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The Costumes of the Dead

February 2, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

Call me a white nationalist if you will, perhaps even a reluctant one, but I, like many others in this movement fail to see the efficacy or the wisdom of adopting National Socialist (Nazi, for those of you who only get your info and history from the Jewsmedia) regalia and all the obvious and useless pageantry, posturing and trumped-up pride that goes with it. It all feels so forced. This is not even to mention the fact that those who represent National Socialist websites don’t exactly carry themselves like the “best and brightest” of our race rightly should. The whole thing has all the realism of a hurried last-minute dress rehearsal in an amateur theatre production, and I have been involved in more than one of those in my younger years, I can assure you.

As the doomed Ron Paul campaign should have made abundantly clear, racially aware whites, whites still carrying pride in their European heritage, are a peripheral and trivial minority of Americans mainly because the number of whites who have not succumbed to politically correct 24-hour-a-day Jewish propaganda is very, very small demographically. Yet I have come across many of our people who seem to thirst for the martyrdom feelings that irrelevancy and residing on the fringe brings. Hence the National Socialist phenomenon.

Poseurs of questionable morality, integrity and prudence, people such as Bill White, the Commander of the National Socialist Workers Party, seem more than ready to relegate all racially aware whites, Aryans if you will, to the fever swamps where the Jewish supremacists desire us to live. Yet perhaps this is what White and others are truly longing to do. Curtis Maynard notes in a provocative and erudite article entitled “How Big is Bill White’s American Nazi Party?” that:

Until recently, the American National Socialist Workers Party [ANSWP] was led by someone named Bill White. White grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, attended schools predominantly attended by Jewish children, joined the Communist Party USA, and once wrote for Pravda, the former Soviet Unions most prominent newspaper.

In 2006, White appointed himself the “Commander” of the ANSWP and immediately began a well financed disinformation program designed to do several things:

1. To call attention to himself and to promote his divisive agenda.

2. To convince as many people as possible that National Socialism is a virulently racist political doctrine that excludes anyone with a skin tone darker than Bill Whites. This is demonstrably untrue.

3. To use the ANSWP platform to smear individuals that actually are dedicated and working to create a better world. Recently, the ANSWP has focused its efforts on Ron Paul.

4. To convince as many people as possible that the ANSWP has a large supporter base and is growing larger every day. [Demonstrably false]

5. Ultimately, to cast White people and White interests in as negative a light as possible.

Bill White is an Illusionist, one of his greatest illusions is promoting the idea that he has any members or supporters at all. He’s compelled to do this because he must explain how it is that he and his organization are financed; he can’t just come out and say that he receives a monthly check from the ADL and SPLC can he? [1]

With these kinds of opportunists and/or double agents stepping into the glow of the media spotlight and posing as our friends and allies, why would those of us who are genuinely desirous of fighting Jewish supremacism and the anti-white death cult that is “diversity” and “multiculturalism” even need Jewish enemies? Whether White is on the Jewish payroll or simply a grandstanding blowhard hungering for his fifteen minutes of sure-to-be-fleeting fame, it makes no difference. Though Jews have already become quite infamous for infiltrating any and all movements which oppose their ethnic supremacy and then constructing a false opposition that is flaccid, powerless, and most of all, divided, I believe Gentiles should be blamed for allowing Jews to acquire leadership positions in our movements in the first place. They first tried out this kosher shysterism with their neutering of the American conservative movement some thirty years ago. Currently, any given conservative think tank now looks more like a gathering of Knesset denizens or Likudnik warmongers ready to unleash the Samson Option with their op-eds.

And yet a certain marginalized cadre of whites online want to join the Whites of the Bill variety in the National Socialist brigades and seal their fate as members of the Collective Unconscious. They want to insure that the majority of European-American people will further paint themselves into a corner using a rainbow multicultural gloss, its fumes redolent with the aroma and pall of genotypic death. This is why you will see a plethora of silly and churlish websites like Nuke Israel and Zog’s Nightmare popping up, adorned with swastikas and SS symbology. Thus ordinary Americans remain as red-faced, embarrassed and apologetic about white racial consciousness as their Jew masters want them to be. If these particular sites are not false flags [2], they are perhaps something even worse. They are creations of the “worst and dimmest” of our race, justifiably frustrated, but lashing out in the most ineffectual way possible, while at the same time foisting up the symbols and unfurling the flags and memories of a bygone past that is not capable of being reconstructed anyway, mainly because it is so strongly connected to a war that killed many Americans. This is not purely defeatism on the part of these white nationalists, but political and anti-intellectual suicide of the lowest and stupidest ilk.

European-Americans need new symbols, new ideas and a new vision for the future of our people. What we don’t need is a harkening back to an era that does not evoke nostalgia or allegiance, but visceral reactions and conditioned blanches and recoils tripped off by decades of guilt-invoking, Holocaust-peddling, Jew-empowering, anti-white movies and archival film footage repeated ad nauseous like a spliced tape on the History Channel. Why play into their hands by dressing up in the costumes of the dead and acting the theatrical fool for arrogant and supercilious Jews who make a point of both their own haughty exceptionalism and sweet innocence/driven snow purity simultaneously? Why indeed?

[2] For further reading on the subject of “false flags” see my article on the topic:

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