Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Misnaming Ourselves

May 13, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

It’s quite obvious that the inchoate coup undertaken by Big Jewry is not fully finished, though it has been successful in many ways, both dramatic and incremental. One method we can use to scorn and undermine these alien usurpers and destroyers is to simply refuse to utilize the fraudulent language, the dishonest and inaccurate buzz words and politically correct names they have set out for us to use. Instead, we can implement the words, names and titles that Big Jewry’s media has thus far disallowed, as we pick up these hoary “handles” to swing at our foes like a pirate’s cutlass. In this way we can affect their apoplexy. This is a beautiful thing. It also fulfills another aim, that being the task of the philosopher, which is simply “naming things correctly.”

For this very reason I stopped using the term “Gentile” in my essays and articles some time back, partially at the request of my loyal readers, but also because I began to see the word as a Jewish supremacist construct designed to demolish the diversity of all peoples, but especially Europeans and European-Americans. The Jewish tribe leaders and the Big Jewry magnates have set themselves up as gods by separating themselves from all other life forms on planet earth. There are Gentiles and then there are Jews. There are Jews and then everybody else. Of course the Babylonian Talmud, criminal Judaism’s holiest book, admonishes Jews to see these “Gentile” Others as chaff, refuse, animalistic in both mental capacity and capricious violent tendencies. Jews are deigned to be gods, their DNA denoting holiness and perfection. I guess this explains Amy Winehouse.

When European and European-American activists choose to continually refer to ourselves as Gentiles, we are playing the game of the tribalist Judaizers, who have essentially erased our individual traits, our many ethnicities and nations and our potpourri of traditions, customs and beliefs. This only stunts our cause and purpose, which is survival, health, heritage and liberation. We DO NOT desire supremacy as world Jewry does. They have proven their supremacist attitudes by setting themselves against all humanity with their “us vs. them” labeling, creating a dichotomy where only Jews are accorded real worth. This then allows them to dehumanize others as they engage in ethnocentric banditry on their road to world control.

Do not play the game of the supremacist players in the internationalist Jewish game of domination. Demand that your heritage be respected and your diversity not be jettisoned by those who believe themselves to be the arbiters of who should and shouldn’t be recognized. If we all become “Gentiles” then we can be collectively silenced as second-class by the supremacists who have arrogantly decided that those of European descent don’t have the right to name themselves or to demand that their own traditions be accorded the same respect as every other entity. This is a right that every group should possess. When we (European peoples) become nothing more than Gentiles, we allow the Jewish extremist pigeon-holers to place us right where they want and need us to be. Plus we commit the disservice of misnaming ourselves. For the philosopher, this is the greatest sin.

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