Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Thanks To the Cranks

July 4, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The prolific internet writer, author, activist and MENSA maverick John “Birdman” Bryant informs us that “The genuine crank is the one who refuses to debate his opponents, who arrogantly dismisses their arguments and denies their credibility, who approves of the suppresson of opinion different from his own, who typically appeals to authority or consensus rather than to facts and logic, whose emotional temperature rises noticeably in the presence of embarrassing counter-arguments, and, above all, who typically labels his opponents as ‘cranks’. In contrast, the genuine truth seeker is one who is eager for debate, who is courteous to his opponents, who remains calm in the face of counter-arguments, who does not seek to silence anyone, and above all who does not describe his opponents with epithets, particularly including ‘crank’, altho their behavior may strongly suggest the aptness of the description.”

Once again the Birdman is deadly accurate in his analysis of the nature of the debate over Zionism, Jews, race, multiculturalism and many other issues that the Hebraic as well as Goyish Left does not wish us to touch, at least not publicly where minds might potentially be changed and transformed. The true handicapping effect of “cranks” is the simple fact that they make honest and cogent dialogue on all the aforementioned topics for all practical purposes, impossible. But this is their intention, for they have no love of truth. In fact they loathe the truth as much as they cherish the Big Lies they that spout, frequently, unashamedly, and to their verbal discredit, quite prosaically as well.

But on this 4th of July, I say that we must declare our Independence anew, not just from Zionism, Jewish influence and politically correct mind control, but from the cranks among us too. These individuals are like rats in an alley. Once the light of the truth and the facts is shone upon their verminous nature, they will scurry and run.

The cranks are always cowards, cowards who are not only afraid of truth-telling, an open society and unfettered freedom of the brand espoused by the Founders, but they are afraid of themselves. I assert that they are more frightened and cowed by themselves than anything else. Why? They are spooked by themselves for the very reason that their minds are full of doubts, mental doubting self-suggestions that their whole worldview, their whole milieu of knowledge, or what they think they know, is a house of cards built on brittle foundations of half-truths, lies and deception. Many of them know in their hearts that this is the case. This is why they are cranks in the first place and are so bellicose, belligerent and apt to resort to berating their opponents at the drop of a hat. I have thought for many years that most of the individuals on the Left, especially the Jewish Left, know that their ideas are wrong, that their theories and silly surmises are shoddy and flimsily slapped together like a cheaply constructed house in the projects.

But the cranks cannot let go of these sacred cows and all of the concomitant vaunted vapidness that follow along with them in train. Why? Because the crank’s whole view of himself is literally at stake. To give up misnomered silly phraseologies like so-called “social justice”, “racial justice” and things like “social democracy” would remove the crank from the ranks of the “enlightened”, the “progressive” and the “tolerant” and “diverse”. Essentially it would place the crank in the same position as the rest of humanity. He would be just another person with limited knowledge, limited ability and a limited capacity to affect whatever leftist changes he desires. To those of the crank brigade, this is a fate worse than death.

It is for this very reason that the Left will never accept “common sense solutions.” The very commonality of these solutions or the commonness of common sense automatically disqualifies them from possibly being accepted by those who believe themselves to be more compassionate, all-knowing and superhumanly concerned than the rest of us, whom they look upon as mere peasants. This especially applies to liberal Jews, who already begin with a sense of “Chosenness” and thus become doubly “Chosen” when they take up the many mantles of modern liberalism.

This is also why so many ideas from the Left never seem to make much sense. They can’t make sense because they are supposed to be “progressive”, discarding and jettisoning the storehouse of wisdom and intellectual enlightenment that truly wise people understand must be culled from the past. The Birdman, in his quote, has the categories just right, and the crank can always be singled out by his own stubborn churlish and boorish refusal to debate. Debate does not concern him in the least. Maintaining his inflexible faith in his own moral superiority is his sole aim. Nothing else matters and nothing else ever will matter to the crank. This is what makes the cranks among us both dangerous and harmless. They pose a danger when they try to impose their ideology through the machinations of government, but are actually as harmless as a fly when forced to defend their ideology in a completely open and unbiased forum. We can both thank the crank for his transparent intellectual bankruptcy while not failing to beware of the hazards awaiting us when a fool takes up what he believes to be a “righteous cause.”

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