Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Three Stooges View of Jewish History

“We’d better scram!”
- Moe Howard

“How do you like this guy? He comes over here running for his life, and before he can even take a big breath he’s telling us how to run the show. The arrogance of him!”
-Juror #7 Twelve Angry Men

By Patrick Grimm

Those people who are aware of my anti-Zionist views and my negative bent on both Judaism and Israel often ask me if there are any Jews I admire. My answer is always “Of course there are.” If I am in a serious mood, I will list the many anti-Zionist Jewish dissenters amongst the community making up the Diaspora. If I am in a joking mood, I will answer “The three Jews I admire the most are Larry, Curly and Moe.”

Growing up as a child the Three Stooges were always my favorite comedy team. Their slapstick antics, their clever one-liners and Moe Howard’s creative forms of inflicting pain and meting out punishment for perceived slights made these comedians a big part of my childhood entertainment. The Stooges excelled in not excelling. They made uncouthness and a lack of sophistication seem like more fun than being part of a stuffy upper crust, as those rich white folks in the Stooge shorts were always portrayed.

It wasn’t until much later that I was rudely awakened to the Jewish Question and its negative effects on human affairs. Of course this didn’t change my love for the humor of Howard, Fine and Howard, but it did cause me to look at all forms of Jewish entertainment with more of a jaundiced eye and a cynical mind.

I believe that we can slap a simple label onto Jewish history. For throughout the centuries as they have lived amongst non-Jews in almost every country on earth, a certain pattern has emerged. In fact, it has a haunting familiarity. Let’s call it “The Three Stooges View of Jewish History.” It may sound silly at first, but let’s dig deeper, shall we? Almost every Stooge short ends with the dim-witted trio fleeing from an angry mob as ‘THE END’ flashes onto the screen and the trademark theme music plays. At the denouement of most Stooge episodes, the threesome’s uncouth behavior and their obnoxiousness finally becomes unbearable to those forced to endure the brunt of their latest anti-social antics. Hence ejection is the end result.

The Jews in America (and in many other hot spots around the globe) are reaching the same point that Larry, Curly and Moe often do when they misbehave and stretch the good will of their hosts to the breaking point. Jewish financial shenanigans, crony capitalism, Israeli bullying of American politicians and both anti-white and anti-religious activism has brought the Tribe to the cusp of disaster. Attorney Edgar J. Steele has wryly noted that if the Jews continue on their present path, they soon may have no other place to escape to and may have to start looking for a home on a different planet. Like the Three Stooges, the Jews may find themselves once more on the run, with the ire and fury of the civilized world bearing down upon their departing backsides with an unrelenting and justifiable white heat. The global economic collapse they have orchestrated and their attempted genociding of other races of people may ensure just such a reaction and every last nation-state in existence may suddenly awaken and come to rue the day they allowed the Jew within their gates. I for one would find such an ending poetic justice for these tribalists who have brought so much poverty, hardship, discord and misery upon the rest of the world. Perhaps it won’t be quite as funny as a black-and-white Stooge short from Columbia Pictures, but I for one will be laughing.

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