Monday, August 2, 2010

The Importance of Responsible Language

March 7, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

We must be very careful of the kind of language we use in the fight against Zionism and all its attendant evils. I find nothing inappropriate in throwing out terms like “Jewish supremacist” or “Jewish extremist” or “radical Zionists”, etc. etc., mainly because these are terminologies which so often describe the real world actions of extreme Zionist Jews (and that doesn’t include all Jews). But sometimes people within this movement (the anti-Zionist, pro-European-American movement) cross the line, and by doing so they live up to the stereotype which the Jewish-controlled media and Hollywood create to discredit their critics. Language matters. It matters because it reflects what is inside our hearts.

Across the internet there are many excellent resources for obtaining information on the dangers of radical Jewish supremacist perfidy. There are valuable websites and blogs from both the right and the left side of the political spectrum (and I do come from the right side) chronicling the stranglehold the Zionists have over most of the West, as well as their mistreatment, genocide and displacement of the Palestinians. But sometimes people, and some of them may be well-meaning, but just genuinely angry individuals who are sick and tired of their culture being trammeled by Zionism, will cross the line. I have seen several sites where pejoratives such as “kike” have been included in commentary and articles. To use such an offensive word like “kike”, even in anger, is to automatically discredit yourself, regardless of the merits of anything else you are saying. We must not allow our anger and frustration to undermine our judgment. Not only is employing epithets like “kike” or “nigger” or “spic” morally objectionable to me and to most people, they fulfill every stereotype which the uninformed citizen has about our movement. They don’t strengthen us. They only weaken our message and make others question our decency as human beings.

In closing, I simply want to speak for myself. I refuse to resort to profanity, or racial pejoratives or even simple off-color language to argue my points. The views I have are logical, well-documented and grounded in reality. They don’t need to be presented in a way that diminishes me and my readers and only empowers the enemies of our people and our heritage. I won’t play the role of a Jewish-created Hollywood movie stereotype. My beliefs are not based on hate. They are based on love for white European traditions and a hunger for knowledge, for decency and for justice in the world. No amount of crass language can add validity to those beliefs, but irresponsible rhetoric will most certainly siphon my credibility among those who desperately need to have their eyes opened and their minds awakened and enlightened to the truth. I won’t, and you shouldn’t, give the Jewish supremacists what they want.


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