Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Speaking, Acting and Behaving

August 16, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Are we, as of now, so unlovely as not to deserve survival? Are our visages so torn, so grim, or even perchance, so dastardly as to merit our extermination? The answers are ‘no’ and ‘no.’ But we are torn, we are grimly peering with sideways glances at our fates which seem to be chiseled into the Hebrew stones. The Jews are brimming over with blame, but so must we also pull the guilty verdict to our bosoms and enfold it if ever we want to be rid of it. We must realize that we all personify guilt for our situation and our inheritance, for the Jews have not done this without the help of our quiet apathy, our ignorance, our tacit treason and sometimes our assisting hands.

The Zionists have strewn apart the bodies of our bright and young and able in wars for their purposes, but have we not offered up our children, our offspring freely to their causes and their Mogen David? Have we not become their annex, their “proxy above all proxies”, their imperialist invaders, usurpers and subverters?

The Jews have aborted our white children in their abortion mills, puncturing and collapsing skulls in late-term procedures and selling fetal body parts on the Jewish black market. But haven’t our women willingly offered up these kosher slaughters for the greedhead members of a race cult who will do anything and everything for profit?

Have we not falsely believed that the Jewish extremists can be called off, satiated and appeased by offers of “good will” from the Gentile populace, just to find their appetites only further whetted for what they are hell-bent on seeing through to the end, that being the extinction of the white race?

Oh, how we have strived, yes, deluded our minds, bending and masturbating our thoughts into the idea that a media, an education system, a publishing industry and a government run by the Jews can still somehow be good for us, the eternal “Other” to the Self-Chosen. No, the truths of centuries, of millennia have caught up to us like a ball of fire and now our country burns like a tinderbox. Our children, our families, our institutions are now almost incinerated.

We have allowed it, we have permitted it by thinking that the Jew is no different from the Gentile, or at least by believing that the Jew possesses the same conscience as the Gentile. He does not and cannot. The Jew is as different and eternally separate from the Gentile as the black is from the white. There is an unbridgeable gulf, a chasm between “us” and “them” and no syrupy equalitarian nothings whispered in our ears can erase away this fact from the slate of trial and error.

But the horror story is far from over. The Jewish chauvinists, the Zionists, the one-worlders, the globalists, the Marxian utopians, the dreamers of befouling dreams and the Messianic malcontents among us, most of them speaking with a forked Hebrew tongue, are still at their work, their continuum of a mission. But the sleepwalking among us and the somnolent souls we call friends and family should not keep us from our mission.

We may not have started this fire, but we sure as hell can work on putting it out. The only way we can accomplish this is to stop being part of the problem. We can wed our unceasing night-and-day social action with a little bit of “racial/ethnic realism” on the Jewish Question. Jews are not going to stop speaking, acting and behaving like Jews. All we need now is for white Gentiles to start speaking, acting and behaving like the crafters of Western Civilization.

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