Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anti-Jewish Sentiments - Part Three

May 10, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

Anti-Jewish sentiments will cause any individual to be accused of more bad motives and nasty deeds than a group of villains in a movie out of the film noir era. Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Fredrick Toben, David Duke, Fred Leuchter, Douglas Christie, Paul Fromm, Edgar Steele and other dissenters are not merely looked upon as “anti-Semites”, whatever that stretchy little buzzword now means, but as criminals, moral, intellectual and ideological criminals, simply because their words raise questions about historical events and their writings and statements indict Jewish groups for their censorship, their neo-Bolshevik methodologies, their kangaroo courts and their disdain for the freedoms once accorded autonomous men and women in open societies where all ideas were given a place at the table. Now it seems that the table has six sides and only seats the smarmy apparatchiks of the Ziogentsia.

Anti-Jewish sentiments are snappy and reactive retorts to the insufferable and intolerable hubris emanating from a stiff-necked people who hate correction, moral instruction or inward-directed thinking of any kind. In fact, this stubborn cadre is so lacking in humility that every country or culture they inhabit must change for them, rather than the other way around. Their writers and scholars assure us that they destroy everything we value, including Christianity, the cross, marriage, white racial pride, tolerant monoculturalism, modesty, chastity and all non-Jewish traditions and religious holidays because they “want a world of their own.” They are not content to live in our world, a world consisting of things more substantial than their soulless urban existence as opportunistic middle-men. Of course the Jews let us build the structures for them, but they run the finance, profit off of obscene usury, cut-throat capitalism, bottom-feeding, organ trafficking, slavery of labor and the shackling of body, soul and spirit, while peddling hard-core pornography, drugs, liquor and pharmaceuticals that dull the mind and weaken the moral and physical resistance to their globalist blueprint and their plans for the disappearance of the white race altogether. In other words, the bread and butter of the Jews is baked and slathered by the foibles and flaws within all men, and the distinct possibility of a loss of all racial and ethnic distinctions, except for Jewish ones. This is their fondest wish.

Anti-Jewish sentiments will spring forth when all the buffers and unguents are gone. These include religion, family, and societal and racial solidarity. Why has the Jew worked so hard to see these things stripped away? Because they provide nourishment, encouragement, enlightenment as well as health and succor to the Jew’s oldest and most hated nemesis. This cannot be abided by the Jew, who always sees himself as a member of “a people apart” a people raging with fanaticism against all out-groups. Therefore, anything healthy within the host must be portrayed as sickness and the sicknesses that Jews delight in magnifying must be portrayed as health.

Anti-Jewish sentiments are the last cries of those who have not fallen for the schemes of Jewish media. What are those schemes in a nutshell? Those schemes entail convincing non-Jews to “tolerate the intolerable” as Curt Maynard phrased it. Whichever intolerable conditions Jews have planted, watered and nourished to fruition must be imbibed without complaint by whites. These include the increasing violence, mayhem and physical degradations wrought on our people. Those black persons who see Jews, rather than whites as “bloodsuckers on the black community” are edging closer to their own liberation, whether they realize it or not. Those blacks who blame whites for every shortcoming in their communities are just human weapons of mass destruction launched in the Jewish-orchestrated “divide and conquer” race wars. Slum housing, a festering sore of black crime and illegitimacy, is mostly owned by Jews and they delight in seeing whites bloodied and killed by the feral African monsters incubated from these hellholes. To keep the pot stirred, violent rap music encourages blacks to rape white women and murder white police officers and literally lauds black gangsters who are proudly adorned like 75-IQ clowns lacking impulse control or the ability to read Golden Books.

Of course all of this swill is produced and distributed by slimy stereotypical Jews like the ones who work at Time Warner as well as the Sumner Redstones (Murray Rothsteins) of the world. Yet whites are told to grin and bear it, even as their blonde daughters bed down with Negroes at the behest of Jewish Hollywood and contract sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, if they are not raped and murdered first. These are the outrages, the intolerable rips and tears in the curtain of propriety and moral order that Jews expect us to tolerate even as they are killing us. Jews assure us that we “shouldn’t see color.” But thank God that many whites are beginning to see red. To “see red” means several things. It means that many white people are furiously angry and enraged, yet it also means that they spy the Jewish Communist agenda now unleashed upon the European-American population. Yet the majority of whites seem docile and tolerant, ripe for race-mixing, self-hatred and servility. This is the tolerance borne of the Jewish Communist spirit. It is the tolerance that carries with it the awful perfume of decay and finally, death.

Anti-Jewish sentiments are not enough. They must be wedded to action. They necessitate the permanent banishment of the Jew as well as the Jew-enabler from every country that still houses these miscreants. Franz Liszt, the eminent nineteenth century composer gave this foreboding warning: “The day will come when all nations amidst which the Jews are dwelling will have to raise the question of their wholesale expulsion, a question which will be one of life or death, good health or chronic disease, peaceful existence or perpetual social fever.”

My friends, that day has come. Wholesale expulsion of the Jew is the only answer, for we are on the verge of existential death, our mental and physical lives now diseased by the works of this poison Tribe. Any modicum of peaceful existence is impossible with the Jew at the helm of our government and military complex. The wars fought for Jewry are numerous, unceasing and costly in both blood and treasure. A collective fever is upon our society and we are close to deceasing, for there is no breaking it. Anti-Jewish sentiments shall be our starting point, but they must not be our finishing line. We must excise the disordered personages of Jewry from our midst and free ourselves from their heavy enslaving hands. Expulsion is glorious, just as beauty and comeliness are pleasing to the eye. Eviction shall affect a slow return of vigor and heartiness. We shall surely be closer to the ideals of health, both individually and collectively, once the parasitic alien life force has ceased to sap our nourishment and atrophy our will to survive. While working towards this goal there should be no apology and no equivocation, but only anti-Jewish sentiments expressed honestly, reasonably and simply. In this way we shall awaken our brethren and acquire our liberation.


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