon our thin skin, the symbology signifying the price we pay for even our supper or our sustenance as non-Jews, now even “eternal refuse” inside our VERY OWN GATES, yet still having to justify ourselves. After all, we must prove how loveable and non-threatening and harmless we have become to those who wish for a world without us.

Why would anyone be attracted to us any longer, the European-Americans? We are weak, our men deballed and speaking in high-pitched apologetic squeaks of subservience to our betters. Our women are empty-headed and materialistic shrews who hate children.

Why have I taken some time away from the depressant that is the Jewish Question, the Jewish Problem, the Jewish-fashioned HELL that is American subterranean anti-culture? For the same reason that so many others are losing their fire for only chattering away to the choir, knowing that nothing but minor quibbles over how a particular conundrum is phrased will ever be birthed from the conversation. For the same reason that good minds are finding other things to occupy their frontal lobes and their selective passions.

What does it take to get the beautiful girl? It takes strength and a little charm. More than we’ve got, I assure you. It could even take us becoming “as wise as serpents”. Certainly it takes more than neutered genuflection to what we are always assured is so much better than what we are. In this case, our betters and smarters are the wretched criminal masterminds of Judaism and Zionism, some of these leeches now hiding cleverly under their Goy names and plastique Goy exteriors, their fleshes and bones that look so much like ours as they perch vulture-like and tarry for the crack-up that will deliver them the pay-off. This is Jewish history in a nutshell. It’s the thumbnail sketch version of their entire sordid life cycle as a people, the death and rebirth of the Fifth Columnists and the Fourth Estaters reincarnating, flashing before our eyes as we behold sinister faces in the fire.

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