Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I’m Not Anti-Semitic, I’m Anti-Jewish

August 6, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

It’s time to clear up a few misunderstandings with the Jewish fiends who only come around to threaten and debase this space. These little totalitarians wish to shut down anyone who has anything less than praise for their easily confirmed criminal enterprises. Sorry, but that is not going to happen for you, and even if it did, my work and my words are not going anywhere. Like a penny, good, bad or neutral, they will always turn up somewhere.

But let me be frank. If you wish to accost me with name-calling, at least be more politely formal about it. Don’t call me an “anti-Semite”, a word that to you only means anyone who doesn’t appreciate what you are doing to wreck our foundations and who exposes your little fibs about Israel, the Jewish religion and the entire shoddily constructed anti-intellectual framework of the Holohaux you moan about like incessant babies. No, Jewish provocateurs, I will not genuflect before you, will not bend the knee when I hear the word “Jews” in hushed tones that I would liken to a monastery dedicated to the religion of Taken-With-Thyself-ness. As Edgar Steele famously said “THAT’S MR. ANTI-SEMITE TO YOU!” and I would second his sentiments.

The truth of the matter is though, “anti-Semite” is not really the proper terminology for me. For the fact remains, most Jews are not “Semites” and many non-Jews are. A lot of the Palestinians are “Semitic” but you have no qualms about indiscriminately slaughtering them, gunning down their children in cold blood and desecrating their graves, and then having your apparatchiks in the US help procure alms to pay for the whole atrocity that you call a country while thousands of Gentiles die for your proxyish little adventures in the desert sand, which I’m sure gets quite a chuckle of anti-Gentile disdain in the Knesset. You are almost flummoxed that the Goyim could be so stupid and short-sighted on your account, and I couldn’t agree with you more.

No, you little Jewish totalitarians–the ones who bitch and infantilely demand that this blog be stricken from the internet because it refuses to worship you–I am not “anti-Semitic” at all. The best way to describe me would be to call me “anti-Jewish”, a phrase far more narrow and exacting and accurate, as well as provocative and gosh, just plain fun too because it gets you fuming and swearing in Yiddish! I don’t have a big personal problem with “Semites” but I do have a huge personal problem with all of the Jews–some of them even blue-eyed and blonde, or red-headed and green-eyed–who are jack hammering away at our foundations. Perhaps some tepid folks are afraid to say it, but America has a Jewish, an organized Jewish problem of almost incalculable proportions. And I am fully aware that some in this movement would think it unseemly, perhaps even obscenely unseemly, to talk this way.

Oh, some will cry “All Jews are not part of the Jewish supremacism/Jewish extremist/Jewish criminality/Jewish enter your complaint here problem! It’s just their ‘evil Jewish leadership’!” But this argument is tired. If all Jews do not give moral or financial support to what the most visible and the most irascibly censorious and sinister among the Jewish powerbrokers are doing, let them step forward and say so. Let them “come out from among them and be separate” so as not to be victimized by the worldwide Gentile backlash which inevitably will come (it always has) if this behavior is not curtailed. Let even a small organization of righteous Jews stand up and decry, not just the crimes of Israel, for this is no longer sufficient, but the crimes and dirty-dealing of the entire Jewish establishment which is even now itching to collapse Western Civilization and has already stolen free speech guarantees from most of Europe.

Are there ANY JEWS who will speak out against these things? Will ANY JEWS lend their influence, their finances and their acumen to the cause of freedom and justice? Will ANY JEWS ANYWHERE do more than just wag their fingers at the Zionist anti-humanitarian pockmark for its state terrorism, and instead lend their tongues to wag against the Jewish open borders agenda, the Jewish hard-core and child pornography agenda, the Jewish anti-white agenda, the mostly Jewish globalist agenda, the disproportionate Jewish white sex slave agenda, the Jewish ADL, JDL, AJC, ACLU agenda, the Jewish anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment agenda, the overwhelmingly Jewish drug trafficking agenda coming out of Israel, the Jewish organized crime agenda, the Jewish media black-out of black crime agenda, the Jewish Hollywood slandering of Christianity agenda, the Jewish religious Orthodox hatred of Gentiles agenda and all the rest? Will ANY JEWS unequivocally and without excuses, subterfuge and double-talk CONDEMN ALL OF THESE JEWISH AGENDAS?

I’m sorry, but my “Benefit of the Doubt” is broken. So I will do exactly what John “Birdman” Bryant tried on his famous website. I will ask any Jews who are reading my words and who agree that what Big Jewry and all its financial backers are doing is wrong, to condemn all of these dastardly deeds right here on this blogspot. There should be no excuses, no “well the Gentiles let us do it” which to our eternal discredit is true, but is not a good enough excuse to wipe away the sins of the Jewish community.

Day by day, the silence is deafening from the Jews in America. More and more of our citizens are slowly beginning to believe (and not without good reason) that Jewish influence and Jewish power have only brought us disaster. I may be incorrect, but the time may come when silence = complicity. If there are good Jews waiting, perhaps frightened and even horrified by the hideous strength accrued and easily utilized by their scruple-free brethren, let them identify themselves, separate themselves and exonerate themselves from the hatred that is being piled up against them by the activities of the Jews running the show at the top, those Jews who couldn’t buy a conscience, even if someone offered one to them wholesale. This is the only good faith gesture that many Gentiles would require of Jews, just to ease our minds. And so I extend the olive branch to you now.

But until I can look out upon the parched landscape of American politics and spy at least more Jews than I can count on one hand standing against Big Jewry, I will label myself, not “anti-Semitic”, but anti-Jewish. And no Jewish scientific discoveries, brainy inventions and Nobel Peace prize lists, all of them quoted and brandished like absolvents, will make a dime’s worth of difference to me or to anyone else who is aware of the facts.

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