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Foolish Consistencies Ad Absurdum

November 12, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Transcendentalist philosopher, and a nineteenth-century thinker whose essays are still a joy to read, once wrote in his essay “Self-Reliance” that “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.” [1]

I see this supposed “consistency” being applied in the political realm, mainly the internet realm, to the issues of the white nationalist struggle and the Jewish supremacist specter that haunts every sentient soul like a phantom. This quotation from the illustrious Emerson may be said to even be inapt to the brief dissertation at hand, but for some reason it rouses in me the need to discuss and displace some of the flawed supposed “consistencies” that some in this movement, that being the often amorphous anti-Zionist movement, put forth as profundities, when they are in fact banalities instead. Let us shake ourselves free of these encumbrances to understanding and enlightenment.

Some on the left side (and I count them as friends) of this liberation struggle (and I use the terminology of the left by employing liberation) have used their opposition to Zionism to attempt to blackball every notion of nationalism as dangerous, imperialistic or jingoistic. Many have done the same with the concept of race as well, citing Menachem Begin as an example of what a Zionist ‘master race’ conception looks like and thus discouraging racialist feelings amongst Europeans and European-Americans, especially those desirous of pulling themselves free of the yoke of Zionism in their governments and policy-making. This would be, in my opinion, the most foolish of all “foolish consistencies.”

The fact that Jews, who are technically not a race at all, would employ fervent nationalist and racialist ideas to galvanize their people for conquest and genocide and the theft of an entire homeland does not automatically discredit strong attachments to nation and race. Jewish leaders have kept the “threat level” high in the minds of their fellow Jews by making declarations like “But for Israel, the Jewish race would not have survived” and “We must preserve Israel as a Jewish state” and also “Jews can count on no one but themselves.” They understand what many Americans have forgotten. They comprehend that people will not send large sums of money and fight and kill to merely endorse a “concept” or an “idea.” No, blood is spilled and treasure is expended for one’s nation-state and for one’s race. The Communists came to grasp this when they later spoke of Mother Russia with less internationalist sentiments and more nationalist zeal.

But the leftists in the anti-Zionist camp misspeak when they place supposed “white supremacists” on the same even plane with “Jewish supremacists.” “But don’t you understand!” they will cry. “White supremacism is no different than the Jewish supremacism that coaxes Jews in Israel to grind the Palestinians under their heel, steal their land, shoot their children and treat them like sub-humans!” To these anti-Zionist “citizens of the world” any form of racial affinity will inexorably lead to the dehumanization of the other at best, and to outright genocide and slaughter at worst.

First off, this assumes that there are two almost mirror images, Jewish supremacism on one side and white supremacism on the other, and they are both squaring off with each other and sporting hard, grim expressions, both armed to the teeth and fighting on a level playing field. This is blatant nonsense. There is not, and never has been, any such equivalency. Jewish supremacists control almost every institution of consequence in America, including media, corporations, Hollywood, television, film, “conservative” and “liberal” talk radio, fractional reserve banking, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and on and on the list could go. So-called white supremacists essentially control nothing. They are a splintered group of squabbling sects, disunited, disorganized, underfunded and less than insignificant as a political bloc. They “major in minors” and often overinflated egos bump into each other as these “little minds” apply horribly narrow litmus tests to each other’s political motives, ideas and philosophies, even though, unbeknownst to them, they have little if any influence in the first place. They are basically preaching to a tiny, divided and frustrated choir that is singing off-key.

Secondly, Jewish supremacists and what leftists call white supremacists are each coming from different places. This is an important distinction. For the last forty years, Big Jewry has launched a frontal assault on the values, mores and folkways of America. This is what Professor Ray Goodwin would call an “action.” What white organizations have engaged in would be a “reaction” to this Jewish attack on their country, which has only intensified in the last four decades, but has been quietly waged, quite honestly, for the last hundred years as Henry Ford’s The International Jew attests to with its lists of Jewish legal challenges to Christian public expression which began in earnest near the start of the twentieth century. Yet in the minds of some observers who understand Jewry, but misunderstand the white “reaction”, Jewish extremists and mislabeled white extremists are only two sides of the same coin. This is a faulty interpretation of the struggle.

Thanks to the Jewish intelligentsia, the Frankfurt School, Jewish anthropology and the whipping boys made of white racial consciousness and patriotic nationalism by the Jewish media and by the eclipsing Jewish neo-conservative movement, America is nothing more than an “idea”. “Democracy” is it raison d’etre, however that is unpacked. Neo-cons like Podhoretz have assured us that the United States is not a country “based on blood” at all. They have brashly told the descendants of the Founders what true “Americanism” entails, and oddly enough it bears no resemblance to any “Americanism” our Founders would have recognized or sworn allegiance to. It is a multicultural, multiracial, skewed religion that can be used to prop up any unseemly amount of imperialism deemed necessary by these warmongers. It is what the rest of the world hates most about our nation. It is also why real patriotism and nationalism have withered on the vine. Who among us is keen to fight or die for an “idea”, and one poorly defined and self-contradictory to boot?

