Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Parting Is Such Aspartame Sorrow

August 30, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Oh, parting is such aspartame sorrow! No, actually it is as unsurprising as a man who has committed a crime, leaving DNA and physical evidence strewn about the scene, only to sit in his living room the next morning rakishly huffing on an unfiltered Camel as the police beat on his front door. When he lets them in, he nonchalantly breathes in the midst of a liberal drag “What took you so long?”

Indeed, what did take you so long, Google? You are owned, bought and paid for by the Jewish overclass that has fetched such handy generous returns in an anesthetized country of brain-collapsed dolts. Your problem is singular and it is this: the dolts are waking up from their snoozing with a hang-over and a crushing case of the spins and a head full of fog from the roofies you’ve slipped down the political gullet before the mind-raping commenced. Aspartame? Artificial? You betcha. But yet it’s Yiddish pseudo-karma at the same time. If a man doesn’t kill the grasshopper in the garden, hoping that by sparing it he too will be spared from the remorseless revengeful hands of fate, smoldering and frying in an automobile tinderbox, then so too do Gentiles avoid tipping the scales too much in their favor, knowing, almost sure, panting breathlessly coward-like to stave off Jewish wrath and Jewish lucre-power just a little bit longer.

But no, the game is not going to be played on your terms, in your way, for your ends and following your blueprint. So you “never forgive, never forget”? Well, guess what? Neither do I. I’m not forgetting, and my heart is not glowing with love in your direction. I’m not going to induce myself into amnesia for any of you glib-tongued smart-boy Jews at Google. Ahhh, but I do have to hand it to you, you and your fascist compatriots. You are good at what you do, aren’t you? I’ve never denied that and would never deny it. The Jews with noses shaped like the number 6 who have bitched and whined and agitated until you gave in, got their little ways. You’re smart, you’re clever, but so is a serpent or a fox. And your concern for free speech is almost touching in about the same way food poisoning is. You don’t delete my blog because you believe in freedom and expression and all the things that you use to masquerade as real Americans, which you are not and never will be. You simply tweak my settings and leave my work intact, extant, but here’s the funny little catch. Only I, the author, can have access to it. Apparently it is far too dangerous and truthful for the Noahided and Talmudicided Gentile beast to move his sight line across.

People often tell me that by focusing on Jews I am attaching too much importance to them. I have never tried to deny that Jews are important. They have to be or I wouldn’t be looking at them with a death ray stare and a pen full of poignant poison truth. They are important in the same way it is important to look out for grizzlies in certain parts of the Canadian Rockies or to possibly cart along a snake-bite first aid kit if you are going on a hiking expedition of any considerable length. Yes, Jews are important because of the kind of power plays they are executing daily.

Now blogs and websites are disappearing, vanishing like a relative into the dankness of a Siberian gulag. The Jewish extremists are calling down the thunder, some of them praying to their desert god of hate and favoritism, others only text messaging their World Bank and Judeo-Convict media Conglomeristas. Andrew Winkler, an Australian freedom fighter against Zionism, apartheid Isra-Hell and the racist special treatment Jews demand has had his fine website ransacked by what are without doubt hacker Jews, probably taking a respite from running an online hard-core porn empire.

A German man may be IMPRISONED for nominating the WRONG PERSON for a Nobel Peace Prize! The Jews who own Germany and have introduced their trademark degeneracy into German schools (pedophilia, incest, child rape, usual Jewish fare, Talmud sex ed) are ready to lock this man up for nominating a Nazi. Yet Lenin, Trotsky or Stalin could have been offered up for acclaim with little fanfare from their Jew admirers, the neo-Bolsheviks who even now are doing the same things that landed them in concentration camps in the twentieth century. Germany is one big Weimar Republic through and through, painted over with Jew anti-values and the banking greed that always spells backlash for the Whining Wall set.

Yeah, you’ve called down the thunder! Yes, now you are going to get it. This action by Jewgle has only intensified my efforts, my work, my mission to collapse your empire in the best way I can. Words are swords and the cuts are going to hurt you more than the lingering nightmare of manual labor. Things are going to get worse for every damn one of you Jewish supremacists before they get better for the Gentiles. Why? Because the word is out and you can’t stand it, can you? You overreached again, your grasp extended further than your wisdom. Your obstinate and petulant hate is greater than your prudence and obviously is larger than your non-existent humility. The world wasn’t enough, the earth and its treasures and gold and diamonds and rubies you stole couldn’t sate the hunger that never dies. You couldn’t call the whole thing off. I asked you nicely months ago, but no, the Bolshevik mental illness that infests you wouldn’t permit that, couldn’t abide a cease-fire or even a moderating of your deconstruction of everything we love. For God’s sake, you could have at least slowed down your work! But now it’s too late. The news is out all over town, as Hank Williams put it.

It seems to me, you lunatic Jews (and you know who you are) don’t want to talk about it. You wanted the Gentile to walk away. But it’s out in the open now, the cards are on the table, marked with ink that can only been seen, can only appear visibly with special glasses. But we see you now. Our eyes are wise to you. The multiculti hell on earth you’ve made of this country and all of our once white countries has not shielded your alien faces from our purview. “Be sure that your sin will find you out” the Bible said. It’s happening and guess what? You can’t kill all the messengers, you can’t snuff out millions of Gentiles and a billion Muslims who know who and what you are.

Aspartame. The end game. “What took you so long?” I have been pondering that question, but I ponder no longer. If I ever had a day of doubt, not sure of the height, length and breadth of the JEWISH PROBLEM, perhaps believing that I had grown too hardened and harsh, that I was swathing with the broad brush once too often, those second thoughts are banished. If you (Jews) are the thought police and I am the murderer of the illusions you have created, if I am the thought criminal insouciantly waiting for your imminent arrival, I will smile as you cave in my front door. Then I’ll breezily take that Camel unfiltered cigarette I am smoking on and glibly stub it out in your eye. You asked for it. Soon you will see what full and unremitting disclosure and truth-telling really look like. It’s not going to be pretty.

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