Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is Your Mouth A Little Weak?

By Patrick Grimm

We have no free speech in any meaningful sense. Any academic can boast of the fact that he is a Marxist/Leninist or a Communist ideologue. But let one professor claim himself a National Socialist or an adherent to an ideology of nationalism in any meaningful sense, and he will be driven into oblivion.

The Communist Left controls the institutions, the government and the think tanks. This is due to the Jewish onslaught. The radical Jews, along with their minions in the socialist media now grip America by the hairs of her collective head. Any nationalism, and for that matter, any racialism that dares to upset the Jewish apple cart (if you can imagine the shiftless Jews growing produce) is squelched, is quelled with a vehemence rivaling Stalin’s most extreme excesses.

The Jews want to destroy whiteness. They desire more than anything else, for the white race to voluntarily extinguish itself, without guns, without war, with tumult, to choose, out of guilt and self-flagellation, to bring about its own expiration date.

Our free speech is null and void. Though it may be a few more months before the swine flu hysteria wears off and Jews turn America into a FEMA camp totalitarian society worthy of Trotsky and Lenin’s wet dreams, we are done. We are a country betrothed with the legacy of a Hidden Tyranny we dare not identify, much less fight openly. Dare I say I am pessimistic about our prognosis thus far. We don’t have the intestinal fortitude to shake ourselves free of our Marxist/Leninist overlords and yes, Zionist Jewish masters, who dictate what our proper behavior should be.

Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak? Of course it is. You have been conditioned, lulled into a love of the soft tyranny of Jewish demands. The valentine has been ripped from out your chest. The love of your people has been jettisoned from your beating breast. You would rather become a prisoner of your own fear than dare to stand against the anti-freedomist Jews who now threaten to tear your cowardly heart from out your rib cage.

Stand, dear white soul, stand. Or would you rather be yanked into the maelstrom of a Jewish-induced insanity? Recall the three most influential thinkers of the 20th century. Athwart the last one hundred years stand three intellectuals. They are Marx, Freud and Darwin. The first two are Jewish hacks. The third is the only “survivalist” worthy of still citing as much as a footnote in the history of ideas.

Our free speech has been ripped from the moorings of the Magna Carta and the Constitution. Why? Because the Jew believes in neither of these documents. He believes in nothing, nay not self-sacrifice, nay not logic or reason. He believes in egotism writ large and nothing more than the nationalism that is his own. Every other nation must be crushed beneath the boot of Talmudic totalitarian tyranny. Is this enough to elicit your righteous anger and your white European fury? I doubt it. For it has been smothered like a candle in a windstorm. It has been silenced amidst the vortex of pragmatism and practicality worthy of a Puritanical Jewish wannabe Self-Chosenist.

We have no free speech. We have politeness and apologies and self-loathing. What we don’t have are the stuff that will save us. What we have in excess are the traits that guarantee that the internationalist, Marxist/Leninist/Zionist Jew can play upon both our sympathies and our hubris, bending our future to his will, his way and his wickedness.

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