Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terror By the Poor and War For the Rich

July 14, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The sage-like Reverend Ted Pike and his intelligent and insightful niece Harmony Grant have written two recent articles leaving us with no doubt that Jewish power and Talmudic Judaism are a much greater threat to America than radical Islam could ever hope to be. Yet, as Pike and Grant tell us, we only hear about one (Muslims) and never about the other (Jews) when we open a newspaper or turn on the Jew Tube. In fact, the chorus of fear mongering regarding Islam has now reached a crescendo, this deafening din, this cacophony drowning out any passing mention of the much better organized Enemy (with a capital E) of humanity that is Big Jewry. Big Jewry is well-oiled in its machinations, its gears grinding up dissent and opposition like ground chuck.

Islam, at least in its more rabid forms, is a fighting faith, and it has launched terror in many different parts of the world. But the fact that Muslims feel the need for these kinds of attacks, rather than other types of protest, doesn’t attest to Islam’s strength. These are a poor people who are desperate and resort to hackneyed forms of terror, while strong states use full-blown war. The old adage goes “Terrorism is the war by the poor, and war is terrorism by the rich.” [1] Exactly right, exactly right.

The war of the rich takes place without end for Big Jewry in Iraq and on many other fronts, while reactionary terror by Islamist foot soldiers attests to the truth of the aforementioned adage. Israel drops bombs on Palestinian neighborhoods, while Palestinians angrily retaliate by hooking explosives to their backs. We can see which side is coming from the position of wealth and strength, mainly because they have American-made bullets, bombs and nukes.

If we are, with a straight and solemn face, supposed to believe that the bogeyman of Islam is the greatest threat to America since the Red Commies, then why does almost every Muslim nation on earth seem isolated, disorganized, backward and poverty-stricken? Muslim states may be enraged at the United States, and as of late, they may have every reason for this enragement, but they hardly seem to be the colossus inflicting calamity that the American-Israeli media want us to believe they are.

Even Israel, one of the biggest nuclear powers on earth and the biggest in the Middle East, slants their public relations statements to the effect of “The Arabs are poised to push the Jews into the sea.” Nonsense. Israel is a nuclear powerhouse, while its neighbors are not the beneficiaries of a drunken sailor US government gone loony, now splashing the Jews with largesse and cutting edge technology and military hardware. The Jews just have better PR than the Arabs do, hence Americans are fooled, and fooled effortlessly.

A people who own the media, Hollywood, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, publishing companies, the US government, the Pentagon, the White House, etc. etc. etc. and are using all those things in a most non-benign manner against the American people are supposed to be ignored, while a ragtag band of Third World Arabs, so desperate that they have to craft dirty bombs and stage suicide attacks, are the people we supposedly should be terrified of. It’s sheer mass stupidity which permits our controlled media to construct this fraudulent template.

And yet, I know, just as surely as Chertoff, the CIA and the Mossad will kill more Americans with false flag attacks, that the Christian Zionists have bought the Big Lie of “Islamofascism.” The “Christian” morons in our churches will allow the Jews to push them right over the cliff. They will fight the wars the Jews want them to fight and kill the people the Jews want them to kill. How do I know this? I know this because the pseudo-Christian Zionists “know” that “God will curse them” if they ever dare to criticize His (Self-) Chosen People. The Jewish Zionist mind and the Christian Zionist mind are as different as a Mensan and the village idiot. They are as different as the disparate, but oddly united “Odd Couple” of “war” and “terrorism.”


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