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Jewish Hypocrisy Writ Large

March 9, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Judaism and Zionism, as I have stated in previous articles, are both based on extreme ethnic supremacism. This is obvious when you start reading the statements, books, articles and the transcripts of lectures put out by mostly Zionist Jews, whether religious or non-religious. What makes the ethnocentrism of Jews so galling is the fact that they attempt to deny all other peoples, races and groups the same right. Jews, at least the politically and religiously aware ones, oppose the marriage of a Jew with a non-Jew (Gentile or Goy) in the most strident language possible. Yes, these particular Jews are bald-faced hypocrites, and yes, the Jewish media never discusses this issue.

All of this is not exactly a shocking reality when you understand the group strategy dynamic behind Jewish supremacist movements and social action. For example, the fact that Jews organized the black civil rights movement in America and orchestrated and funded it from top to bottom is not exactly news, except to the most uninformed reader. Jews, leftist and Communistic Jews, to be more precise, were the catalyst that brought integration to the United States and succeeded in getting most anti-miscegenation laws repealed over the last 35 to 40 years. Without getting into the merits and demerits of the civil rights movement, it is fascinating to note the differing standards of morality which Jews apply to a Gentile nation as opposed to a majority Jewish nation like Israel.

Leftist Jews in the American media laud the virtues of a multicultural, integrated and diverse society. What they don’t inform you of is the fact that Israel, the world’s only “Jewish state” does not allow the marriage of a Jew and a non-Jew. It is not just frowned upon. It is actually illegal in Israel for a Jew and Gentile to unite in marriage. Yet there is not a word of criticism in the media. There are no editorials in Jewish-run newspapers decrying Israel’s bigoted laws promoting discrimination and Jewish supremacism. Yet white people, and indeed all people in this country, must embrace other races and be ready and willing to intermarry with them. Those who disagree with miscegenation are called racists, bigots and closet KKK members, even if their reasons are not based on hatred.

Lest you think I exaggerate about Jewish attitudes regarding intermarriage, here is a rather lengthy excerpt from a Jewish columnist named Esther Jungreis, the wife of a rabbi. Jungreis is often called “the Jewish Billy Graham” (which would make sense if Billy Graham was a white supremacist member of the Aryan Nations who wanted funds for a radical theocratic Christian nation that worked to subjugate its non-Christian population and terrorize its neighbors) and speaks on Jewish issues around the globe. She has an online column called Dear Rebetzen Jungreis, which is sort of a Dear Abby-style question and answer forum. Here is a telling clip confirming everything I have just told you:

Dear Rebbetzin Jungreis

I am in my second year of college and recently met a wonderful, intelligent, compassionate young man. I am very much in love with him. He is not Jewish, however, and this seems to be a “tragedy” to my parents. Rebbetzin, I just cannot understand it. My parents are not religious people. Their entire Judaism consists of buying High Holiday tickets once a year. They do not keep a kosher home, they do not observe any of the customs and traditions, and they never gave me a Jewish education. So how on earth can they censor me for wanting to marry this boy?

Believe me, Rebbetzin, my parents are no more Jewish than my boyfriend. He is a good hearted, kind individual, with all the characteristics of what my parents consider a “nice Jewish boy”. The real reason that my parents are opposed to him is because they are worried what people will say. They don’t really care about my happiness, but what others will say and how this will reflect on them.

I cannot see any difference between being Jewish or gentile, we are all created by God, and therefore we are all brothers. My parents never gave me a Jewish upbringing so why should I care?

I have reached the point where we are about to announce ourengagement–unless you can show me a reason not to.

I have no respect for the hypocrisy around me.

Yours Sincerely,

Jewish in Name Only

Here is Mrs. Jungreis’ reply to this young Jewish woman who does not hold supremacist attitudes towards Gentiles and dares to believe that we are all on equal footing before God:

Dear Jewish in Name Only,

While it is true that your parents have failed to give you a Jewish education, their negligence does not exonerate you from YOUR responsibility, nor does it permit you to walk away from your people. There is no justification for abandoning your faith, your people or your God. Understand that by opting for intermarriage you are bringing your family’s Jewish existence to a close after thousands of years.

Nevertheless, I can comprehend your feelings of resentment at having been deprived of a Jewish education. Judaism has never been made meaningful to you….you have never been challenged by its majestic call. Therefore, it is understandable that you feel apathetic, if not hostile, to your faith. And so, under the circumstances it would not seem realistic to demand that you sacrifice the man you love for a religion which is unrelated to your life.

We must, however, confront the truth: you belong to a generation of American Jews who have been short-changed. Although you have been given every educational and material opportunity, you have been Jewishly deprived. You were raised in a spiritual wasteland….in a vacuum. Your contacts with Judaism have at best turned you off, and at worst, provoked you to disdain.

Whenever I visit a high school or college campus I am confronted by young Jews who are articulate in every subject but their own….Young Jews who are experts in investment banking, computers and the sciences….who are senstive to the nuances of music and who are at home in the arts and culture. Yet if confronted with the most elementary questions about spirituality, Jewish thought, the Bible or the Talmud–they remain totally inarticulate. We have become a people who suffer from amnesia; a people without a past, without a memory.

In order for you to comprehend the magnitude of your loss you must first gain some awareness of that which you once possessed. But you sadly lack this awareness. Therefore as I see it, the problem at hand is not so much to persuade you to give up this relationship, as it is to open your mind and your heart to your own glorious history and destiny. Once you comprehend this then forgoing intermarriage will be a natural byproduct of your newly gained insight, for it is impossible to be knowledgeable of Torah and at the same time remain impervious to its mystical call.

And so, my friend, while I can empathize with your apathetic state of mind, I cannot condone it, for YOU ARE A JEW, and you have a responsibility. Before you relinquish your heritage, before you give up the faith of your fathers and mothers, you owe it to yourself to discover your roots: to probe your history so that the decision you ultimately make will be one that is informed and intelligent rather than one based on ignorance and default.


Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

And there it is, that good ol’ Jewish chutzpah we are all so used to. The naked hypocrisy rings out from every utterance of these Jewish supremacists, clear as a bell like a clarion call of chauvinism. If any white person dared to express the sentiments of Esther Jungreis they would be gleefully annihilated by the Jewsmedia and the entire Zionist political behemoth would tighten the screws until a Gentilistic tearful apology was imminent. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, cause it’s a Jew, Jew world.

Jewish hypocrisy is not going to end, however. And do you know why? It’s obvious. He who controls information, controls all. He who controls information, eventually controls the thoughts of the multitude. The Jewish corner on the market of hypocrisy will never be rectified, will never even be mentioned. It has to be covered up as it gets more extreme, more hateful and more bellicose. To do otherwise might get the Gentile moron thinking about protecting his own heritage, might even make him see the importance of a little pride in his history. No, the Jews will never allow that. They are the only people allowed to even have a heritage, a shared history that unites them and strengthens them. The pride that European-Americans once had in their massive accomplishments, inventions and innovations has been beaten out of us by our Zionist masters, those miserly little bigots who call themselves a people. Hypocrisy is their stock in trade, that is, if you leave out greed and avarice.



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