Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Silence and Its Discontents

March 1, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Silence will eventually prove to be deadlier than the most hateful, demagogic and violent of diatribes. The few remaining voices in the United States, those either foolish or exceedingly brave souls who refuse to bend a knee to America’s “untouchable Tribe”, will eventually be squelched out, and their own ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) will quiet them. This tiny band of dissenters will be tossed like thugs into the slammer (think European Holocaust revisionists like David Irving or Ernst Zundel), or be squashed like a mere meddlesome bug beneath the new hammer and sickle government (think the sixty million dead Gentiles, mostly Christians, killed by Jewish Bolsheviks in the former USSR) which the Zionists and the ADL are even now fomenting, conjuring up and creating in leftist courts and in the FBI they have now subverted to deal with their anti-Zionist critics and enemies on both ends of the political spectrum. The message of these radical Zionists is clear: Dare to criticize or even to question us and you will pay, and pay dearly!

And if the aforementioned resources are not enough to hold the tongues of the opponents of organized Jewry, President George W. Bush, a puppet and shill for the neoconservative ZionCon pseudo-Right, has created a Department of Global Anti-Semitism, which in effect labels any critic of Israel or the Jews as a “terrorist” threat to America. Free speech has essentially been declared “unkosher”.

This age, these modern times are slowly morphing into a totalitarian nightmare. As Jimmy Carter and Mel Gibson discovered in the past year, any individual who dares to issue forth with anything but fawning praise and obeisance for God’s Chosen Ethnocentrists, will have his career obliterated or his reputation blackened.

What was Jimmy Carter’s offense in the eyes of the Talmudic Zionist genocide-lovers of the Jew World Order global media empire? He told the truth. The man the Left could always count on to embrace Communist dictators the world over had finally spoken the facts about Israel’s control of the US Congress and their bribing of our so-called political leadership. Carter redeemed himself after an entire lifetime spent truckling to tyrannies of every socialist stripe. But he paid dearly for it and the attacks upon him were withering.

Mel Gibson’s great crime before the totalitarian media court of the Anti-Defamation League and its blood-spattered cohorts was simply a fact stated in an unguarded and inartful drunken moment accusing “f***ing Jews” of starting most wars, a fact easily proven when it comes to American involvement in global conflicts. But for this one sentence Gibson had to prostrate himself before Abraham Foxman, a man bristling with such unspeakable hatred and venom that the Devil himself must surely whisper in his ear.

And now in recent weeks, the old tried-and-true Jewish strategy of absolute public political annihilation is playing itself out yet again. The only difference is that this time it is against a man of Jewish descent who is also an Israeli citizen. Dr. Ariel Toaff, an expert on Jewish life during the Middle Ages has written a ground-breaking book dealing with the subject of Jewish ritual murder or what has historically been called the “blood libel.” In this book, Toaff alleges that the charges made in ancient literature accusing the Jews in certain instances of the murdering and bleeding of Christian children, while not a common occurence amongst Jews, did happen in rare cases. He documents one such case of ritual murder of a Gentile boy which took place sometime in 1247. His book is apparently well researched and carefully documented, but this makes no difference to the Jewish extremists in the American ADL and their Israeli sycophants. Dr. Toaff finally received so many verbal threats and attacks from Zionist Jews that he had the book removed from publication. He has also apparently lost his teaching position at the prestigious Jewish University at Bar Alan.

It is obvious from all these examples that anyone who sets themselves against Zionist ideology or orthodoxy or has anything but words of adulation for Jews will be tarnished by a media elite comprised of the same perfidious Jewish Fifth Columnists who bludgeoned and slandered Carter, Gibson and Dr. Toaff. When the reactionary Talmudic forces of organized Jewry can break former Presidents, famous movie stars and acclaimed academic historians, they send a message to the rest of us. The Jewish extremists warn us ominously of their power and the blowback and terrible and immediate repercussions brought upon those who challenge it.

Our liberties are surely dwindling under the yoke of our Jewish masters. Our values and traditions lie in ruins and our borders are broken open and undefended. In America, and throughout much of Europe, these are not the days of wine and roses. These are the days of the new Bolshevism, the neo-Judaic monarchy which threatens freedom of speech, press and conscience. These are the times when we reap the bitter and poisonous harvest which the Talmudic Jews with Messianic visions of themselves, have in store for us, the children of a lesser God. These are the times which crush men’s souls and drown out their voices beneath a cacophony of lies and propaganda. Silence in these perilous times is not golden, nor even sweet. It will, if left unchecked, finally mark the end of what could be called “the narrative of Western civilization.”

We can raise our voices or remain mute and eyeless before our fate. We can summon our bravery, our virtue and our righteous rage and indignation against our Hebrew antagonists and break their power over us, or we can bow our heads and meekly ask these Zionist fanatics and Talmudic hatemongers for permission to live and breathe. We can grapple and fight to save ourselves, or take another step into a thousand years of darkness. The choice is ours, but as existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre reminded us, refusing to choose is still making a choice.


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