Thursday, August 26, 2010

Truth As The Objective

November 4, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

“The object of the superior man is truth.”

This is a great Confucius quote, and one at the heart of our struggle against Zionism and Jewish supremacism in all its malignant manifestations. Truth is, quite obviously, something that extremist Jews have no need of, something they have dismissed as irrelevant to their pursuits of power, profit and the degradation of Gentiles, again for more power and even more profit.

Do Jewish sectarian greed-heads, faux-Semite souls full of bigotry and bile, care at all for the truth? No, they do not. If they did, they would do a few things differently.

First, they would cease and desist in their campaigns to curtail, limit, crush and stymie free speech, both in the public forum, in protests and marches and conferences against Zionism, and also in the media, in the newspapers and on the internet, where a crackdown is commencing, unleashed by the grossest agents of intolerance the world has yet to see, agents like the ADL who have even infiltrated our FBI and our local law enforcement agencies, again all done in order to move to smash any group, whether leftist, rightist, pro-government, anti-government, libertarian, conservative, traditionalist, liberal, socialist, Communist, National Socialist, Islamic or Jewish anti-Zionist. The marching orders are out from the top, from the Jew leadership front in America and they bellow something like this: “FREE SPEECH IS ONLY THE DOMAIN OF ZIONIST JEWS!”

Second, they would cease and desist in their campaigns to harass, fine, imprison, physically assault, bomb and sometimes murder Holocaust revisionist researchers wherever they reside. The truth is, politically organized Jews know that the truth is not on their side where the Holocaust narrative is concerned. The facts couldn’t be clearer as the faulty, continuously shifting body count testifies to at Auschwitz alone - 4 million, 1.2 million, probably sliding downward to 300,000 soon enough, etc. Yet the holy, sanctified 6 MILLION (bow and ask the 6 million into your heart to save your debased Gentile soul) remains intact and is placed on a pedestal as a modern day Christ story (a dechristianized one) of Jews dying to redeem all of us for our guilt at ever feeling a twinge of hesitation at accepting their divine right to rule as slave masters over our countries, fashioning their plantation of Murlocs ready to rush to their bidding and serve their every whim. No, the fraudulent Holocaust is just one more way to imprison our minds, our bodies, our economy and finally our planet, steeling the Jews against rightful criticism of their unfurling list of crimes against all peoples, races and cultures. The fact that this hollow hoax is protected by law is just a sign that it is false, a lie, yet the new touted religion for the secularized consumer slaves of the Jew globalist estate.

Third, the Jew groups would, like most mature human groupings, which they are not, be able to criticize their own excesses, their own faults, and to be able to absorb criticism from others. But like a whiny child that can’t take any negative input when dad tells him to raise his elbow when he swings the Louisville Slugger in order to get a hit, the radical Jews cannot abide a critical voice, whether it is coming from Gentiles or from within their own Tribe. No, the critic must be shouted down, denied tenure, lose employment, be stripped of income, livelihood, a good reputation or even the hope of future success if he or she calls it like he sees it with regard to Jews.

But here’s a word to the unwise. Here’s some advice to the Jews reading my words. Sometimes your critics can be your best friends. Unlike what your leaders have told you, a person pointing out your errors, your character flaws and your avarice and lust for power does not want to automatically liquidate you or instigate a pogrom. It amazes me, that after all that the Jews have done in censuring and censoring me and my friends and compatriots in this movement, that I can still speak in a detached and surprisingly unheated tone about them at all. I value truth, but the activist Jews do not, and perhaps, cannot. I really don’t know. It probably is a waste of time, words, and the energy it takes to type them to say that this movement, the anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish supremacist movement is mostly about averting the disaster that will come if Jews don’t cease and desist in what they are doing to our cultures and our nations with the reckless, feckless and selfish use of their power. To Jews who behave in an honorable way and do not share those aims, I salute you. But you are not the group I am addressing here.

To the rest of the Jews out there, here’s something someone should have told you a long time ago: Stop being children! Stop interpreting every word against you as hatred. Grow up, take the wax out of your tone-deaf ears and learn that your critics may be trying to tell you something that could amazingly be relevant to you if you want to avoid the mistakes of your tragic past in other parts of the world. If everybody has no great love for you, if everybody dislikes you, if large numbers hate your guts and want to kill you, it’s not a matter of whether or not it is you causing it. You are, without a doubt, causing it. Billions of people throughout history can’t all be wrong and you right. It’s not possible. Look within, if you still possess self-consciousness, if you are not part of the cadre of the Jewish leadership who seem to be cursed with psychopathic and sociopathic dispositions. Jews, if they are not hostile to Gentiles, if they do not wish to lord it over them and cheat them at every turn, as they have done repeatedly, can live in peace with others. But first and foremost, the Jewish community has some growing up to do and they need to stop being coddled and praised and masturbated by compliant Gentiles who secretly fear them.

Yes, the object of the superior man is, and always has been, truth. This leaves out a good chunk of the Jewish community, mainly because they have not used their minds to pursue truth, honesty or righteousness among the nations. No, they have pursued profit at any cost, lordship and dominion over countries they did not create and never will create, and a vitriol toward Gentiles that guarantees they will always receive a luke-warm reception, and sometimes an openly hostile and murderous one. Until this changes (and this may be genetically impossible) I see no way to steer clear of a full-scale Jew/Gentile cultural clash that would be devastating to all parties concerned, especially Jews, because they are a tiny minority of the world’s population. A group who considers themselves “superior”, whose Hebrew-penned Scriptures declare their superiority, should be able to make truth their objective. Yet I think this is about as likely as finding a Jewish garbage man in New York City.

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