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God’s Special Little Creatures

August 3, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The Jews are “God’s special little creatures” at least in their own myopic eyes. Their media tells us this, yammering like a spliced and looped tape which plays the same mantra over and over. Yet anyone else who has spent a lot of spare time with them hardly seems as enamored and worshipful as the Jews are of themselves; well, perhaps that is not wholly true. Our government is very obeisant to the self-adulatory community of miscreants who assure us that they are at the top of God’s Favorites list. George W. Bush has created a special department just for the sole purpose of not allowing critical notes to be dropped in the Complaints box of universal world opinion and a monitoring bureaucracy that rabidly scouts for traces of “anti-Semitism” with all of the subtlety that Kaganovich exuded when he ran a razor blade across the balls of white Gentile Russian Christians.

No, perhaps all Jews don’t hold on to an illusion of a future “Ziotopia” with Goyish cattle slavishly toting water, catering kosher meals and doing the nails of Jewish JAPs who spit at even the potential of having a potential thought of performing manual labor for themselves. But enough do (hold on to the illusion) to make politically galvanized and “aggrieved” Jews a hazard to the white Gentile population of America, which is, despite all bad faith efforts and Jewish hand-wringing, still a majority of the demographic. Yes, Big Jewry, you are a problem, the biggest problem. Of course, you always have been.

God’s special little creatures–Even now this saccharin-sanct band of Woody Allen-wannabes (thank you, Mark Glenn) are bitching, whining, waving their arms about and agitating for special privileges that are undeserved. And they are gaining these privileges too. The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs assures us unhappily that “The United States plans to increase military aid to Israel by 25 percent—from $2.4 billion to $3 billion per year, guaranteed for the next 10 years. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told reporters in Jerusalem on July 29 that President George W. Bush agreed to this new $30 billion military aid package when they met at the White House on June 19.” [1]

And then the article places the whole charade into financial perspective:

“U.S. taxpayers are being asked to donate $30 billion to help Israel buy weapons at a time when our own nation’s financial resources are stretched thin. According to a June 28, 2007 Congressional Research Service report, the U.S. has spent $611 billion on the ‘war on terror’ since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, including $567 billion in Iraq alone. Our own economy, schools, and health care are in shambles thanks to this war that many, including President Bush, believe is being fought to protect Israel.”

God’s special little creatures–Like a lover that won’t be true, Israel and its Jews are pushing hard for Gentile moneys, but this Goyim affection is always Hebraically unrequited. Yes, you could say that Israel has had some “momentary lapses” in her faithfulness to her supposed “ally.” Here’s another apropo incident recalled by hardly an “anti-Semitic” outlet of news, The Jerusalem Post:

“Israelis may no longer have to apply for visas to visit the US under bills before both houses of Congress.

If the proposed legislation passes, it will clear the way for Israel to participate in the visa waiver program, which currently allows nationals from countries such as Britain, France and Australia to come to the US without having to interview at American consulates and pay for entrance permits.

Each chamber has proposed different versions that would have to be reconciled before being sent to the White House for signing into law. While each bill authorizes the government to expand the visa waiver program to include Israel, the decision to do so would be left to the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security.” [2]

Yeah, and I’m sure Israeli Zionist agent and V. I. Lenin look-alike Michael Chertoff is going to nix this thing, isn’t he? Not a chance in hell, or should I say instead, not a chance that the apartheid, warmongering little welfare baby in the Middle East won’t get what she wants for the millionth time. No, the terrorist country that has consistently spied on Americans, that runs most American phone systems, that has stolen our secrets and sold them for big bucks to our enemies will get the whole enchilada once again. The treasonous Jews always get what they clamor for even as they breach our security and rob us blind. Ahhh, but who cares? “What’s good for the Jews” is the main objective of our government anyway.

God’s special little creatures–A Jew in Europe will wail and petition the government if a swastika is found on a Jewish headstone (and many Jews have been caught vandalizing their own synagogues for media attention) or if a Jewess cuts herself with a kitchen knife and wants to blame it on an Arab or a far-right white nationalist. But woe unto us if we even acknowledge what is happening in the Jewish state, which is not coincidentally the most hated country on earth. The Israelis show their racist hatred, egged on by the Chabad Lubavitchers and the Shmuel Boteach rabbinical hatemongers, those pox upon all the world’s houses. Read on:

“Israel occupation soldiers have vandalized and desecrated Palestinian graves near the southern West Bank town of Hebron, locals and human rights activists said.

According to relatives, hundreds of soldiers and as many as 20 military vehicles stormed the small village of ‘Marah al- Baqqar’ on Tuesday, 31 July, terrorizing locals and vandalizing property.

The forces reportedly stormed the village shortly after midnight Monday amid intensive shooting. The village was placed under military curfew, locals said.

At one point, a military bulldozer destroyed two graves, exposing the remains of the dead.

‘I don’t know if Hitler did this to the Jews, but look how they are treating us. This is the same people who make a big outcry whenever someone touches a Jewish grave in Europe,’ said Aziz Amer.

Taleb Hasan Amr, an 80 -year-old, whose son’s and mother’s graves were desecrated said he never saw such a brutal ugliness in his life.

‘I lived under many states, but never saw some thing like this. Imagine, they are after the dead. Where is the conscience of the world? These people are worse than the Nazis.’” [3]

Yes, these Zionist beasts make the Nazi state look very tame indeed, unless you swallow the proven lies they have cooked up about the Germans, tearfully recounted to the Jewsmedia by the Wiesel/Wiesenthal demagogic hucksters who turn on the waterworks for the flash bulbs.

God’s special little creatures–The only thing “special” about organized-crime-Judaism (and this branch of Judaism includes all branches, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Secular Chosenism), that Jewish mafia all dolled up with the accoutrements of ceremony and gaudy pageantry, is its duplicitousness and pushiness, forever shilling, agitating for unique privileges and exclusivity that the Gentile should apparently not have or even be able to petition for, if only for the protection of his own heritage and rights. No, Jews get group rights, while Gentiles must settle for the crumbs of “up-by-your-bootstraps” individualism. Jews receive exemptions from the rules we have to follow because they are so “special.” Oh, they’re special, all right. But the only specialty they can claim is a penchant for the perverse, the criminal, the traitorous, the back-stabbing and for always biting the hand that feeds their insatiability, a hunger never filled, a greed never appeased by the hand-outs Gentiles are wont to bestow on their grudging, overbearing and parsimonious guests.

God’s special little creatures–If God is watching and He is benevolent (and He doesn’t seem to be, from the looks of things) then the Jewish extremists can be little more to Him than the rapists of the universe, always stealing, always oppressing, forever at enmity with the rest of the masses of mankind. But since God (however He is defined) chooses inactivity, or perhaps apathy and most definitely silence, it is up to us, those of us who see the misshapen monstrous menace of Big Jewry and its countless evils, and what they portend for the earth, to place our tongues against the roofs of our mouths and form words, those words narrating the horrors and injustice of what we witness. Speak, no matter what the cost, for those who are only “specialized” at feeling “special” and believe that this gives them a divine right to “pull down” a civilization they could not create, will never stop their unprovoked frontal assaults against us. The bitter fruits of Self-Chosenness are a disease. The good news is, disclosure is the cure.

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