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It’s the Jews, stupid! (With Apologies to Edgar Steele and Curt Maynard)

March 2, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

We often hear the predictable blather from “conservative” commentators on radio and television, including blowhards like Sean Hannity and many others stating that the attack on Christianity and traditional values in America is being waged by a “radical Left” or “liberalism” or “secular humanists” or a “liberal media elite.” This is all inane pap, and most of these commentators should know better. The full-scale war on Christ and Christians has been waged by one group of people, that being the Talmudic anti-Christ Jews. This can be effortlessly proven and in the following paragraphs I will give you a contemporary example. But the next time a neo-conservative Judeo-con jackass like Hannity opens his trap about a “liberal media” or a “liberal agenda”, I sincerely wish someone would call this 75-IQ dunce and say “It’s the Jews, stupid!” Isn’t it obvious, except among the uneducated, know-nothing Bushbot cheerleaders like Hannity and his ilk? Hey, Hannity, you pathetic excuse for a commentator, IT’S THE JEWS, STUPID!

And now for that utterly unsurprising example that I promised.

Simcha Jacobovici (pictured here) is a radical Jewish extremist partisan of Israel who has written a book called Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies & the American Dream in which he boasts of the fact that Jews in Hollywood have used their vast control of entertainment media to replace Gentile and Christian values with Jewish ones. Jacobovici was born in Israel, near Tel Aviv, but now resides in Canada. He was also a personal friend of former Israeli terrorist prime minister Menachem Begin.

March 4th on the Discovery Channel, Jacobovici with the help of token frontman Gentile filmmaker James Cameron, will give a pathetic example of just how Jews, with their levers on the machinations of popular entertainment, are undermining Gentile and Christian beliefs and traditions. Jacobovici’s documentary The Lost Tomb of Christ states emphatically what would seem ludicrous or impossible to actual archaeologists (Jacobovici has an M.A. in International Relations and is not an archaeologist). He declares that the body of Jesus Christ has been found in Jerusalem. Alongside Christ are the bodies are Mary Magdalene, (his wife in the Gnostic gospels) their son Judah, and other members of his family. This “discovery” has been met with respectful commentary on Zionist media outlets and TV and radio ads for this documentary have treated Jacobovici’s declarations as “gospel” (forgive the terminology) and as the epic finding of the ages, almost as if they can barely conceal their glee that Christianity itself will soon be proven a colossal myth. Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League has purportedly had several nocturnal emissions while dreaming about this upcoming documentary.

One real archaeologist, Amos Kloner, who was the first to examine the burial site in Israel stated emphatically “They just want to get money for it. It was an ordinary middle-class Jerusalem burial cave. The names on the caskets are the most common names found among Jews at the time.” It also cited the film’s own archeologist Dr. Shimon Gibson who stated his own skepticism on Jacobovici’s interpretation of the finds.[1] Archaeologist Joe Zias stated that “Simcha [Jacobovici] has no credibility whatsoever.”[2]

This will not, however, dampen the enthusiasm of Zionist, Talmud-inspired Jews in American media who eagerly await any chance to discredit Christianity or to place doubt within the minds of the Goyim sheeple who gobble up their media pronouncements without a hint of skepticism or independent thought. It was much the same with the warm reception by many American Judaized dullards of The DaVinci Code, also funded and promoted by the Jewish-owned Sony subsidiary. The screenplay was written by Jewish screenwriter Ekiva Goldsman. [3]

But to the moronic, fully Zionized American “conservative” pseudo-intellects like Sean Hannity, the topic of Jewish political and religious subversion is as taboo a subject as incest. Let them bleat on about “liberal” this and “liberal” that, and whine and moan about “radical leftists.” They will never identify the real enemy, most likely because this enemy signs their own overinflated paychecks. To Sean Hannity and the other philo-Semitic media frauds, I simply say “Wake up, open your eyes and see! It’s the Jews, stupid!”

[1] David Warren. “Tomb raiders of the most appalling kind“, Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 28, 2007. Retrieved on March 1, 2007.

[2] “Jesus’ Tomb discovery is titanic fraud”“, Catholic League, February 28,2007. Retrieved on March 1, 2007.

[3] LexisNexis, Corporate Affiliations International, volume 8, 2005.


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