Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Self-Chosen Vulturecrats

By Patrick Grimm

It is the open secret that once disclosed only opens a Pandora’s box of other revelations. As John Kaminski once intoned “Your god is your wallet.” If this is true, and for many it is true, then the usury and the loansharking of the Self-Chosen is a central concern, an unavoidable problem that now affects and afflicts all humanity.

At this moment I now scribble down these thoughts amidst a lull at my place of employment. If the truth was known of my views there would, in all likelihood be consequences and repercussions. This is today’s reality and the terrible power of the Self-Chosen. Dissent has become anathema, as has truth.

Yet we speak out anyway. For to remain silent is no longer a viable option. Our protracted silence will surely become our sudden death. It has already become our bankruptcy and a new delicious plunder for the vulturecrats has commenced.

“All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews,” a great man once ominously remarked. He could never have predicted how prescient he was or how the Self-Chosen would afflict and inflict our system with their economic gangsterism on both a micro and a macro scale.

If we have done our due diligence and have dipped liberally into the storehouse of history as well as the writings of great men, the usury and thievery of the Self-Chosen becomes, not just an open secret, but a foregone conclusion that will absolutely extend into the foreseeable future. As wages contract, pensions disappear, jobs depart for overseas and the stock market tanks, we should remember our history. None of this should catch us by surprise. If you listen closely you can almost hear all those dead white men whisper “I told you so.”

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