Monday, August 2, 2010

Manufacturing Hate

Saturday, April 14, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Big Brother is watching you. You know that, don't you? The Jewish so-called anti-hate websites like B'nai B'rith and People For the American Way are keeping a sharp and focused eye on the political websites of their anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish supremacist enemies. The dossiers are filling up and the Nixonian enemies lists are getting longer and longer. The Jewish Defense League, classified by the United States government as a terrorist group has even taken to torching the offices and homes of their ideological opponents. They will even use arson against synagogues if necessary to create the illusion of a crazed anti-Semitic America about to descend into a Nazification stage of regression, with pogroms and concentration camps on their way. If they have to spraypaint a swastika or a ZOG on a Jewish day center to cobble up that illusion, then so be it.

Big Brother is watching you. Of course, Big Brother is Jewish and Zionist, as we know so well. This internet freedom of speech you are reveling in, basking in, taking for granted as a reprieve from Jewish TV, Jewish radio, Jewish newspapers and Jewish-owned publishing companies, could be coming to an end if they are allowed to press their anti-free speech agenda on the web in the same way they have done a thorough political cleansing in every other area of independent thought and open inquiry.

But oh, you will protest that I am being much too negative. What you don't realize is that radical Jews are the masters of false flag operations. I'm sure you have heard the Israeli Mossad motto "By deception we shall wage war." Think about how that could apply to the World Wide Web. Jews will continue and currently are agitating in Congress and in the Senate and in most of the governments of Europe for restrictions on speech and for the blocking of internet "hate" sites, meaning any sites exposing Jewish and Zionist crimes and falsehoods. When there are not enough of those sites for them to cite as evidence and justification for repression on the web, and when officials look into the matter and find the truth, that most anti-Zionists and simple white preservationists are not back-scratching, toothless, illiterate members of anti-government militia groups, many people will balk at the fascistic brand of censorship that organized Jewry demands. Ordinary people will start to realize that the critics of Zionism and organized Jewish power are absolutely correct in their assessments and that these critics are, with a few exceptions, mostly patriotic and well-informed writers and activists concerned about the destruction of their culture. We see this occurring right now as the internet opens more and more minds to the facts and to the truth.

"Oh, what to do, what to do?" ponder the schizoid agents of Zion. "Oh, I think I've got it!" And they do have it, the shrewd and duplicitous brainchild that will undo the Goyim's last intact bastion of non-kosher information. It's the best contrivance they have masterminded since the Mossad almost pulled off the false flag attacks against American installations in the devious Lavon Affair and nearly got us into a Jewish war for Israel against the nation of Egypt. (Sound familiar? It should be a familiar pattern by now.) If there is not enough crackpot hatred being directed against Jews and Israel online, then it's time to manufacture it! Why, it's almost as underhanded as 9/11! "If we can't get enough hate, and a copious enough amount of hate from the Goyim who surf the net, then by Moses, we will create anti-Jewish hate ourselves, and believe us, we are experts on hate!"

And this will be the blueprint, the template they resort to in order to separate us from our autonomy as imbibers of informational assets they don't wish us to see. "We need more screwy neo-Nazis on the internet! Throw some Shoah money over here, and we'll create them!" And so it goes. I have gotten so skeptical as of late that any time I am surfing around doing research on Zionism or Jews and see websites adorned with prominently displayed Nazi swastikas, photos of Adolf Hitler or the use of words such as "kike" or "nigger", words meant to enrage people, I automatically think "False Flag!" When I happen upon blogs celebrating the Third Reich or the Nazi regime or calling themselves National Socialists, the first thing that pops into my mind is "False Flag!" Sites or resources calling for a "Second Holocaust" or cheering for "more gas chambers" are, in all likelihood all a big fauxish "False Flag!"

Intellectual frauds and opportunistic provocateurs such as Daryl Bradford Smith, Eric Hufschmid and Chris Bollyn, who do nothing but stir up dissension and spread lies and innuendo about others who are more successful fighters in this cause should also be filed under the "False Flag!" category. Smith and his French Connection are probably paid for by the same shyster pettifoggers and Mammonite smooth operators who play us Gentiles for saps 24-7. Just open up your window and shout "FALSE FLAG!"

You may perceive me to be a mite paranoid on this issue, but I truly believe that most of the radical neo-Nazi groups and their intentionally hyperbolic, hammy and carcatural websites are, in all likelihood owned and operated by Jews. It is the perfect ploy, the consummate shell game, and it is working for them. It will only aid in the gradual eroding of internet freedom of speech and shut off our last channel of opposition to Jewish skullduggery. "Oy vey, it's hate and anti-Semitism!" they will cry out in a whiny Brooklyn accent. And yes, they will have the phony, flim-flam, doctored evidence to prove it. The business of manufacturing hate may even eventually rake in more ill-gotten lucre for the Jews than 40 profitable 'Shoah' years of selling victimhood. The only difference this Gentile go-round is that some of us are going to call them on it. "False flag!"

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