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Vanilla or French Vanilla?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The zombie state of America still believes, still holds to the child-like and naive notion that it has a choice. When you pull that lever, dear American, you still think you are choosing between two diametrically opposite candidates, don't you? Rudy Guiliani vs. Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama or some other match-up really causes you to get emotional, like it's conservative against liberal, just like the old days. But it's not. Voting for either of the two major hijacked parties is about as much of a choice as picking between vanilla and French vanilla at your local ice cream parlor.

Here are the choices: You can choose between a pro-Zionist neo-conservative party made up of the Bill Kristols, the Wolfowitzes and the Perles, or you can select a pro-Zionist neo-liberal party made up of the Thomas Friedmans, Dershowitzes and Reichs. Either gang you decide on for your leadership is going to give you the old thing you are so used to, sick of and repulsed by.

You are going to get for all your ardor, money and support a few predictable things. You will be receiving as a revolting present, open borders, multiculturalism, growing bloated government and more of your civil liberties yanked away by bureaucrats. What else will you get? Let's see now. You'll get more degradation of white European culture and the attacks on Christianity will continue unabated with no politician having the balls to speak out against this frontal assault from Hollywood and the media. You will also receive, courtesy of your tax dollars more spineless, gutless politicians who will say nothing about the rabid hatred and violence being spawned in black America and unleashed upon our people on a daily basis, in the way of rapes, robberies and murders. And, oh yeah, you'll get more wars in the Middle East, all for Israel's sake and Israel's benefit.

Why is this the case? Why is it nothing more than vanilla or French vanilla when you vote? Why does it seem that we have no place to turn? Simple, really. One group controls both parties right from the top, thanks to the fact that we have an unending flood of campaign cash flooding the coffers. If we had publicly financed political campaigns, funded by taxpayers, the corruption and the owning of our congressmen and women and our Senators would end.

The Republican Party, which we will designate vanilla for their blandness, gets 40% of its money from Jewish neo-con Zionist contributors. The Democrat Party, obviously French vanilla because of its similarity to French socialist parties, gets 60-70% of its dollars from Jewish leftist Zionist contributors. It's a sick shell game, and either shell you raise will result in the same prize, the same bought and paid for politicians chained hand and foot to the Zionist powerbrokers who have run this country down like an old shoe. You don't have a choice. You just think you do.

But some will protest "I vote for Republicans because they are the party of Reagan and Goldwater." No more, dear naive voter. Thanks to the Jewish take-over of Republicanism, the party speaks with a Jewish voice for Jewish interests and concerns and inhabits the left-wing of the spectrum when it comes to social issues. Remember RNC head Ken Mehlman, an Orthodox Jew who recently chaired the RNC? What kind of a backward world do we live in when a religious Jew, a member of one of the most hateful branches of Judaism, operates the machinations of a majority white Christian party?

Alas, when it comes to conservatism, all is lost. You know it, I know it, so let's just lay the cards on the table and admit the truth. The truth is that the conservative journals have been coopted. They have been taken. National Review, the most respected conservative periodical in this country founded by the venerable William F. Buckley, has been taken. Neo-conservative fanatical pro-Israel Likudite Jews now steer the magazine to endorse their increasingly liberal and anti-American viewpoints. I won't even comment on the American Spectator and the Weekly Standard. The phony Trotskyites purged those publications of dissenters long, long ago. There is no real conservative agenda being pushed in the United States any longer. It's open borders, multiracialism and the War Party platform. This is what passes for "respectable" conservative opinions.

So when you march out of your house next year with a steely look in your eye, bound and determined to make a difference, remember this. It doesn't matter a whit which candidate you vote for. You are emboldening the Zionists, no matter which side of the fence you come down on. You don't believe me. Well, pull that lever, write in that name or punch that button on the computer screen. Then see what you get. I suppose you'll be surprised, shocked and mortified when the next President is a middle-of-the-road bland fraud just like the current occupant of the Oval Office and the one who preceded him. Here's the menu, folks. Vanilla, perhaps? Or would you prefer French vanilla?

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