Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hate and Endless Anathemas Upon All Our Goyim Heads

February 16, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

European-Americans, along with every other non-Jewish subset are under an assault from the Self-Chosen on a daily basis. As much as Jews try to pretend they subscribe to a “free to be you and me” type of multi-culti Kumbayah group-hugging Politics of Meaning, this is only a fa├žade, a mugging for the cameras, to obscure the deep and abiding unspoken hate and endless anathemas they daily declare upon ALL of our Goyim heads. As an escapee from the Jewish prison cult of haughty, hooked-sixer-schnozzed personalities, Israel Shamir explains, Jews see non-Jews as “children of a lesser God.” In other words, we are throwaways, we are urchins and ratty ragamuffins.

Jew TV situation comedies make jokes about European-Americans as “goy toys”, things to be used for labor or quick flings that can be tossed away or treated as less than the Jew ubermensches. The moneymen funding these programs are not patriotic, flag-waving Americans. In fact, they loathe our European heritage, they spit on our traditions and the only country they would have any loyalty to at all is Israel. Of course, all those quips and cracks about “goy toys” are like a Yiddish loudspeaker call for kosher sex in the Unholy Land of brothels and Mogen David snuff films and kiddie pornos starring the Aryan unwashed. Rabbis, while taking a break from reading the Talmud, frequent whorehouses and get to gangbang a voluptuous goy that an Israeli slavemaster grabbed from the Ukraine or Russia.

Understand one thing. Jews have not been victimized more than non-Jews. They just own all the newspapers so that they are able to tell the world if one of their own gets a paper cut or nicks himself with a knife and blames it on a Muslim or spray-paints a swastika on a Jew’s headstone or leaves a ZOG on a Jew day center and pins it on the nearest white person, and God help that Caucasian if he is racially aware. But be that as it may, any anti-Jewish action will be blamed on the Other, always, even after it has been discovered to have been staged. Why? Hate. Endless anathemas.

The mere INJURY of two Israelis was front page news in the past week and hand-wringing and Jew-whines gushed from the neo-conservative websites (that means you, David Horowitz, you lying Jew shill for Zionist criminality), while the fact that thousands upon thousands of Palestinians are hanging on to existence by their fingertips in the world’s largest concentration camp. Yet this reality doesn’t quite get treated as gingerly as Jew-pain by the mafia who runs the media. In fact, if anyone but Israel was washing neighborhoods in raw sewage, shooting children and little babies point-blank through the head and bulldozing and firebombing the homes of political dissidents, it would be, in the jargon of Mediaspeak, a “humanitarian crisis.” But no, this is not the way things work. Jewish blood is valuable. Our blood is very, very cheap. Why? Again, hate. Endless anathemas.

The blacks now being used to wage a race war against European-Americans need to understand that they have become tools in a game run by the Master Manipulator, the Eternal Jew. Most black slums, liquor stores and instant cash outlets are owned and run by opportunistic Jews who are eager and Cheshire-grinning as they rub their hands together, chuckling under their breath as they exploit black misery, poverty, ignorance and lack of education. The Jews stir the pot of anti-white hatred to keep blacks mired deep in the slough of despondency that THEY (Jews) have helped to assemble for the African-American community. The Jew is no friend of ANY race, and the “helping hand” they give in selling blacks a stew of gangster rap music, violence and misogyny only enriches the Self-Chosen and only further pushes the cycle of hopelessness, illegitimacy and despair. African-Americans are now a broken shell of what they were fifty years ago, before Jew agitators and a Jew media that instructs them in the entitlement mentality came along to “assist” the darker-skinned “proletariat”. Blacks must stop “holding the hand that holds them down.” That hand is reaching from one tiny ethnocentric nexus and offers only death and decline as a gift. Why? Yep, you guessed it. Hate and endless anathemas.

Mestizos, Mexicans if you will, are now the latest group to be enveloped and enfolded by the slimy tentacles of the Jew political action groups, massaging and inking up everything in sight, yet always angling for a way to use minorities to spearhead anew the Jewish agenda of division, bigotry and social disintegration. After politicking to break the borders, groups such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the ADL and the ACL-Jew are hurrying the influx of poorly educated Third Worlders into every white enclave that remains. These Jews are assured of the fact that their brethren in the mass media will not mention their role in this debacle and if the ire and rage of the American populace is stoked, it will be directed, not at the Jewish traitors in our midst, but instead at Mexicans. Furthermore, the Self-Chosen will get the added benefits of a further deracinated (de-European-Americanized) and diluted country that they can socially and economically rape with impunity for years to come. More hatred and more anathemas are on their way for the gaggles of Goyim.

The Goyim, all Goyim, need to wake the hell up from their slumber and learn that Judaism, Zionism and their Talmud-possessed enfant terribles with law degrees see us all as expendable. They don’t care if you live or die, as long as they can make a few bucks on the deal. The God of the Goyim is as sleepy, impotent and powerless as the demonic desert deity of the Jews is animated, virile and supreme in every sense of the word.

The truth is, these Jewish Master Manipulators hate us all, no matter our color, religion or national origin. They believe us to be Goyim, to be cattle and in a sense, they are correct. These Jews have had things their way for so long, with so little resistance, it is no wonder they are so brazen and emboldened. Those non-whites who have gone along with the Jewish deconstruction of white society, believing all the while that they would benefit from it in the long run, are either delusional or thoughtlessly brainwashed by an alien media. Once whites are only a tiny deballed remnant of what they once were, the Jews will then be free to completely enslave every other race, people and nation. They are only trying to neuter those of European descent first because historically we have been their greatest competitor and most able opponent and the only bulwark against their Messianic dreams which will devour every form of higher life if we so allow it.

If all of humanity, every race and nationality can band together and at last recognize that the enemy is–as it forever has been–the Eternal Jew, then we shall prevail. If we cannot, we will have proven ourselves as the throwaways, the urchins and the ratty ragamuffins the Jews already believe us to be.

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