Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Own Awakening

July 10, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

I get comments from different people who promptly do a verbal pile-on, scolding, demonizing or insulting me for my views. They seem to attack me from a faulty starting premise, assuming that one day I just woke up and thought it might be a profitable and entertaining gig to start bashing Jews for fun. This is false and I’ll tell you why.

My whole life, until the last two years, I have been a constant and ardent defender of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Some of this devotion or loyalty to Jews came from my Christian evangelical upbringing, though I never went to a church where Jews were fawned over or treated with a kind of semi-worship. I wasn’t exposed to that. But I was taught that Jews were somehow special and that we should support them. I picked this up almost by osmosis. I went to a Christian school as a youth where conservative Christian teachers spoke of Jews and Jewish traditions with respect and tolerance.

But I always had nagging questions that I could never answer about the Jewish people. I had heard all the “public relations” statements from Jews who spoke of their people as “a kingdom of priests”, a “Chosen People”, a “Holy nation” and many other names that they assigned to themselves or lifted from the pages of Scripture, specifically the Old Testament. My biggest question always seemed to be, if all these terms are legitimate names for the Jewish people, then why do so many Jews seem to be wrapped up in movements that are often jeopardous for our society, like abortion, homosexual rights, radical environmentalism, etc? The big inquiry I made was “Why do Jews always seem to be on the left side of everything?”

These queries were things I wrestled with for many years, always desiring to give the Jewish people the benefit of the doubt, rather than imparting sinister or evil motives to them as a whole. I continued my research on Jews unabated and read many books written by Zionists and by authors sympathetic to Jews, and for a while these volumes quieted my concerns.

It wasn’t until I chose to go to many “questionable” websites, questionable from a philo-Semitic worldview at least, that I unearthed other facts that had been expunged or omitted from the pro-Jewish information I had ingested over many years. I even read David Duke’s book Jewish Supremacism with some trepidation and uneasiness in my heart and mind. (You can read Duke’s book HERE.) But then I noticed something that was particularly damning to the philo-Semitic side of the fence. Almost all of the sources he used were Jewish, and many of them were from well-known and well-respected Jews who obviously had no broad animus towards their own people, but were just having moments of candor which happened to be written down or reported. None of the sources that Duke utilized were from any even potentially questionable sources. His research was impeccable and unassailable.

The quotes from the Jewish Babylonian Talmud were especially horrifying to me, for I had been taught that Judaism was just a monotheistic religion like Christianity. This had been drilled into my head since I was a youth. But reading many of the racist and hateful pronouncements from Jewish rabbis made me rethink this air-brushed presentation of Judaism.

For someone to claim that I am in this anti-Zionist political movement because of hatred or bigotry is absurd, for I have spent most of my life actually defending Jews who have been attacked. When I used to be an Israel supporter, I actually chastised attendees of a Brethren Church I attended for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias. Of course, this was before I found out the whole story.

But it often surprises me that people honestly believe I simply jumped on some sort of “anti-Semitic” bandwagon of intolerance, supposedly for personal profit or attention or some such nonsense. I think some of the bromides issued against me are quite crazy, but understand that these people are not aware of how many years I spent on the other side of the Zionist divide. I am certainly not ignorant of the arguments made by Gentile Zionists, for in years past, I frequently brandished them myself.

But facts, honesty and truth-telling are not things to be feared, but instead are honorable pursuits. After all my study, I was awakened to the fact that Jews don’t “support” the Left in America. They are the Left in America! They run the whole sick machine from top to bottom and nothing anyone shrilly yells to try to shut me up will change that reality. It is a reality and I will never apologize for stating it. I won’t recant and I won’t back down or quit telling the truth.

Another source of information that awakened me to the complete picture of Jewish supremacism was the website and an over 1000-page book called When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America. Proceed HERE to read this devastatingly cogent and well-organized tome. Like Jewish Supremacism, over 90% of the sources used are from Jews, many of them famous Jews.

But here is the crux of the issue. Of whom should Jews have more fear? Should they fear someone like me who cautions them, warns them and tries to correct them and get them to turn from the treacherous road they are on, knowing that their actions have provoked violent backlashes and pogroms against them in the past? How could such warnings possibly be construed as hate? They are like an adult who slaps a child’s hand away from a hot stove.

No, they should fear the Gentiles who wish them god-speed and literally assist them in their own self-destruction. The Christian Zionists fall into this camp. These people are no friends to the Jews, or to humanity in general, for that matter. The Jews engaged in nefarious practices should be told that if they keep playing their sick games with our future, they are going to face ostracism, violence, expulsion and possibly death. It is not hatred or “anti-Semitism” to issue such warnings, even though they are not likely to be heeded.

The truth-telling anti-Zionists should be seen by those few Jews who have not bought the Zionist, ADL, anti-Gentile, Talmudic line as their only true friends, because we are literally trying to save ourselves from Jewish supremacism, hence inexorably saving those Jews who are not part of the criminal network in the process.

To close, these are things I wish my Jewish readers would contemplate before they try to lambaste me with virulent and enraged comments that evoke more heat than light. I can’t judge the hearts or the minds of others in this movement, but I certainly know my own. I have never thought of hatred as much of a motivator, but love of my European-American heritage is certainly a great one. I only demand the same things that Jews demand. I want to preserve my heritage, my freedom and the future of my once great nation. There is no hatred tied to these goals, but much love, patriotism and vigilance. I will offer charity and friendship to any person who will help me in this quest, but I will not remain eyeless, earless and silent in the face of those who wish for the genocide and disappearance of my people. For this I offer no apology and no equivocation. What else can I do?

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