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Zionist Watch Celebrates One Year Anniversary

February 28, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

It’s hard for me to believe it has been exactly one year today since Zionist Watch began, since I decided to place my fingers upon a keyboard and start composing my sometimes overly verbose writing projects, essays, articles and more than a few rants. Now 365 days down the track, I must say that the work of railing against and exposing the hypocrisies and daily outrages of Jewish extremism and international Zionism has become one of the grandest joys of my life.

Thanks to many great writers, books, websites and web logs which have influenced my thinking and shaped my approach to the Jewish Question, I am now equipped to tackle the conundrum of this alien ethnic radicalism in my own unique style and with an approach that I hope (but do not presume) the reader finds fresh, hard-hitting and iconoclastic. There are many other authors, intellectuals and ideologues of both left and right who are more educated in this most forbidden of all areas of inquiry. They have been my guides and my unofficial mentors in this journey of free thought. I dare not list them all, but I thank them unreservedly, for many of these individuals know who they are.

To my delight, my work has been well-received across the internet and is now posted in a wide swath of different places. I have received e-mails from people of every station, political perspective and religious faith who now frequent Zionist Watch. Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Arabs and even a few non-supremacist Jews have corresponded with me and thanked me for my efforts. Without their encouragement, I might not still be writing with the energy I currently possess.

In August of 2007, Zionist Watch was yanked from Google Blogspot after pressure and haranguing from Jewish extremists not at all happy about its truth-telling agenda and its pro-European-American, pro-freedom, anti-Zionist, anti-war and anti-supremacist message. But unbeknownst to these particular Jews, they did me a great favor. Since moving my operation to Wordpress I have grown by leaps and bounds, though I hope to grow even larger in 2008, expanding and refining my craft.

If I have learned one thing since joining the anti-Zionist movement, it is this. You cannot be all things to all people, but you can certainly make a good go at it! I have strived to write for everyone at some point or another.

Often I write for the choir and only attempt to spur them on to further unearth, trumpet and expose to the public the greatest hazard to freedom on planet earth, the force of Jewish extremism. These are the inflammatory pieces, what some opponents have dubbed “screeds”, and these adversaries are often correct with this classification.

Other times I will try to comprise something softer, less heated as I “turn down the volume” for the novice just venturing naively, or only minimally enlightened, into the orbit of the “Query of Jewry”.

Both of these clusters of people do not require the same reading materials, at least in my opinion. The first cluster needs energizing and a rousing to action, someone to shake the fog of apathy from their brains. The second cluster needs to take a few baby steps in understanding and to give them a small primer discussing the rudiments of our crisis is essential. The main goal should be firing up the first group and then transforming the second group into a superior version of the first group. It’s a tall order, but not impossible.

Today I am celebrating the one year anniversary of Zionist Watch with optimism in my heart. I am proud to be just a cog in the revolutionary movement for freedom that is taking place in every nation and among every race and people. All of humankind is yawning and hazy from its somnambulistic stumble down the path to one-world Jewish government, a Talmudic empire long ago foretold by the hateful Levite separatists. We are only now awakening, and we must, as T-Bone Burnett sang “Keep on shakin’ till we shake ourselves loose.”

We shall know freedom and the yoke of Zionism and Jewish supremacy shall be broken forever. That yoke will be thrown off of our backs and off of our nations and states. It will be thrown off of our families and children, and off of our schools and communities. It will be thrown off of our media and our information, off of our governments and our leaders. It will at last, heaven be praised, be thrown off of every race and every destiny, never to confine, corrupt, imprison, poison, bankrupt or impoverish us again. It will no longer set one race against another, one nation against another or man against his own brother to oppose his own kith and kin. We, all people, every race, ethnicity, nation and religion will be liberated to breathe free of the monster that now collectively suffocates us all.

I can speak for no one else, but in this struggle for freedom, I will do my small part.

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