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The World We Knew

Friday, May 4, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

"Over and over, I keep going over the world we knew," Frank Sinatra sings plaintively in his pitch-perfect legendary baritone as I sit here before my computer. Like the Chairman of the Board, I too survey the world in which I live and compare it to a different, almost diametrically opposed world that my parents and grandparents inhabited. Is the world they knew--and 'knew' rings with a pensive sense of passing like a long-gone train vanishing like a dot in the distance, the sound of its engine seeming to herald a bygone era--nothing more than a shimmering dream that we woke up from? Or is today's world more akin to a nightmare that we will never awaken from? I think the second question rings closest to the truth. Is the world we knew dead? In a word, 'yes.' Yes, it is, but like that train simile, it won't be rumbling back across those old familiar tracks again once it has passed.

What of the world we know now? What makes it so different from the world of say forty or fifty years ago? I'll do the minimalist explanation without going into sociology (a Marxist Jewish science) or the psychology (a Freudian Jewish science) of the American people and simply state that our values have been replaced. Perhaps 'replaced' is too passive a term to characterize what has happened to us, much of that happenstance happening while we were either slumbering under delusions of good will or away laboring at trivial trivialities. Our values, American and Western mores, have been replaced, but they have also been extinguished, like a mildly flickering candle flung beneath Niagara Falls. Some examples:

Old Gentile value
The Christian religion is the backbone of America's cultural, social and political life. It should be placed in a position of honor within our society. It is one of the greatest building blocks of both America and Western civilization.
New Jewish value
The Christian religion is a violation of the sacrosanct "separation of church and state" and should be banished from our institutions, our schools and our government. Christianity is offensive to those of other faiths and especially to those of no faith (think Jewish atheist Michael Newdow). However, the Jewish religion, including menorah displays and Passover celebrations should still be lauded and the Jewish religion should receive unique and special treatment and be funded in Israel, the Jewish state, with taxpayer moneys.

Old Gentile value
Human life is sacred and should be protected, both at the beginning of life and at its ending as well. Abortion is morally wrong and should be discouraged, if not outlawed completely in American society.
New Jewish value
The Talmud states that a fetus does not become a human person until the head exits the mother's womb. The Talmud also clarifies that a Gentile life is worth nothing compared to a Jew's life. Abortion, as well as pure infanticide should be funded with taxpayer dollars. Abortion is a sacrament and the most sacred right a woman possesses.

Old Gentile value
Homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle as well as a morally repugnant and reprehensible one. Homosexual sex is against the moral order and should be condemned by all. Sodomy ranks among the worst of sins. It is an abomination.
New Jewish value
True romantic love between two humans, regardless of their gender, should never be condemned. It should instead be celebrated. Only bigoted or intolerant persons would censure gays or lesbians, therefore we must have mandatory diversity training and indoctrination and brainwashing for youngsters in the public schools. Only then can they arrive at the "right" conclusions on this matter. (And the ADL is actually concocting the very pro-homosexual curriculum used by many government schools.)

You can stop, sit down and contemplate every single issue of public moment. Compare the traditionalist "old Gentile value" position on that issue to the "new Jewish value" now being pushed in our media, our schools and our newspapers. They are, as I said earlier, diametrically opposed and they cannot be reconciled. "The world we knew" which Sinatra sang apart, albeit it in a different context, is the very world that the Jewish owners of this country have exterminated, replaced or rewritten in every venue of our public life. There is not one tiny crevice of our heritage intact now that they have left uncovered, inviolable or unearthed and untouched. And they haven't stopped at 'touching' our heritage. It has been out-and-out molested by the Talmudically-invoked charlatans who masquerade under the radar of most of our citizens. They have molested our values and have also molested and screwed with the minds of our innocent and precious children. Old Gentile Values stressing modesty, chastity, moderation and charity have been dressed down, befouled and sullied by the Jewish-published textbooks and Jewish curriculum.

Now we have kids in school reading books by perverts instructing them on the joys and wonders of anal sex, fisting, felching and other perversities too putrid and feculent to even speak of. We have children who are pre-teens engaging in illicit sexual practices, and actually being coached and cheered on by websites run by Jew groups like Planned Parenthood. When abortions, sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted children show up on the scene, our verminous Jewish social engineers still won't admit that perhaps Old Gentile Values are preferable to vile New Jewish ones. In fact, these maladies, these social sicknesses only send the Jewish destroyers speeding faster and more break-neck down the same crooked and destructive path. Could it be that they know their "solutions" don't work? Of course they know it. They love abortion and STDs and homosexuality because these things kill the white race that they loathe so intensely and so rigorously in their hearts.

The world we knew, or perhaps our parents knew, is gone. Get used to it. It is gone because Old Gentile Values have not been juxtaposed beside New Jewish Values. No, that would not be sufficiently solipsistic for the Talmudic Jews. Gentile values have been driven from the playing field and only one set of rules now defines and directs the game. You know that the Jews will permit no competitors or compatriots to the Chosen and their Order.

New Jewish Values are almost taken as axiomatic by anyone 25 or younger in this country. They aren't even old enough to remember the tiny shards, the fractured leftover remnants of Old Gentile Values that anyone over 30 can faintly recall. These youngsters truly believe things have always been this way, that this is what passes for normalcy. It is not. I can still remember a culture that had some modicum of shame left in it, reserved for those who broke codes of decency and social order. I can remember when open marriages and out of wedlock pregnancies were frowned upon and homosexuality was still largely in the closet. No longer. Now New Jewish Values, foreign, alien, sick values have come to the fore. They have won the day and we, alas, at least for the moment, have lost. I don't say that we can revive Old Gentile Values wholesale. That seems too ambitious a project to me. There are far too many of the masses who have been sold on them, especially among the young, stupid and brainwashed. What we can do, however, is at least show the noxious and malevolent nature of New Jewish Values, their social costs, their spiritual costs and pray and hope against hope that someone will see the truth and the light. That is our task and our weighty obligation as Americans.

"Over and over, I keep going over the world we knew." I do too, Frank, and I'll take that world any day to the one we have, a world stricken, blighted and heinously raped by the ravages of Talmudic Jewish meddlings. These meddlings have replaced the Old with the New, the True with the Fake, and have left us and our country much poorer as a result. Old Gentile Values or New Jewish Values? Why, it's as easy as choosing between Life or Death. And that's what's so all-encompassingly scary about it. Most folks have already implicitly or explicitly made their choice, either by choosing Death or by not choosing at all, thereby letting our meddlers make the choice for them.

The world we knew has passed; the New World has been birthed by our Jewish midwives, blood spattered all over their greedy hands, yet their fingers still aching and yearning to shed more. There will never be enough Gentile blood to satisfy their Talmudic hate, and the world we have, as opposed to the world we knew, will still not be depraved and perverse enough to satisfy them. It will have to be debased further, dragged deeper down into the dregs and the muck, until most of its inhabitants will never again make petty Gentile distinctions like Old Gentile Values or New Jewish Values. 'Perversion' will no longer be a strong enough word to begin to epitomize what they have fulfilled, but words like 'perversion' will still be banned as being too 'judgmental' or 'intolerant.' As bestiality, necrophilia and other unmentionable acts are at last liberated from the shackles of prudishness and priggish "Victorianism" we will finally see what a Jewish-spawned cesspool sewer of a world looks like. It won't be pretty and you won't want to live in it. In fact, it will be as different from "the world we knew" as heaven is from hell.

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