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This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the Both of Us

November 18, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Jewish writer Maurice Samuel in 1928 laid out two clear categories of humanity, those being the “Jewish life-force” and the “Gentile life-force.” The author says that these two life-forces will forever be at enmity, no matter how much understanding they have of each other. As long as Jews live in the proximity of Gentiles, and Samuel speaks here of white European Gentiles, the Jews’ main rival historically, there will be conflict, whether it is overt, or conversely, concealed as it burrows its way sub-consciously into the brains of both human groupings, their grievances living like a mole beneath the surface of a supposedly placid society. Unlike other Jews who have taken pen to this taboo subject, Samuel sees an “unbridgeable chasm” between the Hebrews and the Goyim that neither can ever fully cross, even if they were desirous of doing so. No bridge will link the two, no tight-rope walk from one side to the other is even conceivable for Samuel.

This honest man does not try to mollify either Jews or Gentiles and make them believe that détente is achievable under any circumstances. Yes, it is strikingly obvious which side he sympathizes with, but a cease-fire of the Jew/Gentile Cold War, which still rages across the globe, is not a possibility. If an atheist Jew like Maurice Samuel, who lived amongst both Jews and Gentiles his entire life can see the reality, why do so many of our own people insist on droning endlessly against it and extrapolating inanities from the stark facts which smack them in the forehead at every turn? No, we are not all the same under the skin. No, we don’t all have the same goals, dreams, agendas, motivations and inner workings. No, we do not all see ourselves in identical ways. No, we don’t all have the same view of God, gods, lack of God/gods, etc. No, our self-actualizations don’t meld into the same sorts of self-portraits and we don’t all have a singular view of our place in this world.

Yet despite all the semantics, the two life-forces (Jewry and white Gentiles), both of whose historiography is replete with mythmaking legends, mystically triumphal horn-blowing, as well as genuine history and some modicum of moral instruction, are composed of different stuff and diverge in ways that are both apparent yet also partially hidden from the rubric of visual observances and cursory examinations. The rift remains and shall ever remain. In fact, it seems to grow deeper and more ingrained as the battle over limited resources and positions of power heats up for one last war, its outcome still hanging in the balance. Yes, it is zero-sum and both macro and micro. One side’s victory requires the other side’s holistic defeat. Why is this so? Elementary, my dear reader. Because this is as Jewry wants it. This time the onus really is on their shoulders and upon their heads.

The life-force of Jewry has brought some scientific and philosophical advances but a tenfold greater amount of junk science (Freudian psychotherapy, Boasian anthropology), junk economics (Marxism, neo-conservative corporate capitalism, socialism), dangerous warmongering religion (Judeo-Christianity) and scurrilous social movements (feminism, homosexual liberationism, liberalism, etc.).

The tribalism of the Jewish life-force has been at war with the relative individualism of the Gentile life-force and has exploited this individualism while retaining its own ethnocentricities and cohesion. Jewry, when called on the carpet, has, like a chameleon, continually changed its colors and its perceived nature. Label the Jewish life-force as a race or an ethnicity (the same as Zionists do) and Jewry will scream “No, we are a religion!” Label Jewry as a religious idea, albeit a dangerous one and they will scream “No, we are a nation!” Label Jews (Israel) as a terrorist nation and they may even tell you “No, we are an idea!” Move beyond the confines of ideas and they will probably hopscotch back to a race or ethnicity again, unless they’ve slapped together a few new nomenclatures that are as yet unveiled to the public.

Jews come in many stripes. They are atheists, Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed, Zionists, anti-Zionists, Communist, capitalist, socialist, neo-conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, Likud, Labour, nationalist, internationalist, globalist, etc. etc. ad infinitum. Whatever form they take, leave it to them never to allow themselves to be unseen or lacking in prominence, their voices rarely silent and their hands and money hardly far from the leaders and the leadership positions. Samuel is right. The life-forces of Jews and Gentiles are as different as the British and the Hottentots. Perhaps the divergence runs deeper than this.

Gentiles do have a “will to power” just as Jews do and they have conquered, subjugated, colonized and dehumanized in their voluminous history. What they generally haven’t done is subvert friendly hosts from inside the host’s very gates, while masquerading as the friend of the host. Yet the vampires of the Jewish life-force go even further than subversion for subversion’s sake. They make the host foot the bill for the parasitism, even as the blood-sucking commences, even as the thievery, the usury and the treason drains the Gentile life-force and weakens and sickens it, drawing out its sustenance like the extraction of marrow from a healthy bone and leaving behind a form that barely resembles its former self. This new form is then easily controlled, cajoled and very frightened when the reality of its new powerlessness in the face of a Grand Leech sets in.

The life-force of Jewry thrives only when the life-force of Gentiles wanes. The cresting of our life-force has been arrested, it has been stemmed, mainly because Jews understand one thing that many of our people will not or cannot intellectually grasp. Where the white Gentile reigns supreme over his own house and his own country, the worst impulses of Jewry are subdued. This is a necessary truth to behold, for it is true in every case. Perhaps a handful of Jews within a Gentile country, self-segregated and self-sustained would not be a formidable enemy, but a huge obnoxious gaggle of Jews, who are flamboyantly Jewish and proud to be thus, can never live in civility and peace with the Gentile for the very reason of the Jewish nature that Maurice Samuel documents. The impulse of the hyper-actualized Jewish spirit entails, nay REQUIRES the control of every relationship with the Gentile host. This axiom is splashed across the pages of the Torah and the Talmud and inferred in the Encyclopedia Judaica. Its blood-letting glee is recounted in every Jewish holiday while encoded in the language of “persecution” and “victimization.”

For you see, in the minds of Jews steeped in the Jewish spirit, ethos and ethnos, they will, left to their own devices, do what they will with our country, our people and our resources. Whatever they can get away with, whatever we permit them to get away with, as like a child they broach the boundaries of permissibility, they will bring to pass if it means riches and profit for their own.

Our individualism, radical in its own milieu, is music to their ears and when weighed on the scales of injustice will tip any situation, any dealing, any undertaking to the Jew’s advantage. This must be understood as we try to increase white European solidarity and of course the solidarity of any in-group fighting Jewish Mammonism and their “terrible power of the purse.”

Samuel was right, and remains correct forevermore. The “unbridgeable chasm”, the unleapable gulf cannot be either “bridged over troubled watered” or jumped, nor should we wish to do these unattainable tasks of so-called “reconciliation” or try to cheer ourselves with talk of a “Jewish-Christian alliance” or “Jewish-Muslim understanding” or “ecumenicalism” of any milksop kind. Any détente would only be settled on Jewish terms anyhow, for they manipulate and write and speak the rules of the debate and the terms of the relationship (Jew/Gentile) in every newscast, opinion-editorial and plasma brainwashing broadcast of hyper-suggestion. If this is not enough to confuse the more stout-minded, then the reader or viewer will be visually and mentally bombarded with crazed and fantastical Jewish delusions of group martyrdom and everlasting out-group flagellation directed at the Holy Chosen. Is it any wonder our people are so confused when it comes to the Jewish threat to our survival?

Do not allow Jewish feints and partial revelations to disallow you of seeing the awful clash, the inevitable warring of the two life-forces now circling each other and vying for the prize. Jewry’s prize is the dominion over the earth and all its treasures and peoples. The white Gentile’s prize is more modest. He only wishes for the survival of his lands, his children and his grandchildren, yet Jewry is too parsimonious and stingy to allow him even this. It’s like the old saying that goes: “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.” This may not be true in a spatial sense. But existentially speaking, it has, and forever will be the case.

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