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Seeing the Truth and Waiting

Monday, May 14, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

There is a saying that goes "God sees the truth, but waits." Perhaps he does. Perhaps he tarries until the appropriate time and then unleashes his wrath and fury on a humanity experiment gone awry. And who could blame him, right?

There are people who also wait. They see the truth, the ugly truth about Jewish extremism, they understanding the unfolding nefariousness of Zionist world domination. They can spy the racism (and I mean real racist hate) of radicalized Jews in America, in Israel and around the globe. But they don't want to talk about it. It makes them uncomfortable, it makes them ill at ease. So they say and do nothing. They are silent bystanders to the train wreck of the Judaization of the modern world. They work, they love their wife and kids. But they are still mute and eyeless and even tongueless before this monster of Judaism.

But there are others. These are the "talkers" and the "doers" in this movement. They talk about Zionism and Jewish supremacism to any soul who will listen to them and will be open-minded enough to heed their words and their message. They write, compose and construct polemics, op-eds and research pieces detailing the devastating realities of the thousands of years of Jewish misdeeds committed against Gentile peoples of every race, creed and ethnicity. They won't be silent, even though they sometimes fear, in the dark of night, that eventually the price of exposing these things could be catastrophic. But that is the cost of doing business.

I am not placing myself into the category of the brave and courageous "exposer" of Jewish hatred. I am simply writing and asking questions. I am a somewhat educated man, but there are many in this movement who do this will a lot more finesse and gravitas than I am capable of mustering. I try to tell the truth as best I see it, and let the chips fall where they may.

The question is simple. Do you "see the truth, but wait" or are you speaking, uttering the truth, sometimes horrendous, sometimes hideous, shining a light upon the facts, the reality of our contemporary dilemma and travails? Even if you are not a writer, post some articles by others. Create a blog. Get involved. The time is ticking away and America is being purposefully transformed and redefined and will soon morph into a multicultural hell on earth, where our traditions, our institutions and our heritage will be spat upon by invaders who take our place in the land our fathers built up with their genius. At the top of it all will sit the Ashkenazi Jew, smirking arrogantly and saying with a beaming grin "Well, you let me do it, didn't you?" Hopefully we will be able to say "No, I didn't. I didn't keep quiet. I didn't remain mute. I will not go quietly into the dark night of Jewish rule and Gentile slavery!"

When our children and our grandchildren look back upon our lives, brief and fleeting as a vapor that vanishes in a millisecond, what will they say? Will they curse us? Will they condemn us for our cowardice? Or will they say "He did all he could do in his moment. He made the world a better place and preserved our great republic for posterity."?

Dear friend, do not wait. The future of our people is in your hands and on your head. It is a burden and a duty placed upon each of us, right this moment, right this second, in this very time. This is not a game, a hobby or a quirky pasttime. It is the tableau of our lives and our culture. Don't let this window close without honestly doing all you can. The time is now.

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