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Cognitive Dissonance and the Gestalt of Jewish Extremism

February 10, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

The Gestalt of Jewish extremism is one unifying configuration that is being showered upon us, not as a pure and clean precipitation (if there exists such a thing), but something more closely resembling radium rain with drops that bear similarities to each other, little increments flecking off of a whole. What is that Gestalt and what is that unifier which animates all that Jews propel onto us? It is mass confusion, it is cognitive dissonance writ large, it is the confounding of all people, but mostly white people. Why white or European-American people? Mainly because they make up the majority of homo sapiens who seem to be contemplating Jews at all or second-guessing their monumental self-congratulatory moral claims.

If schizophrenia requires a human to entertain contradictory concepts about himself or about reality, then so too do the aphorisms a white person is expected to eagerly guzzle down when the media, or worse yet, his church places them like a fistful of knock-out drops onto his trusting palate. Before his consciousness departs, some disconcerting thoughts may or may not arise.

If someone is to “Love his neighbor as himself” then the assumption is that both self-love and love of others must be both instinctual and conducive to a somewhat serene social order, barring the presence of large numbers of enemies or nefarious characters, and we have plenty of both. Yet here is where the double-mindedness kicks in, the schizophrenic and dualistic tendencies that so confuse our people. These tendencies, these memes and newly-discovered mores (an oxymoronic concept created by those who are not at all moronic; think the New Absolutes) are of course, shepherded and tended to like the sinister brainchild of Big Jewry that they are. White folks, trusting and beguiled as they are by Jewish politicos and intellectual machinations, can then add scatter-brained and quarantined to the list of words denoting their thought processes. Allow me to explain.

Whites, European-Americans, Caucasoid humans (those whose discoveries have made life both easier and enjoyable for all races) are taught that “hatred”, “hate speech” and “hate crimes” are the worst of sins. They are taught these things by the world’s oldest autocrats, ethnocentrists and the most neurotic tribe of carrion birds ever to fly away with ill-gotten bounty. Don’t miss the double-minded illogic at work within the schemes of the age-old schemers, for it doesn’t matter if they are Ashkenazis, Judeans or the now Shabbas Sephardim interconnected to the Torah by some nebulous blood line. Those with a trick up their sleeves, at least linguistically, verbally and propagandistically-speaking, all seem to carry a membership card to one Tribe, whether they can really trace their genealogy or were only grafted into the parasite club later on down the track. Now these schemers state as if a truism, an axiom of antiquity that proves itself: “Hate is the worst of all sins” and “We don’t tolerate intolerance” (which is laughably self-contradictory as a slogan, especially for the National Education Association Jews who sloppily crafted it several decades ago), yet it leaves a sour taste in the mouths of those whose mouths were the targets in the first place.

Why are so many of our children confused and unsure of their identities? Some of it relates to the pain and wiles of youth, but it is more than that. White kids, young and inexperienced in the ways of the world, are taught daily in our government schools, using Jew-penned curriculum that “Hatred is the worst of sins” and then on the next page are instructed, sometimes implicitly, but often with all the subtlety of propaganda films played for captive POW audiences, that whites are hateful, genocidal, ethnocentric thieves and slavers deserving of hatred, contempt and finally extinction.

So the same Jewish-tilted educational establishment which supposedly eschews hatred with all the ire and moralistic bluster of a Puritan moral crusader or a member of what they believe themselves to be part of, the Party of the Saints, now teaches white children self-hatred that is enervating, demoralizing and an impetus to despair, despondence and finally self-destruction. Alas, this is the actual and the intended end result. But why is anyone surprised? Can the mind really react to incongruous idiocies and acidic ideas antithetical to reason without either rebelling, shutting down or going insane? Hellish is a place, any place, but especially a supposed school of learning, bereft of reason and torn from the moorings of logic and the wisdom of our ancestors. Such is the state of North American Jewish anti-learning. Yet perhaps even this is too lofty a term for what is done to our people in the socialist assembly lines of self-loathing zombiedom. What is occurring could be nothing more than crudely-inflicted mental cruelty and abuse fronting as “a good public education.”

Yet the churches provide no unguent or balm for the mental wounds slashed and etched upon the minds of our white youth, or our white grown-ups for that matter, by a Jewish-manipulated and authored syllabus. Those who attend houses of worship, which should instead be classified as Whorehouses For the Ego-Fellating of Jews, receive a heaping helping of the same dissonance from the pulpit or lectern steadily dished out in our Jew educational mind-brothels. This time, however, the good white Christian Comintern-enablers, those quaint breeds of cro-magnon men and women who frequent the leadership positions of fundamentalist and evangelical churches, no longer need the help of the Jews to brainwash and indoctrinate European-Americans into believing suicide-inducing, incongruous lies.

