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Foxman Tries To Outfox Christians

July 9, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Below is a very interesting article that I will let you read before I throw out some commentary:

ROME (AP) - Several hundred people rallied Wednesday to demand an end to what they said was the persecution of Christians in the Middle East that has forced thousands to flee the region.

The demonstration was the brainchild of Magdi Allam, Italy’s leading Islamic commentator. It was endorsed by several top Vatican officials and follows recent comments by Pope Benedict XVI.

“We cannot remain silent before a tragedy that affects millions of people,” Allam told the crowd gathered in a central Rome piazza. “The systematic persecution of Christians in the Middle East is a human rights violation.”

The “Save the Christians” rally drew top Italian officials, including former Premier Silvio Berlusconi, as well as Jewish officials, including Abraham Foxman, U.S. director of the Anti-Defamation League.

“I stand here tonight as an American Jew and as a survivor of the Holocaust to say to you that ‘never again’ was a pledge that the Jewish people learned with great pain and sadness,” he said. “But ‘never again’ is not limited to Jewish pain and suffering. ‘Never again’ is an imperative whether they’re Jewish, Muslims or Christians.”

“I pledge to you that our voices will be heard whenever Christians are discriminated against,” he said.

Benedict has become more outspoken about the plight of Christians in the Middle East, decrying the killing and kidnapping of priests and lamenting that thousands of Christians have been forced to flee the region because of persecution and security fears.

He raised his concerns about the plight of Christians in Iraq during his audience with U.S. President Bush on June 9. In Iraq alone, as many as 50 percent of the country’s Christians may have left the country, according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, a federal monitoring and advisory group.

In the Holy Land, some estimates say the native Palestinian Christian population has dipped below 2 percent in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Arab East Jerusalem, down from at least 15 percent in 1950. [1]

Now isn’t it the most adorable and sweetest thing to see Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, his heart bleeding all over his sleeve about the plight of Christians in the Middle East? It warms my heart to know that Foxman has concern, real altruistic concern for the Christian victims of abuse, violence, harassment and discrimination in the Mid East region. Ol’ Abraham, like the biblical patriarch whose name he carries, is finally ready to stand up against anti-Christian injustice and bigotry.

If only this were true, but guess what? I’m not buying one lousy bit of Foxman’s love-fest directed at the worldwide Christian community, and I’ll tell you exactly why. It’s quite simple, and it’s so patently obvious what Foxman’s sudden “change of heart” is all about. This ADL front man understands one thing very clear. He comprehends the need for style, even when no substance is to be found. He gleans, probably from a swift perusal of the internet, that the truth about Jews and Zionism and Israeli criminal capers is being rapidly, and often energetically exposed by patriots, truth-seekers and those ordinary souls who are just now beginning to piece the whole agenda together, frequently with trepidation and often with fear.

But Abraham and the smart boys at B’nai B’rith think that the Goyim are veering perilously close to being brain-dead. If Foxman can throw a sop to the Zio-idiots in the evangelical movement and thinks that they will go for it, then this says much about his mendacity and propensity for deceit (and this man is devilishly deceptive) and it also shows abundantly how gullible the Judaized Christian church sheeple really are (here is the church and here is the steeple, open the door and there’s a whole lot of Judeo-conned sheeple) or have become under decades of Jewish mind-melding.

Let me tell you plainly why this whole kosher Christian-hugging charade is a cheap, but profitable fraud. The first reason that we can read the word ‘fraudulent’ written all over this little rhapsody of Foxman’s is very elementary, so elementary in fact, that even many of the Christian Zionists visiting this blog may be able to put two and two together and still come up with four. Here it is: The thing forgotten in all this is that the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is, at least in democratic and relatively free countries, the biggest persecutor of Christians and the most powerful usurper of religious freedoms and rights for Christian people. The perfidy and duplicity is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Here is one of their most basic and most base attacks on Christians and the Christian religion. Allow me a quote if you will. Read this and understand its implications:

“The ADL, a premier Jewish lobby now in bed with the FBI, the Israeli Mossad, and other Big Brother groups, is only one of the many Jewish lobby organizations targeting the New Testament. Abraham Foxman, the director of the sinister ADL, suggests in his book, Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, that the New Testament, because it accuses the Jews of guilt in the crucifixion of Jesus, is responsible for six million Jews dying in the holocaust during World War II.

