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Taboo Topics and the Bible

March 26, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Jewish world economic power and profit is as taboo a subject as the rest of the Zionist Judaic agenda. Most people, whether American or European, are either uninformed about its reality or are scared stiff to discuss that reality, mainly because the consequences of doing so are exceedingly dire, dark and foreboding. But there is a clear pattern of Jewish economic exploitation spanning back centuries, indeed millienia. The fact that many people, mainly American Christians (and chiefly evangelicals) are ignorant of this particular pattern seems especially surprising. I will explain why very shortly.

Since 1913, American has been under economic tyranny. Many economists and political scientists concede this. The Federal Reserve, an institution which is a central bank, controls interest rates, the creation of currency and every aspect of our lives as economic actors. What many people do not understand is that the Federal Reserve is not a part of the colossus of the federal government. Look at your phone book and you will not find the Federal Reserve in the pages listing government agencies and government services. Where you will find the Federal Reserve is in the Business section. It is a business and its job is to sit atop America’s back, profiting obscenely even as the American dollar loses its value and the American people work harder and harder for a smaller piece of an ever-shrinking pie. This is only one facet of the Jewish control of America’s financial as well as banking sector, and I will delve deeper into the dangers of the Federal Reserve in a future article. No mainstream conservative or liberal will touch this issue and no Christian will denounce it on a moral basis, as the Catholic Church, to its credit, denounced the evils of usury and capitalistic exploitation in times past.

The Rothschild banking family is another example of Jewish opulence and wealth and they are probably the richest family in the world, having collected most of their fortune from financing sundry wars and then lending money to both sides of the conflict. This Jewish monetary dynasty has been getting rich off of Gentile skirmishes for centuries. But the sad reality is, the Rothschilds are hardly ever mentioned by anyone other than gimlet-eyed conspiracy theorists whose pronouncements are never taken seriously, especially among today’s Jew-worshipping Christian religious fundamentalists (John Hagee, for instance). No Christian will follow the precedent set by Christ, who stormed into the temple and threw a big anti-Semitic fit, smashing all the moneychangers’ tables.

We know that Alan Greenspan headed the Federal Reserve and that it has been directed by Jews of some stripe right from its inception. Paul Wolfowitz, a Zionist neo-con Israel-first fanatic, who was one of the chief architects of Bush’s Iraq war debacle, now runs the World Bank. The World Bank is in charge of moving billions, perhaps trillions of dollars of wealth among different countries and can destroy a nation’s economy faster than George Soros on a bender. But even to suggest to anyone in America, (and God help you if you say it in an evangelical church) that radical Jews are economically exploiting us will either cause you to be dismissed as a crank Jew-hater or have some philo-Semite call your allegations a “canard.” The fact that Protestant Reformer Martin Luther also railed and thundered against the Talmudic Jews for economic parasitism is an embarrassingly inconvenient fact of history that most contemporary believers don’t find congenial to their simplistic understanding of the Bible.

Jewish or Israeli economic chicanery is overlooked or unknown by most Christians. They are as pro-Zionist as the Jewish Defense League and fail to see the Jewish group evolutionary pattern replicated again and again and again throughout history. If religious believers have missed this pattern, played out right here in the year 2007, then they are failing to spot what is right under their noses. What have Christians overlooked? Ummm, perhaps both the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.

For further reading on this topic of economic exploitation, of which I am now abruptly done discussing, first read the story of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37-50 and then the words of Christ to the Pharisees in the four Gospels. Thanks for your support of Zionist Watch.


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