Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Patrick Grimm’s To-Do List

August 31, 2007

Bring down the Zionist criminal network

Expose Jewish supremacism at every turn

Disclosure, truth-telling and brutal honesty

Break the societal taboo on discussing all things Jewish

Bring to light the flaws, contradictions and self-chosen myth-making of specific Jewish scriptures

Give a finger to the internet censors, the MSM overlords and the Jewish gatekeepers

Network with those who are fighting Jewish fanatical hatred

Label and stigmatize anti-Gentilism for the blatant bigotry it is

Be an outlaw in the fight for our future

Tell the world that Jewish banking is the bane of our existence upon this planet

Make it very clear that Jews want to genocide white people

SMILE as the Jews online froth and rage and insult, but never argue


Your hatred will be my music, your poison pen my song

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