Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Zing of ZOG!

July 9, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

In the heart-rending song “The Birds Will Still Be Singing” Elvis Costello begs weakly “Spare me the lily-white lily with its awful perfume of decay.” I fear that the lily-white lily has now become Western civilization, as the sky darkens, the sun sets and the blank inky night throws itself upon us like a phantom shadow, covering and blanketing all like a corralling net, sort of like, ummmm, Zionism, anyone?

But guess what, boys and girls? ZOG’s got a brand new bag! ZOG (Zionist-Occupied Government) has a new zing, a new freshness, almost like a refreshingly clean and wonderfully fragrant new brand of soap. It’s sweet, it’s appealing and it sure sells a lot better than the Lava brand the Zionists were pushing. It’s not rough and it doesn’t chafe your Goyish cattle-like exterior.

After all, Abe Foxman and the Jewish boys of the ADL-BB are on our side, aren’t they? Didn’t Abe shed a few tears at the “Save the Christians” rally in Rome, right beside the home of the Catholic Church he loathes more than flying coach? Didn’t he link the persecuted Christians he hates more than pork tenderloin to his poor and eternally innocent Jewish relatives who died and then got resurrected to ask for Holocaust checks from the German government? Aren’t Jews everywhere brothers-in-arms in the global war against Jihadists and Muslim mercenary fighters? Isn’t brave little Israel holding back the mongrel hordes of Arab America-haters? Aren’t Jews joining up in the fight against slavery in 70-IQ (and that’s generous) Africa? My God, I think they are joining the family of man!

ZOG’s got a whole new appeal, kids! Don’t blanche when you hear talk about Jewish-Christian unity and charity and brotherhood. Jerry Falwell was right! By God, I think they are Chosen! ZOG’s got the zing and the spring in its step, trying to revive and resurrect itself all over again like a matzah-loving phoenix from the ashes of disrepute. ZOG loves ya! It wants to stop those nasty Muslims from hurting you, from maiming you, even though ZOG doesn’t mention that ZOG is the main reason the Arabs are so ill-tempered lately. The Jewish groups all pipe up at once “After all, isn’t the happiness of two peoples at stake here?” Thank you, ZOG!

And come on, you nasty anti-Semitic white liberationist supremacists, a lot of ZOGites are turning into “conservatives” and supporting America against the “secular pointy-headed Left” in the universities. ZOG’s on our side, and the only other side is with the dirty Muslim “Protocols-of-Zion”-loving suiciders. You are either with us or against us, our benevolent President warns the world, meaning it’s us (US) and brave and courageous and “democratic” little tiny sweet Israel against the whole planet of “democracy-haters”, isn’t it? Those Jews are becoming patriots for heaven’s sake! I mean, look, they control the conservative movement now, so they must have seen the light, must have thrown out all their spare copies of Das Kapital and started listening to reason.

Don’t you dare question ZOG, you blood-libeling anti-Zionists! And it’s no big deal that the “conservative” movement now has a big “NEO” attached to the front of it and American foreign policy is written in Tel Aviv by the Likud Party. That’s a minor issue.

Can’t you be fair and civil and realize that Jews deserve to run the “conservative” movement? So who even cares that all the “conservative” magazines and newspapers are agitating for open borders and amnesty? This country is too white as it is. All those cumbersome whites make it too inconvenient for ZOG to run things smoothly. Those European-American speed bumps in the road slow things down too much and cause the ZOGites to ding up all those new Mercedes luxury cars they own.

You benighted boys and girls need to brighten up and realize “that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” and “in a most delightful way!” too. Turn that frown upside down, you little bastards and stop that pouting! ZOG is back, energized like a geriatric on steroids, ready to take on new challenges and new inconvenient human beings that might need eliminating for ZOG’s profit. But don’t worry about that, everybody. It will be done with a nice silky-smooth velvet glove and some Goy to clean up the spillage from the wet work. After all, ZOG’s got a zing, a zest, and a whole slew of new ways to fool the foolhardy and idealize the less than perfect scenario they have planned for you. You just need to learn to let go, lighten up and enjoy that self-hugging suit you’ll be wearing.

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