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It's Time..........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

It's time to rip away the false front which the Zionists hide behind.

It's time to shred the numerous guises which Zionists utilize, in true chameleon fashion, to confuse a benighted public.

It's time to stop the spilling of blood caused by the Zionist control of America's foreign policy.

It's time to stop slaughtering Israel's enemies and then declaring that it is in "America's best interests."

It's time to stop electing presidents who are literally marionettes on strings, strings pulled by Zionist puppetmasters like Wolfowitz and Perle.

It's time to reform the financing of campaigns, thereby cutting off the source of Zionist power: money.

It's time to scrap the Federal Reserve and the Zionist control of our economy and our money supply by greedy Jews.

It's time for Gentiles to stop buying pornography and supporting the Jewish-run pornography industry.

It's time for the Christian church in general, and the evangelical Christian church in particular, to stop lending a helping hand to the very Jews who are erasing our religious heritage.

It's time to say 'no' to Jewish-led multiculturalism, diversity and sensitivity training and other movements which only serve to fracture our society.

It's time to slam the borders shut and put an immediate end to a Jewish and Zionist-led invasion which only serves the interests of the moneyed elite.

It's time to investigate, try and lock up the Zionist Jew powerbrokers of the ADL and AIPAC as treasonous agents of a foreign and hostile power.

It's time for Christian ministers to speak out, loudly, forcefully and prophetically against evil Jewish leadership.

It's time to take our sick, anti-white, anti-Christian media back from "the people of the lie."

It's time to demand that jailed Holocaust historians who veered from the Jewish line be immediately released from prison and also be financially compensated out of Jewish coffers.

It's time to spit in the faces of the Christophobic little Jewish Zionist tyrants like Abraham Foxman and Elie Wiesel.

It's time to tell the Holocaust Industry to either put up or shut up.

It's time to shut down every guilt-peddling, white Christian-hating Holocaust freak show museum in America.

It's time to tell the Jews who run the homosexual mafia in the United States to stop propagandizing and indoctrinating our innocent children, even if we have to file sexual harrassment, pederasty or pedophilia charges against these perverts masquerading as educators.

It's time to counter the lies and hatred being directed against our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and then it's time to call the liars out onto the carpet to identify themselves as the Talmudic Jews that they really are.

It's time to defund and deball Israel, fiscally and militarily, pulling the American welfare teat from their Hebrew lips.

It's time to expose Zionism as a worldwide disease, a cancer eating away at every civilization, every heritage and every culture.

It's time to stop letting Zionist Jews pit one group of Americans against another.

It's time to expose the racist, hateful, anti-Gentile, anti-Christian nature of the Babylonian Jewish Talmud and the religion of Judaism.

It's time to find out exactly how deeply and intricately involved Israel and Zionists were in the 9/11 attacks on America.

It's time to start listing the names of politicians who are on the Zionist payroll and then voting them out of office, whether they are Republicans, Democrats or independents.

It's time to realize that Jewish supremacists want to wipe white people from the face of planet Earth.

It's time to take that lump out of your throat when discussing everything 'Jewish'.

It's time to stop feeling guilty for thousands of years of "Jewish poisecution" and start talking instead about past and present Jewish criminality.

It's time you figure out that this is a war, a war declared thousands of years ago by the "Chosen" and waged by Jews against the rest of humanity.

It's time for our people to have an awakening to the Jewish Question, and that awakening happens RIGHT NOW.

It's time..........

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