In our most recent newsletter, Abe Foxman, head of the Jewish ADL, was quoted as saying, ‘The New Testament is a lying, hateful, hurtful book, ultimately responsible for the deaths of six million Jews in World War II.’

While this same quote was printed by several other sources, including internet websites, as it turns out, Foxman did not say these exact words and, therefore, this statement should not have been in quotation marks. We apologize and are pleased to clarify what Foxman actually did say.

In his anti-Christian book, Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, Foxman does, indeed, indict the New Testament as leading to the mass murders and pogroms of Jews. He also suggests that the New Testament and its Christian teachings could lead to yet another wave of anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jews. Foxman asserts further, that scholars ‘have traced a direct line from ancient Christian teachings on Jews and Judaism to the death camps of Hitler.’

From these statements, we can easily discern, then, that the ADL’s Foxman does ascribe to the outrageous view that the New Testament and its Gospels are responsible for the alleged death camps of the holocaust. We are pleased to correct the misquote as originally printed, but Power of Prophecy continues to decry the clearly anti-Christian allegations of Foxman and associates.” [2]

So before you make a leap in both logic and common sense, believing that this Jewish leopard (Foxman) has changed its Talmudic spots, perhaps it would behoove you to look closely at what the ADL really thinks about the New Testament, which is the lifeblood of Christianity and forms the centerpiece of all Christian scholarship, exegesis and worship. Without the New Testament in general, and the four Gospels in particular, there would be no Christianity. But Foxman and his Jewish henchmen honestly believe the Christian scriptures to be almost akin to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, if not in tone, then at least in the consequences of its teachings.

But Foxman stands before both Christians and moderate Muslims and makes like a good Method actor, probably for the moment actually internalizing his own lies for the cameras and the newspaper reporters in attendance. What a scam and a sham, but nothing new for this chameleon Mammonite charlatan whose only gods are power and profit and private jets.

We must also not forget that the ADL, with Foxman at its helm, has been on the front lines of ripping away every last remnant of Christian symbols, religious heritage and culture from America’s landscape, and they have been at this dirty work for decades of dishonorable disservice. This would be bad enough, but B’nai B’rith and the Jewish minions who serve and prostrate themselves before its diabolically anti-Christian ideology are also working to quiet the tongues of Christians in a supposedly free nation such as this one. How are they doing this? They are doing it through the power of Big Government, which is now in the pocket of Big Jewry, which is now in the service of Big Liberalism. The ADL is pushing a bill, a piece of legislation covertly, called H.R. 1592 which could actually result in Christians, both ministers and laypersons, being fined or imprisoned for teaching biblical views on homosexuality or other practices of which the Bible clearly calls ‘sin.’

Ted Pike, one of the last Christian evangelical truth-tellers left in America, asks a foreboding question:

“If H.R. 1592 is ratified, how will its inquisition against Christians begin? It will probably follow the pattern of our northern neighbor since 1971. In Canada, the individuals least likely to merit public favor were indicted first. Holocaust reductionists (who question the accuracy of the 6 million figure of Jewish dead during WW II and whether gas chambers were primarily responsible for loss of Jewish life) were the primary victims of ADL’s federal hate bill, The Canadian Human Rights Act. Canadians of a vulgarly anti-Semitic, racist, or bigoted mentality were also arraigned first. ADL indicted when its victims wouldn’t be supported by public opinion.

