Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lil’ Pawn, Philo-Semite Gasbag

September 7, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Yes, it was reported that Pawn Hannity lied about Ron Paul supporters after the candidate’s impressive performance in the September 5th Republican presidential debates, garnering him numbers hovering at an impressive 33%. But the fact that Hannity, a below and beneath mediocre neo-con radio non-talent who has no thoughts in his tiny mind not spoon-fed to him by his bosses at the Fox Neo-Con Channel, would spread falsehoods about a phone poll and then slander a true conservative/libertarian man of principle like Ron Paul, should astonish no one.

This embarrassingly uneducated and uncharismatic radio talking head, Lil’ Pawn Hannity, is a four-hour-a-day disinformation agent, three hours spent on his yawning program which works better than Lunesta, and another sixty minutes opening his claptrap and waving his ball point pen at whichever guest has the bad luck to be on his shoddy “news” show. The no-talent Lil’ Pawn has an ineffectual Jewish liberal as a sidekick who doesn’t have the guts to temper Hannity’s warmongering, plastic patriotism with anything that resembles truth. He lets Lil’ Pawn rattle on and monopolize the television airwaves with his foggy-headed drivel.

Hannity is proof that one doesn’t have to have talent or even half a brain to get into the news game. All that is necessary to work in the Jewish media machine is to either be such a simpleton that you actually believe in the veracity of Zionist propaganda or to be willing to sell your soul and your scruples and any moral compass you might have had to work as a spokes mouth for the RNC (Jewish neo-con) platform. Hannity is so philo-Semitic it is enough to make even the marginally informed listener want to throw up at the sheer propagandistic nature of it all. I have actually heard Hannity, puffed up and sneering at some “liberal” or a real conservative disgusted by his water-carrying for the Bush administration and the Republican Party, assure his listeners that he is “intellectually honest.” First, Lil’ Pawn, you would have to possess an intellect before you could utilize it for honesty or dishonesty. Secondly, if you have a sliver of a brain, it has long ago been washed and reprogrammed to do what your Jewish masters tell it to do. You’re a little man with a little itsy bitsy speck of a mind that barely registers thought higher than that of a grade school student in special-ed.

If you listen to this host for long enough–and I have unfortunately been driving around town on many occasions and made the foolhardy choice of tuning him in–sometimes you feel as if Rupert Murdoch is feeding him talking points via satellite onto a teleprompter that Lil’ Pawn parrots with an injection of the right inflection of fraudulent emotion at the proper points. In between his folksy “Hey, buddy, Happy Monday!” and “You’re a great American, buddy!” you get a regurgitated diet of Jewish-written flimflam. When Lil’ Pawn is not truckling for the morally bankrupt socialist war state of Israel, he tosses off snide insults at former President Jimmy Carter for actually not desiring America’s control by a foreign and corrupt Jewish entity. Hannity blames anti-Christian rhetoric on “liberals” and “the Left”, but doesn’t get too chuffed about it. But let some public figure make an even insinuatingly negative comment about Jews and Lil’ Pawn practically has a conniption fit. After a scholar noted that there were “too many Jews” stacking a panel of discussion on Carter’s book, Hannity bellowed in outrage “Who talks like this!?”

Lil’ Pawn would not heed Patrick J. Buchanan’s warnings about the hazards of a war with Iran when Buchanan was a guest on his show. No, Lil’ Pawn continues to beat the drums for a full-blown unilateral conflagration that must make the Likudites and the AIPACers listening to his forgettable diatribes swell with gratitude. Hannity even had former Israeli prime minister and Jewish supremacist Benjamin Netanyahu on his show for a fawning and ingratiating interview in the last year, and I’m sure it wasn’t the first time. Bebe made sure Lil’ Pawn chugged down the bottle of snake oil he was peddling like a carnival side show shyster and that Lil’ Pawn knew that sweet innocent Israel was America’s greatest ally in the mean Arab Middle East and that Muslims didn’t hate the US because of our support of Israel’s warmongering and killing, but because we were so “free” and “democratic” just like Israel.

Many callers phone Lil’ Pawn Hannity and rail against liberals, high taxes, big government and radical Islam. They titter and giggle inanely as they make fairly obvious Ted Kennedy drinking jokes and talk about Bill Clinton’s lurid sexual escapades, as if any of this is important or cutting edge news. But listen closely to see what happens if a caller even mentions the word “Jews.” This has happened several times on the air and the minute it does, the caller is immediately disconnected, without a word, without an explanation and without hesitation from Lil’ Pawn. He/she is then called a crazed and loony “anti-Semite” or a conspiracy nutter or a crank or a hater or any number of epithets taught to Lil’ Pawn at the Philo-Semite Broadcasting School. I’m sure they also taught him to cloak his entire Zionist spiel in good old-fashioned patriotism so that his uneducated listeners (and he has the most uneducated audience I’ve ever heard) would lap it up.

From time to time, a listener will call in and tell Hannity that they have changed their thinking and have morphed into what they think is a conservative, but what is in actuality an embrace, in almost every way, of Jewish neo-conservatism. A silly chime or some inanity rings forth and Lil’ Pawn declares “Buddy, you’ve been Hannitized!” The listener’s IQ then drops 20 points, they begin spouting “That Bush is a damn genius!” and everyone goes merrily back to work. Lil’ Pawn then declares in his overwrought uber-modesty that “Folks, we believe in the traditional conservative principles that have made this country great! Oh, yeah, Happy Friday, buddy!” The only thing conservative about the Lil’ Pawn Hannity Show are the expectations of those who listen to it, unless they’ve been Hannitized, of course.

Now Hannity is attempting, on the orders of his Jewish bosses, to steer traditionalist Republicans and Reaganite old-line conservatives onto a Jewish neo-conning one-worlder Zionist path of endless war for American and Israeli empire, a road that leads to a modern nowhere. It will end the American republic as we know it, drowning us in red tape, red ink and the red blood of our young men and women. This explains more than anything his willingness to go to any lengths in slandering Ron Paul, lying about his supporters and trying to discredit the ideas and the motives of this honorable man who I believe would make a great president.

The Jewish owners of the United States can’t have real change, real leadership or real sovereignty for our people. This is the last thing they want. They pay empty suits like Lil’ Pawn and other America-Lasters on the radio to carry on their disinformation campaign under false auspices, through a false-op camouflaged in “conservative” colors. How else could a man so devoid of talent, intellect or even basic charisma come so far and achieve such prestige in the new Jewish religion of Big Media? No, Lil’ Pawn Hannity is a gasbag, inflated with plastic “patriotic” feverish calls for war, plastique movements and empty gestures which only mimic ideas and an earnestness only born of either simplicity or ill-intentioned deceit. If the Jews utilize Hannity and others like him and again place a puppet who will do their bidding in the White House, I believe, as the PC Apostate does, that there could be an armed revolution in this country. Let’s just hope that when the shooting starts, Lil’ Pawn is standing somewhere in the line of fire.

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