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Ignorance Is The Mother Of Philo-Semitism

March 12, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

Tom Waits lends his macabre vocal to a memorable little carnival-like dirge that has the master singer/songwriter growling menacingly “Misery’s the river of the world! Misery’s the river of the world! Everybody row, everybody row!” Of course Waits’ gravely singing, a quite generous term for what he does with his voice, has all the subtlety and grace of a man gargling with razor blades. Misery, according to the dark and ghoulish mind of this storyteller, is the very river humanity is afloat upon. Any struggling against this river then resembles rowing in some sort of faint flail for survival in whichever craft we so choose.

If pessimism and existential angst demands the adage “misery is the river of the world” from Mr. Waits, then I would formulate that the reality of side-by-side sleepiness and wakefulness smattered amongst all human minds on the problem of Jewish extremism requires another saying, perhaps not as doleful, but just as empirically observable. I declare here and now that “Ignorance is the mother of philo-Semitism.” Philo-Semitism here would be most simply defined as an ideology or way of thinking sympathetic to Jews, the interests and the well-being of the Jewish community, Jewish “self-determination” and the Zionist state of Israel.

Now let the above sink in for a second. Ignorance is the mother of philo-Semitism. Startling, isn’t it? For in our culture and shouting through the din of all its political culture wars we hear just the opposite. We are barraged with round-the-clock declarations telling us that suspicious minds, at least racially or ethnically or anti-Self-Chosenist-bent suspicious minds or minds not amenable to pluralism are fueled by ignorance, their thoughts colored and obscured by a lack of any experience with those people their minds so uncompassionately “hate” or “suspect” of base motives. “Bigotry is born of ignorance” these self-anointed progressives tell us and “Diversity and tolerance are born of integrating oneself with those different from oneself.” It sounds so wonderfully cotton candy-esque, doesn’t it?

But no, it’s a lie, a hoax. It resembles the crimes against those of us who have been trained to be so accepting towards Jewish extremism, who have been taught to hold our tongues and bend our knees in genuflection and out of fear. Yet Jewish tribalists do all that they can to keep the lie, the hoax, the ignorance alive in our youth. What is “teaching tolerance” other than a primer in lies? What are Holocaust studies but lessons hammered into the impressionable, lessons browbeating our children with the unspoken insinuation that resisting Jewish supremacist tyranny–financial, governmental, educational, what have you–is sin? Only through faulty precepts and benighted epistles laid out as enlightenment, can this naivety, this ignorance among our people be sustained.

Ignorance is the mother of philo-Semitism. Over the last two thousand years, fleeing Jewish people were welcomed with open arms and acceptance into almost every country in Europe, THE FIRST TIME THEY ARRIVED. The only way they managed to gain a reentry after their eventual violent expulsion or after a few bloody pogroms was through their money power and the bribery of corrupt leaders and with inelegant appeals to monarchs who loved to use this “nation within a nation” as middle-men and tax collectors. Only when they made their very first appearance did this wandering tribe, this Diaspora of Jews find sympathetic and empathetic philo-Semites greeting their arrival. Why? Because those non-Jews who initially absorbed this tribe were working from a lack of experience, from a place of ignorance about the Jewish question and the behavior of Jewish extremist leaders which has ALWAYS proved to be exploitative towards their once-friendly host.

Ignorance is the mother of philo-Semitism. Christian Zionists in unnamed Texas churches wave Israel flags alongside American ones and dance and stamp their feet to the beat of Jewish folk songs performed in a down-home bluegrass style. Yet other than what they have been told from the lectern by a Judaized minister, what they have read in pro-Zionist books and in scaremongering apocalyptic literature christening the coming nuclear annihilation of the world, what do they know of these folks they describe as “the apple of God’s eye” and the “Chosen People”? I would guess, precious little. In all likelihood they know nothing of the Talmudic venom heaped on Jesus Christ. They know nothing of the state of Israel’s anti-Christian policies. They know nothing of the Israeli government’s outlawing of proselytizing or the passing out of Bibles on the street. They surely haven’t heard the true stories of rabbis spitting in the faces of Christian clergy or burning copies of the New Testament by the hundreds. I have talked to many of these Christian Zionists. They are not stupid, malevolent, knowingly or consciously suicidal or insincere in their faith. They are ignorant.

Philo-Semitism vs. Fearo-Semitism

Yet I can hear a reader somewhere protest, “Your axiom doesn’t hold water. What about our politicians? They know the truth about the Jewish extremists, yet they support them. They aren’t ignorant.” For the most part, and with few exceptions, this is very true, but also very irrelevant to the present discussion. Yes, our leaders, including our President, our Senate and our Congress (sans Ron Paul) give the Jewish supremacists exactly what they want when they want it. They are not ignorant of the nature of Jewish supremacism and the kind of power they wield in our government, media and economy. But are they truly “sympathetic to Jews, the interests and the well-being of the Jewish community, Jewish ‘self-determination’ and the Zionist state of Israel,” as philo-Semitism has already been loosely defined? No, not at all. In fact, our leaders couldn’t be any of these things in any real or abiding sense, at least not apart from coercion.

Our politicians are not sympathetic toward Jewish partisans or Zionism any more than a woman held hostage by a criminal could be said to be sympathetic towards her captor. Our congress people and Senators do not feel sympathy and affection or an affinity that flows in the direction of organized Jewry. What they feel is fear. They feel fright and uneasiness, and if any one of them still possesses anything resembling a conscience, he/she must also feel a little bit of self-loathing and cowardice for succumbing to this fear and for placating the immense Zionist power that sits at the apex of our government.

Those folks we voted in to represent us are not philo-Semites and should not be labeled as such. They should never be confused with those ignorant and often well-meaning souls who support extremist Jewry because of lack of knowledge or a dearth of quality information. No, our representatives are Fearo-Semites who practice Fearo-Semitism in both their public and back room dealings with dogmatic Jewish activists and Zionist special interests. These representatives understand full well that Jewish media and its hideous strength can end their political careers in a heartbeat if it so desires with just a flurry of negative press here or a barrage of editorials tilted towards an opponent there. Jewish PACs and Zionist billionaire contributors, the mother’s milk of both parties, can be effortlessly siphoned from one replaceable plastic candidate to another. Our politicians understand this reality. This is why the “power that dare not be spoken of aloud” is sitting so pretty. It’s not philo-Semitism, but Fearo-Semitism that has built its lavish nest.

Fearo-Semitism is almost impossible to eradicate, because it can only survive where integrity and principle no longer rule the day. Yet ignorance is a little easier to wipe out. It requires education and the reversing of the life-long inculcation of falsehoods in the minds of a jejune citizenry. Yet as philo-Semitism squeezes out more bloody births of ignorant stock, we can rest assured that where the free flow of information and the liberation of knowledge occurs, this ignorance can be slowed, stymied and finally reversed.

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