Thursday, August 26, 2010

Politically Correct Apostate - The Latest Victim of the Zionist Beast

November 3, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The Zionist Jewish extremist supremacist tyrants of mankind, the sectarian, ethnocentric, obdurate oligarchs of media, finance and most other organs of communication have struck again. With their heavy totalitarian hand, they have brought down the iron fist, which is not at all encased in a velvet glove, upon another patriot and dissident who has been faithfully fighting their evil agenda of hate, globalism, multiculturalism, murder, criminality, graft, usury, deception, divide-and-conquer, exploitation, genocide and greed.

The latest victim of the Jewish anti-Gentilist witch-hunt (and witch-hunting comes right out of the Torah — “suffer not a witch to live”) is a brave and rightfully angry activist, the venerable PC Apostate and his blog which was once located at But sadly, yet not shockingly, this is no longer the case. My Google-based Zionist Watch was swept away in the Jews’ first purge of the blogging sphere and now more casualties are popping up, much like dead Palestinians killed by wicked murderous Jews, every day of the week lately. All of the work, effort and time invested was erased with a word from the Jew censors, the Jew Bolsheviks who now have injected their paranoid personalities into internet business, thus canceling out freedom of speech and expression.

But fear not, ladies and gentlemen. The politically correct apostate, taboo-basher and tireless warrior against the Jew New Jerusalem empire of darkness in America has returned, much like I did several months ago, on a new and better forum to once more beat a plowshare back into a sword and slash and stab at the heart of darkness situated somewhere in the scaly chest of the Zionist Jew beast.

Head to the politically correct apostate’s blog now and show him your support. It is located at:

And a word to the Jews out there reading this who approve of the Comintern methodology and political cleansing used by your brethren: People are growing wise to you! The awakening is coming and you just might get caught up in the backlash! You might want to extricate yourself from the vipers’ nest you find yourself denizens of. Gentile wrath is even now being kindled and it is burning white hot. Who knows? There may be a few more expulsions in your future. Of course, I know I am speaking to the deaf and dastardly here, so why waste my breath?

PC, keep up the good fight and the stellar work and don’t let these snakes steal your passion for the truth and your will to strike back against the sons and daughters of the Talmudic devil.

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