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The Idolatry of Judeo-Christianity

May 17, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The death of the Reverend Jerry Falwell gives us a moment to contemplate that sinister movement within Protestant evangelicalism deemed “Zionist” and to reflect on the deconstruction it has wrought on true Christianity. Falwell, Hagee and other clerics have whole-heartedly supported this movement and given it both moral and financial backing. This is the sad reality of modern evangelical and fundamentalist thought, or in this case, lack of thought or genuine reflection.

But is Zionism and its backing by the Christian Right, both by leaders and laypersons, where it really begins? No, I would say that it is decidedly not where it begins. I think this skewering and obscuring of true biblical truth begins with a little event I have coined “the coming of Judeo-Christianity.” What is Judeo-Christianity exactly? One internet blogger puts it best when he breaks down the tenets of this relatively new movement. Here is the first one. He states:

Here are some of the key characteristics of it:

God’s Chosen People. Judeo-Christians first and foremost acknowledge that God’s Chosen are not those who He has elected from the beginning of time to share eternity with him but are those who claim to be the blood descendants of the Hebrews – modern day Jews. Modern day Jews, be they Orthodox, Reformed, Liberal, or as Atheistic as Madeline Murray O’Hare, have Judeo-Christians wrapped around their fingers. Judeo-Christians think God will curse those who oppose followers of the Talmud; a book exclusively for Jewry which claims God’s Son is boiling in excrement. If ever a group has been characterized by members who have committed the unpardonable sin – blaspheming the Holy Ghost – it is Jewry. Yet Judeo-Christians not only do not oppose Jewry, they think they walk on water. They even take them as their primary identity – Judeo. Authentic Christianity acknowledges that God’s Chosen people are the Elect; those He has chosen to save from damnation by his sovereign, and to us mysterious, will, through the sacrifice of his son.” [1]

Judeo-Christians have tied themselves to today’s anti-Christ politically organized Jews. The fact that these Jews were labeled in the Bible as enemies of the Gospel, and the fact that their forebears were the very ones who beat and killed early Christians, is conveniently omitted from the historical purview of Judeo-Christians. Jerry Falwell, in his groveling before this united front of radical Jews, made sure never to condemn their founding of the homosexual movement, their disproportionate bad faith efforts in the abortion slaughter, or the fact that Jews operate most Communist front groups in this nation, including the American Civil Liberties Union (founded by one Gentile and four Jewish attorneys) and the Anti-Defamation League. But he opposed all of these movements at the same time that he paid the piper of Jewry, and was rewarded handsomely when he received a Lear jet from Israeli Jewish supremacist Likudite terror lord, Menachem Begin. [2] Talk about double-minded! The Bible states that “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” [3] It is this double-mindedness, this scattered scope, this foolish inconsistency that has marked Christian Zionism and Judeo-Christian political jockeying for the last three decades.

Another writer details the mindset behind this kind of thinking when she states:

“It is long past time to examine the most basic and misunderstood premise that fires the huge religious sub-set that calls itself ‘Judeo-Christianity.’ Whether its celebrity Christian leaders admit it or not, the crux of Judeo-Christianity is the conscious practice, if not the stated belief, that eternal life, or spiritual salvation, is somehow attached to the worldwide political agenda known as Zionism. Into the Judeo-Christian’s subconscious has been implanted the belief that ‘the love for Israel and Jews worldwide characterizes all true Christians.’ (See: A Letter from Sherry)

Some who hold this Judeo-Christian view of the Middle East think of themselves as ‘dispensationalists’ or as pre- or post-millennialists, but we simply use the expression Judeo-Christian, as we have throughout this series.” [4]

This belief, this assertion by Judeo-Christianity that “the love for Israel and Jews worldwide characterizes all true Christians” is in a word, anathema to true faith. The first duty of all believers, Jerry Falwell and John Hagee notwithstanding, is to love Jesus Christ and do His will above all else. That historically has characterized all “true Christians.” To bind ourselves to anything bigger than this is to miss the glorious message of the Gospel and the sacrifice on Golgotha. We should not love one group (Jews) disproportionately to the rest of humanity. We should be known for our love and charity, but as one Australian Christian states, and this is pertinent when applied to Jewish anti-Christian activism and chicanery “Love is not a carpet under which to sweep people’s sin. Rather it is a light which can reveal sin and lead a sinner to God’s love, mercy, and grace.” [5]

