Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Outre Entree

August 2, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The Jewish is the outre (pronounced oo-TRAY). It is the parading of the bizarre, the twisted, the malign, the disturbingly unconventional, the perverse, the hazardous and the harmful before the eyes of the masses. It is both Hollywood and much of the Halakha. It is the labeling of the sick and the diseased as sweet and delightful. It is Jewish culture, or at least the most radical segments of it.

The freshly putrid hors d’oeuvres served up by our Jewish cooks are not a delicious entrée, but an outre, an amalgamation of the horrific, the degraded, the degenerate and often, the scatological. It’s Jewish ADL sex-ed manuals instructing kindergartners in the joys and delights to be had from free-wheeling buggery with a friend. It’s shameless Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman frolicking about on stage, singing songs about the cuteness of homosexual anal sex and graphic descriptions of excretory functions and defecation. It’s comedy programs written and directed by Jews explicitly detailing exploitative sex with the mentally handicapped, necrophilia and other things that perhaps seem normal in Jewish bizarro world.

But the frightening reality of depravity is that there is no bottom to it. And Jewish outre should cause any sane Jew (please step forward and identify yourself) to scream “Oy vey!” Yet this is not what we see. What we witness is more of the same and the bottom continues to fall out of a culture degraded beyond all recognition by the Jewish hand and the Jewish obsession for all things malignant. Some may balk at these harsh words, but simply turn on your television for a confirmation.

Jewish Hollywood outreness only drops further towards the guttural by the day. Comedies portray sodomy as the hottest thing going. Men fornicating with horses and other barnyard animals is “understandable” and requires our “sympathy” and “empathy.” Hard-core pornography with penetration and on-screen ejaculation “money shots” will soon be mainstreamed and chic and kitsch on pay cable, brought to us by Jewish Image Award-winners who are much loved and much funded by the bloatedly rich and gloatingly arrogant donors of Big Jewry. Yet historians who quibble over a point or two of the Holocaust story are the real “sickos” in our country, according to the kosher media conglomerates. Jewish bizarro world has come home to roast.

Jews are said to be more liberal about all things sexual. Well, that is demonstrably true, and receiving more self-evidentiary banner-waving all the time. They also seem to be more liberal about all things bizarre too. And if the Jewish writers, directors and producers can get American Gentiles, especially the young, to laugh at the sicknesses they peddle, then all the better. The fact that they use humor to sell so much of their filth only weakens and melds the minds of the uneducated, the naïve and those with little life experience or wisdom, which only age can bring.

It’s been said before and it’s true. The Jew/Gentile Cold War is a zero-sum game. They get stronger and we get weaker, and vice versa. Making us sick gets their wallets thick.

Yes, most of the insanely disgusting “entertainment” peddled on the idiot box and in the movie theater is riddled through with Jewish values, or for lack of another word, deviancy. The rotting body of the Gentile collective is infected with a pathogen, an alien agent and the illness it is spreading has been dispersed to all parts of the semi-corpse. The outre seems to be in a multitude of Jewish DNA and they have released this disease into our system (society). It is now literally killing us with its toxicant nature.

The con game the Jews play with us and our impressionable children is something akin to pouring a bottle of perfume on excrement. It’s like washing down a spoonful of Draino with a big dallop of sugar, hoping to sweeten up the flavor. No, a Jewish media is an alien media with alien values and alien priorities. This alien control will never reflect the heritage and culture of our people because it is perpetuated daily by a Tribe that has nothing but disdain for the things we believe to be important. Disease and degeneracy is the stock-in-trade of the Jewish establishment. The outre is the cutting edge, the hip and the Yiddishly-urbane to most Jews. No, the Jewish “sweet” is the Gentile “sour.” We must not allow ourselves to grow too blinded and brainwashed to see this. We must remain clear-headed and sober enough to see the difference between our values and those of the Self-Chosen Sicko-phants.

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