Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thin Crusts and Misplaced Moxy

August 21, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Havelock Ellis told us that civilization is a thin crust over a volcano. Yet the Jewish extremists are constantly and ceaselessly picking at that crust, playing on our worst impulses, manufacturing deeper divisions where genuine resentment and bad blood already exist, and appealing to the base and perverse desires and potentialities that lie latent and dormant in the heart of every man. The flaws, foibles, sins, shortcomings and even the bare necessities of humanity present the bread and butter of Jewish supremacism.

The Protestant work ethic of white Gentiles, bequeathed and passed down over centuries has been used and exploited, against our will because work is both a necessary curse and a divine blessing, to fuel the engine of mammon-hungering Jewish Rothschild bankers. Our lack of thrift and savings and the “charging” of our children’s future only enriches the Jewish lenders who border on loan sharks and racketeers under our supposed “free market” economy which in actuality is a Federal Reserve counterfeiting scheme only enriching the few while the wages of the many are contracted, shrunk or shipped away where skinflint corporatists can profit from the labor of slavery. This is the “shadow government” that truly rules us all. Our politicians and President are only titular heads serving its every whim and edict.

The high sex drive of men, more unrestrained and irresponsible when compared to that of women is seen as a way for Jews to gain more profit as they mainstream pornography. I am no prude and no Puritan and there is certainly nothing wrong with voluptuous images of the beautiful female body (in fact there is something quite nice about them), but rapacious radical Jews have seen fit to bring hard-core pornography featuring bondage, sadomaschocism, bestiality, rape, scatology and child exploitation from the back room of seedy adult bookstores in the red light district to the front counter of the local neighborhood convenience store. The thin crust of post-Victorian restraint, its vestiges still holding back a flood of unspoken perversities, has now not been picked away, but jack hammered through by the Jewish perverts who run the entertainment industry.

The resentments felt by both the white and black races because of their histories together in the United States (blacks having been dragged by mostly Jewish slave traders to America) is only a weapon in the hands of Jewish filmmakers who rewrite the historical record to make Caucasians guilty and stained with iniquity, declared blameworthy for the lower IQs and general lack of accomplishment (save music and sports) by blacks when compared to other minorities. In this area, the thin crust (segregation of the races) that shielded whites from the onslaught of black criminality born of their nature as a tribal people was torn away, punctured and pummeled by Jewish Communists who created the NAACP and forced supposed integration on those citizens, the majority, who were of European descent.

Now we can see the failure of the integration experiment. We have the gift of integrated schools that cater to the lower intellectual capacity of blacks (proven by every IQ testing of the last 100 years), degraded and often discarded educational standards, violence in said schools, rising drug use and rape, and on and on the whole program plods until we arrive at the sight of the dumbed-down white young person that can be seen like a daily staple in this country, full of self-esteem but lacking even the fundamentals of knowledge.

There are a slew of other examples to cite the “picking away” at the crust that holds back the beastly nature, the anarchy within the heart of man. Yet the Jewish ethnocentrists seem to prefer a Lord of the Flies civilization as long as they are shielded from the results of it in their gated and “segregated” (mostly by wealth) communities. When the realities of “integration” reach their dark and blood-drenched hands into Jewish enclaves, only then will the media squawk and caterwaul about “racism” or “anti-Semitism.” “Anarchy is a healthy diet for the white Gentile, but how dare you demand that we swallow even a few morsels of it!”

Again, it’s zero-sum, with the Jews’ wins netted against constant Gentile losses. A world banking empire run from London guarantees that Jews stay on top, never feeling the sting of their deadly international agendas, while Gentiles work harder and harder, get poorer and poorer and pay the piper for the privilege of being mediocrely miserable. More multiple millions of Gentiles grow dumber and more brain-addled, mush-minds full of the leprous PC-world of junk theory and junk science and self-hate, while Jews open the volcano’s gaping mouth wide. Young men wax never poetic, but only prosaic, only horny and stoned and indolent, their heads full of an attic of anti-white motifs and forms only resembling real ideas as they fall but never rise in the sewer that is a Jewish America, pornofied and perplexed by any concept less elementary than mere masturbation.

Tens of millions of white women have been ravaged and raped, victims of a crime epidemic of titanic proportions, where the darker races commit 60% of all violent acts and where the white men who dare to shout about the injustice of the ravaging and raping of their females are pariahs and ethno-fascist eccentrics.

Yes, the volcano’s crust has not merely been picked off by the prying Hebrew hands previously alluded to. The volcano’s mouth is naked and as exposed as a Jewish porn star fornicating for a paycheck. The volcano is erupting! Its molten lava is burning, scorching and melting away our people. The “pickers” and “pryers” have gotten what they have longed for. No, they couldn’t and still can’t leave well enough alone. Only heaven knows what our world would have looked like without their meddling phalanges and their misplaced moxy. But now Vesuvius is active and no one is safe.

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