Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When Fascism Comes To America

March 16, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Fascism is socialism melded with nationalism. Communism is socialism conjoined with internationalism. And the bad news is, we have strains of both in America.

Sinclair Lewis once remarked that “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”[1] He was half right. Fascism has come to the United States and it is swaddled in the flag, or at least some version of it, along with lots of platitudinal crypto-patriotism from our politicians and media overlords. But the cross seems conspicuously absent in the equation. The cross has been stricken from this nation. It plays no part.

But what is so intrinsically fascist about this country is the way dissent is so often crushed by our government, as surely as the fascists of the early 20th century smashed the kneecaps of their opponents in the streets. But this time it’s done all in the name of patriotism and nationalism and “security”, even though this country has been hollowed out by the elites like a rotting tree stump. These fascists may not crush every obtuse voice of protest with a billyclub to the sternum, but the neo-convicts who have captured this country from top to bottom have other ways. It’s all about audits and spying on citizens (Patriot Acts) and media smears. It’s about the FBI and their databases being controlled and infiltrated by the mad dog megalomaniacal paranoia of the Chosen Tribe. It’s all about blackening the names of the critics of a foreign entity, an alien terror state that plays this country like a Steinway piano. And Steinway is such an appropriate piano for them to be playing.

But this country has its Communist strain as well, often running like a separate stripe through the same gang of bandits who have pickpocketed America’s future in every way the human mind could imagine. The neo-convicts who have hijacked and steered this country to disaster may play the fascist game, may mouth the words of the national anthem as they oversee the American police state, but most of them are internationalists to the core. Their patriotism is but a sham, their loyalties to our over two-century-old republic a transparent hoax only played out on the pancake makeup, plastic media stage they parade across, like coy actors reading a script full of contradictions. These internationalists are only loyal to that tiny fleck of land halfway across the earth that is run by demigods, those purloiners and rapacious thieves who literally think they are gods as they oppress their broken victims with satanic hatred and violence. The land these one-worlders love is, not by coincidence, the most rigidly segregated society in the world. But these career ‘cons’ talk a good game and spew their flower-covered bilge about ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ when you watch them on the idiot box, don’t they?

No, fascism and Communism have already arrived in America a long time ago. Sinclair Lewis just got the players wrong. They may wrap themselves in an American flag and feigned fealty to so-called American interests, but underneath they simply wait to tear us asunder, always lurking like a ravenous lion in our societal nightmares, undermining, taking, imprisoning us, mind, body and soul, robbing us of both the wages earned by the sweat of our brows and our very sovreignty as a people. But they assuredly do not march en masse behind the banner of the cross of Jesus Christ. Think of an American flag rent asunder, a six-pointed star and the commingling of two cousin political ideologies who are more friend than foe. Think Zionism.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinclair_Lewis


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