Monday, August 2, 2010

The Purloining of Plain Language

Saturday, April 28, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Can you imagine if there were an international criminal gang made up of people of German descent? What if they controlled most of the world's media and masterminded shadowy criminal networks in most of the countries in the world. Suppose they used their media power to cover up their crimes. Now envision yourself speaking out against this network and then being censored. You are promptly warned that to expose this crime/media syndicate makes you an "anti-German" bigot full of hatred and intolerance. Now you would probably laugh uncontrollably and say "I don't care if they are Germans or Serbians! We are talking about crime here!"

Now substitute "Jew" for German and you now have the exact scenario we are facing in contemporary society. The media, the Jewish media, has literally purloined plain language, convoluted the issues at hand and now readily brands permanently anyone who stands up to the global empire of world Zionism. So you don't hate Jews or even wish average hard-working Jews any ill whatsoever? Well, guess what? It doesn't matter. To mention Jewish oligarchs robbing Russia blind makes you a dirty anti-Semite of the greasiest order. To mention Jewish Holocaust hucksters shaking down European nations to fund their lavish victimology industry makes you a Nazi sympathizer, collaborator, or both.

Look at our culture and the dearth of decent discourse, the sound-bite "gotcha!" games the jewsmedia plays against the critics of the Jew World Order, whether they are reputable people who are honored and well-respected or those unfortunate souls who have been relegated to the fringes and the ideological swamps. Both are lumped together and discarded as so much garbage. Our heritage is not all that has been stolen. The very words issuing from our mouths have been refashioned, molded and mutilated by the sinister kosher gangsters who now rule over us. They haven't just stolen your nation, your honor, the vision and genius of your forebears. They have purloined the very utterances that rasp and vibrate from your lips, and they have coopted them for the sake of the clarion call of the Zionist Pied Piper. What else can I say? It's all either been said before or stripped away, retarded or repackaged by the lying, lecherous language thieves who call themselves "Chosen."

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