No, they (the Hagees, Falwells, Robertsons and many, many others) have taken the Christian Zionist dispensationalist correspondence course which gives them thorough and effective instructions on exactly how to mouth Scofieldisms and what to say to get naïve and Jew-struck white Christians to genocide themselves. All of this occurs even without an inflow of Jewish money to hasten the dysgenic evangelistic effort, though Jew lucre or a Lear jet may be forthcoming for these non-Jewish partners-in-arms, those who are boosters of the power agenda of existential obliteration and white obsolescence that is Jewish supremacism, that supremacy which has overseen the hurried evolution of Zionism from just a danger to the Palestinian people (which is bad enough) to an in-your-face, well-oiled, soldered-in, lubed up, growing-by-leaps-and-bounds, death knell-crooning bitch on wheels.

Now from the pulpits of American’s Zionized charlatan ministers, well-heeled and hell-heeled televangelists issue forth all sorts of PC statements and declarations which would have been scoffed at just three or four decades previously. The integration and the incorporation of all races has now suddenly become God’s will, apparently after Almighty Jehovah was given a brain transplant by B’nai B’rith with some assistance from newly-minted Judeo-Christian groupies of the Zion-loving Cyrus Scofield variety. Now I am giddy to report that the operation was a success!

God has come up with all sorts of new bromides, boomed out with all the attendant thunder and lightning we’ve grown to expect. Here are just a few of the swillish doctrines that guarantee that even churches can provide us NOTHING, no solace, no solid rock or anchor from a culture now taken by our eternal enemy, the Jews:

Interracial dating and the dissolving of racial distinctions are the will of God

All-white churches mean “racism” and should be integrated with “churches of color”

Believing in racial differences, whether intellectual or behavioral is contrary to the will of God

Racial awareness is a horrendous sin and should be shunned and scorned by any true Christian

The Bible teaches that all races are exactly the same and that no distinctions should be made between them

This is only an incomplete list, but with doctrines like these coming from houses of worship, no wonder our people are confused and will almost assuredly remain confused and shallow-minded in the face of their dissolution and seem to have no recognition of the reality of their eventual disappearance as a racial entity on planet earth, which almost seems imminent at this late hour.

Yet in the midst of all this talk of racial egalitarianism and equalitarianism ladled out by phony supposed ministers of the Gospel comes a non sequitur so ludicrous as to almost be farcical. Every Judeo-Christian on the Jew tube and on the radio will repeat it again and again for their simpleton audiences and when its illogic is pointed out by more learned minds they will become irascible and unpleasant and shut down all discourse. These Jew-worshipping men (and sometimes women) will declare, without a hint of irony or brain waves, that “all races are equal” and then thunder forth that “the Jews are God’s Chosen People” and that “the Jews are the apple of God’s eye” and that “those who bless them will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed.” For you see, this gimlet-eyed new equality theology has a loophole for the Chosen. And through this little loophole, those who placate and pacify the Jews out of fear and cowardice can pass something far larger than a camel. They can guide through and then wash away all the crimes of Israel and Zionism and the ADL and the ACL-Jew and the Jewish bankers and the Talmudic Christ-and-Christmas-haters until they are as clean as driven snow, at least in their own minds. They can wash their own memory banks and those of their hapless followers, scrub them of all the cognitive dissonance gumming up the works and issue an “evangelical fatwa” against any who dissent from this selective, and in the case of their congregation, collective blindness.

Yes, the Gestalt of extremism of the Jewish stripe is confusion, double-mindedness, cognitive dissonance and silent or prostrate schizophrenia rarely noted and even less seldom discussed aloud, either because of “fear of the Jews” or the outright “leveling down” brought on by faulty and compromised institutions, including those I have just made mention of. This “leveling down” intellectually and what the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan called the “defining down” of what used to be deviant and unacceptable, while attaching the epithet of “hatred” to so many things which are instinctual and healthy, such as racial loyalty and the love of one’s own people and one’s own kind, have all combined to create a generation of confused and disenfranchised Euro-American youth who despise themselves and don’t even fully understand why. It has also brought us large numbers of cowed, aberrated and frivolous white adults who sense that something is awry but have no idea what that might be and even less inclination to find out.

We have tried to think with two minds for too long. We have forgotten that “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” and have swallowed the knock-out drops aforementioned and chased them with the poison of illogic currently propping up the ideology of Jewish extremism now bashfully accepted by so many. We have no one to blame but ourselves, for we have not rejected the confusion offered by our Jewish enemy. No, we have instead reveled in the music of what our heads say when we beat them against the wall.

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