Oh, how indulgent Falwell, Hagee, Robertson and all the rest have been toward the crimes of the Jews. Jerry, John and Pat are ever ready to keep mute and silent about Jewish wrongs, and what have they received from the Jewish community for their silence, their complicity and all the money they have poured into the Israeli apartheid state, which even now has driven most Palestinian Christians from their homes and destroyed their places of worship? [6] I dare say they have received little more than bones and thin gruel. They have also been portrayed as buffoons, haters and bigots by the Jewish media apparatus, in spite of the blessings they issue forth from the pulpit regarding Israel and its land grab. As Clare Boothe Luce reminded us “No good deed goes unpunished.” [7]

But here is the biggest fallacy, the blundering “cognitive dissonance” that is Judeo-Christianity. The New Testament teaches Christians to “love God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” [8] But this is the opposite of what today’s Zionized Christian misleaders teach us. They literally tell their congregation that to speak ill of any Jew, any Jewish behavior or misbehavior, or to tell the truth about the dastardly deeds and sinfulness of the rogue state of Israel will bring an immediate curse from God. This is John Hagee’s exact view and this is blasphemy. This is the elevation of one group, unbelieving and Christ-hating Jews, to a position of semi-worship by Gentile followers of Jesus. This is an elevation that is undeserved and actually works in opposition to the message of the Gospel. It also goes against common sense. No group, race, ethnicity or heritage is above criticism. Or at least that used to be the way America worked.

Judeo-Christianity is a strange cult, a curious alliance, exemplified in the names of queer-sounding (and I mean strange) political groups with names like the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. On their website you can read the tribute paid to Jerry Falwell by a Christ-denying Jew, Rabbi Eckstein, who praises the reverend for his slavish support of Israel and for coming to speak at the rabbi’s synagogue, a place of worship which holds to a Talmudic hatred of the Lord Jesus Christ. [9]

Their Jewish Talmud teaches that Jesus Christ is now being punished in hell in boiling semen for his sins, and will be for all eternity. Elizabeth Dilling, a Gentile scholar of Judaism, writes in her notes that the Talmud states that “Jesus ‘committed bestiality,’ ‘corrupted the people,’ is ‘turned into hell.’ [9] The Talmud is also clear that Jesus is “in hell where His punishment is ‘boiling in hot semen.’ [10] You can read more of Dilling’s exegesis of the Jewish opinion of Christ here. [11] The point is, these are some of the people Falwell and the other Judeo-Christians broke bread with. It’s a despicable reality of the unholy alliance between Christianity and Judaism/Zionism. The fact that Falwell encouraged this alliance is even more heartbreaking. To wish godspeed to the sick sycophants of Talmudic Jewry would have to be classified as a grievous sin, but one that Judeo-Christianity and its figureheads have engaged in with all the relish and abandon of a cheap street whore who loves her tawdry work.

On the occasion of Jerry Falwell’s death, I would be remiss if I did not at least note that the renowned televangelist did take biblical positions on abortion, homosexuality, and the death and resurrection of Christ. Falwell also worked to provide a home and a free education for young girls who became pregnant and decided not to have an abortion. We can at least be gracious and give a little credit where credit is due. These are good Christian deeds, and Falwell should be commended for them.

But on the polarizing subject of the Gospel of Judeo-Christianity, Israel, Zionism and Jews, Falwell was wrong, dead wrong, and his contributions to this debate were malignant and harmful, though I believe that Falwell was as confused and deceived as millions of other Christians. I won’t, however, give him a pass, because he was an educated man who was old enough to know better, but I won’t demonize him either.

To shake ourselves loose from the noose constructed by the falsities of the thoroughly American ideology of Judeo-Christianity, we must first ask whose agenda this ideology serves. The answer to this query is patently obvious. It serves the Ecksteins, the Judeophiles, Israel, Likud and Zionist theocrats and Zionistic expansion. It surely doesn’t serve Christ, the Gospel, the Church or American and Palestinian Christians. It only fattens the wallets of both Gentile and Jewish opportunists, providing an endless money supply to our Jewish enemies and the Elmer Gantry evangelists who dominate the sphere of religious broadcasting.

In a sane world, Judeo-Christianity would wither on the vine. But that is not the world we live in. Only with truth-telling and cold bulls-eye accuracy in our words can we break the power of the Big Lie that has seized hold of countless churches, ministers and parishoners. When Judeo-Christianity topples from its place of reverence in America, only then can we illuminate our people with the truth. When that truth finally takes hold, then the false idol of Jewish Supremacism will tumble from its place of prominence and all the idolators eyes will snap open at last. May it come sooner rather than later.

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