But in the United States, as in Canada, hate crime legal precedents will quickly add up, enabling ADL to pursue their ultimate quarry: evangelicals. Within a few years, like wolves savaging a flock of sheep, ADL-instructed prosecutors will repeatedly indict Christian pastors, activists, publishers, educators and broadcasters. Christians will be charged with aiding, abetting or counseling those who verbally ‘intimidate’ homosexuals away from their ‘natural’ preferences. As with Austria’s conviction of WW II historian David Irving, it will not matter whether Christians have stopped criticizing homosexuality. Even decades-old statements will be dredged up, ex post facto, and held against them.” [3]

This is the horrifying reality of the unquenchable thirst Talmudic Jews have for the decimation of Christians, using the full weight of the federal bureaucracy against Gentile American citizens. It goes along merrily, part and parcel, with their quest for complete and utter world domination. How can they achieve such a far-sighted and self-aggrandizing objective? Simple. They will put their biggest rivals out of business by making criminals of them. This is what Abraham Foxman and almost every lavishly funded interest group behind Big Jewry longs to do. If Foxman wants to wax empathetic over the persecution of Christians, then perhaps he should start by taking a gander at his own repugnant reflection in the mirror.

But no, the chicanery continues to pour forth from Big Jewry like a broken drain pipe, splashing all of us with its swillish consistency. The attacks from organized Jewish crime fronts against their religious adversaries have only been ramped up to a louder and more obnoxious level in the last few years. Who can forget the brouhaha over something as innocuous as a movie based on the four Gospels? Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ was lambasted and raked over the coals by countless media Jews in 2004 for its supposed “anti-Semitism” and “blood libel” implications. It seems as if Gibson couldn’t have been attacked any more harshly if he had called for pogroms against America’s Jewish community.

Who was leading the charge of anti-Christian hatred, sounding a clarion call of bigotry and intolerance against the evangelical backers of the film? Why it was none other than Abe Foxman and the ADL and all the Jews in the media who lip-sync to their lies on a regular basis. Foxman and others attempted to insinuate that The Passion of the Christ, which they would not absolutely bludgeon as “anti-Semitic”, was instead merely a tool that could increase violence and intolerance toward Jews.

Considering Foxman’s Talmudic disdain for the New Testament of the Bible, it is not surprising that he would hold such a position. The leftist Jewish media went along to string along once again and released ominous op-eds and hysterical polemical shrillness cautioning that the film could promote a new wave of anti-Jewish activity throughout the world. None of their warnings bore fruit, of course, and I’m sure that Foxman and company were disappointed that at least a few Jews were not killed, at least a large enough number to justify the ADL tearfully begging and pleading for more money to fill their overflowing coffers and fight a supposed scourge of revived “anti-Semitism.”

The Bible warns us to beware of false prophets. This is an apt warning, especially when it is applied to the Talmudically-oriented prophets and pawnbrokers who make up a large chunk of the Jewish community, especially in the upper echelons of power. This is why, at the end of the day and at the end of Foxman’s farcical flight of fantastical fibbing inflicted on the good folks at the “Save the Christians” rally in Rome, we must remember to keep our eye on the Big Lie and the Big Liars. The Liar-In-Chief of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is Abraham Foxman and the Jews who enable him and give him money to carry on his evil works. Foxman has made a career out of evil deeds, evil words, evil attacks and diabolically evil lies. The ADL is an organization founded on evil, having first gained prominence by helping to get a guilty Jewish rapist sprung from jail using their underhanded influence and not a small amount of double-dealing.

I say this plainly and starkly to those reading this, ready and willing once more to give the Jews the benefit of the doubt. Read the facts. Take a hard look at the persons, groups and organized interests who are invested in your demise. Standing at the forefront of this effort and on the cutting edge of criminality and collusion you will find a well-heeled Foxman, smug, smirking and smilingly smarmy as he dances a dastardly Jewish jig in the shed blood of your saints.


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