Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Zionist definitions

March 22, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Anti-Semitism - any criticism of Jews, Zionism, Israel, the Holocaust, criminals with Stein on the end of their surname; not cheering when Jews slaughter Palestinians or destroy Christian churches and landmarks in the Holy Land; believing that Israel should be held to the same standards as other “so-called” developed nations; blaming a person of Jewish descent for any wrongdoing whatsoever; having anything less than praise for Jews as a group; believing that the Holocaust does not excuse genocide, criminality or gangsterism committed by Jews; commenting on negative personality traits possessed by some Jews

White supremacist - anyone who criticizes Jewish supremacism; a person not desiring the genocide of all whites through miscegenation or Jewish-supported open borders; a white man or woman who does not hate him or herself and his or her heritage, traditions and religion; an individual not wanting to be destroyed by extremist Jews; a person who protests “don’t hurt me!” when a Jew comes at him with a Talmud in hand; a Caucasian who complains when the ACL-Jew makes it easier for perverts to diddle his kindergarten children in the playground; a white person who doesn’t believe all races are identical in ability, morals and intellect; a light-skinned person who won’t declare that Jews are more intelligent, moral and enlightened than whites, even as they give pornography to his kids and teach his son the joys of sodomy and fisting; a white person who actually notices that Jews run our perverted anti-white media from top to bottom

Holocaust denial - asking any question whatsoever about the six million figure; not bowing your head and whipping your backside and screaming “I’m so SORRRYYYY!” when the Holocaust is mentioned; questioning any aspect of the gas chamber stories, the lampshade hoax and the Jewish soap absurdity; not sobbing OUT LOUD and visibly feeling love towards the Jewish people when you watch Schindler’s List; feeling boredom when you see another Holocaust special on television; holding onto the bars of your German or Austrian solitary prison cell and not having warm thoughts towards the Jews who put you there

Blood libel - believing that a Jew anywhere has ever committed murder; believing that a Jew anywhere has ever drawn blood from a person who was not a Jew, even if that blood was not used in a delicious matzah recipe; believing that Israel had some hand in the 9/11 terrorist acts, whether directly or indirectly


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