Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

April 2, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

I’m asking, but I’m not asking nicely. I’m speaking in a voice sounding much like Jack Bauer screaming into a cell phone “Call it off!” No, I’m not asking at all. I am going to have to insist this time. Sings sarcastically the words of an old big band standard (and I am a good singer) “Let’s call the whole thing off!”

But you won’t, will you? You Zionist stooges, charlatans, snake oil salesmen, oh and saleswomen too, yeah every one of you filthy, conniving, lecherous, money-grubbing, Mammon-worshipping, perversion-promoting, porn-pushing pieces of human garbage, I’m talking to you. I think that narrows down “The Tribe” enough to include a few million of you so-called “Chosen” who just can’t wait to screw the goyim and bring it all down around our heads. I know sure as there is a hell waiting for Elie Wiesel, Abe Foxman and Alan Dershowitz, that you sick Jewish supremacists will not stop the war against us Gentiles. It won’t happen. You didn’t learn a thing, did you? As Mark Glenn, a courageous writer on http://crescentandcross.com/ stated so succinctly, attempting to warn extremist Jews away from the destructive path they have been on for thousands of years “Now, if you will abandon this mindset, then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…” [1] But there’s no chance of that, is there, Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Defense League, American Jewish Congress, ACL-Jew, World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Jewish Organizations or whatever other monikers you use to spread your social decay? Nah, you love the decay and the perversion and the scatological sickness and the Hollywood blood and guts and America-drowning, Christianity-soiling filth that you have flung upon the public, all in the name of entertainment, art and a wheelbarrow full of Ben Franklins. You are getting big, rich and happy, sitting in your gated communities and laughing at the numbskulls who think you Jews are the gods of America.

As Merle Haggard asked presciently “Are the good times really gone for good?” Yeah, they seem to be. Now it’s more crimes, more lies from our government and thanks to the US support of Israel, America is the second most hated country on earth. Of course, Israel, the most putrid treasonous nation to ever be stolen out of whole cloth still clocks in at a big number one. In the eyes of the world, thanks to you Jewish Zionist traitors and you Christian Zionist whores who bend over and take it from the “Chosen” for bribes and Lear jets, America stands for nothing but porn, scorn, torture, lies and a permanent war state. It stands for the disease of hard-core pornography (and I’m no prude) gushing into every corner of the world like a shattered sewage pipe broken wide open. It stands for people like former Clintonista ultra-liberal Zionist shill for Israel, Dan Glickman, a dirty Jewish bottom feeder if there ever was one, taking over the Motion Picture Association of America to push for more NC-17 films. As if the swill the Hollywood Jews are concocting, writing and dredging up out of their personal lives as parasitic leeches of Gentile largesse, is not horrid enough. No, thanks to Glickman and other Jewish basketcases like him, Hollywood will be further devaluing, devolving and destroying our culture, dragging us down into the gutter that these alien Judeophiles seem to make their home. Apparently, the fact that Israel is the white sex slave capital of the world is not good enough for supremacist racist insane Jews like Glickman and his ilk. The fact that crazed Jews run the child porn industry in every corner of this forsaken planet is still not an adequate enough depravity. No, Glickman and the rest want more twisted sexuality, more transexual abnormality in America, and then bestiality and probably necrophilia, to boot. It’s enough to make Peter Singer get hot and bothered, isn’t it, Danny?

Call it off! Call the whole thing off! But you won’t. The war continues. It’s the same old war with some fresh new players, this time agitating for more death to your ancient biblical enemies, and let’s face it, you people have had nothing but enemies throughout history, regardless of how sweet and kind the ignorant, unknowing Christian populations, those foolish enough to let you into their gates, have treated you. All they asked for was mutual respect, but you only wanted an endless battle, didn’t you? You only wanted discord, trickery and chicanery. Jacob tricked Esau out of his birthright and his blessing, and you have been stealing both from the Goyim ever since. You don’t know when to call it quits. And why not? It seems to be that you are the only criminal gang who has ever gotten their hands into the history books to rewrite or erase any inconvenient facts about your unruly schemes and your problems with people skills. No, we don’t want to die for you. We don’t want to kill Iranians for you, just because you say “Never forgive!” But Feith and Kristol and Horowitz and Cohen don’t see it that way. They would rather wash the planet in blood with their falsehoods and their evil propaganda. Your Zionist machine will never call this off.

Nope, you’ll keep a steady flood of pro-homosexual, anti-family indoctrination churning out on the old Jew tube. You’ll use your control of both the left and right-wing media to agitate for murder and mayhem and eventual anarchy, which you will help unleash onto God’s grieved earth. You will lie about your favorite criminal state of Israel as it decimates America and isolates this once great republic from the company of other nation-states, if you can’t divide and conquer all those with more Third World immigration that you will fund, embrace and promote on the six o’ clock news. You’ll keep kidnapping and raping white blonde-haired, blue-eyed European women and dragging them to the best little whorehouse in the Middle East. You will even professionally and personally defame and slander the decent Jews who dare to speak out against your vile agenda. I would tell all you Jewish extremists to go to hell, but hell itself would probably vomit you back out in disgust. It’s too good a place for you. (Plus, I don’t think they have catered meals there.) If any of you ever looked at yourselves, really made an honest assessment of the raping you have given humanity, you would probably drown in an endless ocean of blood.

So once more for the record. Call it off! Call the whole thing off! But you won’t, you can’t. For to do so, you would have to give up your intrinsically evil nature, your reliable Gentile cash cow and your backward and archaic view of yourselves as special, as better, as somehow exquisitely superior. I have beseeched you. I have even reasoned with you, if you are capable of such high-minded concepts. But you aren’t capable of anything but criminality, parasitism and greed. You are Mammonites, plain and simple, and nothing I say will even make one millimeter of a dent upon your sin-drenched psyches. All I can do, along with my fellow anti-Zionists, is to fight against your disease, the spreading rot of international Zionism that eats like an acid at our foundations. No, you will not call it off, but guess what? We are going to bring it on. Let me introduce every one of you Jewish supremacist antagonists of mankind to a brand new concept. It’s call truth. Only this time you aren’t going to be able to lie it away, buy it off or kill it gulag-style. This is a new day and a new dawn. Oh, I know the truth is going to hurt. All I can say is, get used to it. We aren’t going anywhere.

[1] http://crescentandcross.wordpress.com/


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