Jews, unlike any other minority, feel that they have a right to traverse into others’ countries and then dictate, or in this case rewrite, their founding creeds and truisms for their hosts. This kind of chutzpah truly surpasses any other. This kind of chutzpah is also precisely what misnomered white supremacists so resent, especially from non-Europeans, from Jews who, even while dictating the terms of the “American experiment” to them, have their pseudo-Semitic eyes averted towards their country of choice and ultimate loyalty, Israel.

Is white supremacism (what I would call white nationalism) plowed from the same ground as Jewish supremacism, that direful doctrine that imprisons, enslaves and murders the Palestinian people? No, it is not. This is “consistency” ad absurdum, foolishness multiplied a hundred fold. Zionist Jews desire either the imprisonment, internment or the genocide of the Palestinians, for they know that these brave people will not be expelled from the homeland so callously stolen from them. The fanatical Zionists have never seriously entertained the idea of a Palestinian state, especially now that the Israelis have purloined so much land that there is scarcely enough left to form a state, or at least one that would not look like a slice of Swiss cheese.

Yes, most white nationalists (the correct name for the majority of white activists) do wish for the segregation of the white and black races respectively, and the exporting of illegal immigrants as a separate priority. But does segregation require imprisonment, enslavement, murder and dehumanization? No, it doesn’t. In fact, as David Duke and other European-American activists have stated, separation of the races has nothing to do with supremacy of one race over another, any more than a Japan with a 99% Japanese population has any bearing on the freedom or lack of freedom in other nations. What white nationalists are concerned with is the result of integration, its lowering of academic standards, its trillions paid out in welfare benefits to an idle and indolent black underclass and the insane levels of black-on-white crime (a 12 to 1 ratio) that whites are never supposed to discuss openly and which is covered up and lied about by the mainstream Jewish corporate media as the “Jena 6” fiasco attests to. The situation has reached a crisis level and the seething anger, rage and sense of injustice felt by the white majority is like a sleeping giant threatening to awaken suddenly and then explode like a powder keg.

I truly believe that large cross-sections of whites have seen the fallout and the sorry consequences for their children, all due to Jewish-led integration efforts, which promised much in the way of egalitarian utopian rose garden rhetoric, yet have delivered a hell on earth for those who have been the victims of what is in reality a crime-riddled, rape-happy black Third World dystopia now extending its savagery and barbarism into their once serene schools, neighborhoods and workplaces. The wanton criminal wasteland America is transforming itself into because of integration and “racial justice” is a big screaming nightmare, and the tolerance of this depravity in the name of “brotherhood” is inexcusable. How it can be realistically compared to Zionists dynamiting Palestinian property and stealing the centuries-held land of Palestinians is beyond me.

No white person I know wants to subjugate blacks or steal from them or kill them, but only desire to live apart from most of them. All of 1,500 blacks were lynched in the past 100 years by whites, some for legitimate crimes. This can’t compare to even a few months of Israeli atrocities. It doesn’t compare to the millions upon millions of whites who have been murdered by blacks, and countless European-American women, young, middle-aged, even elderly who are raped daily by them. Is it a coincidence that it was the Jewish supremacists who foisted this unbearable and unsustainable situation upon us? I don’t think so. They did it to destroy us.

I, and most people I know, have no desire or reason to want supremacy over black people. What we do want is to allow them to rule over their own people, in their own way, with their own values or lack thereof. Many whites I know would even be glad to pay tax dollars towards a separate black state in some part of the United States. Just as we are doing now, whites would gladly pour money and resources into such a black entity if it would keep the 60% of crime committed by “African-Americans” out of our neighborhoods, cities and schoolhouses. Blacks would not be subjugated under this situation, unless you consider black self-rule itself so shoddy that it is, on its own, a subjugation.

Every white nationalist I know respects the right of every race, culture and heritage to survive and preserve itself free from the manipulation and domination of others. Do the Jewish supremacists respect this right for ANY race, culture or heritage but their own? The last thing they want for Palestinians is self-determination. The death knell for the Jewish extremist agenda would be white self-determination. They have tried to subordinate the black community to their wishes, helping to turn it into a shell over the last forty years. They now seek dominion over Hispanics flooding into America, so they can use them as fodder for their revolting schemes in the future. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the ADL are making inroads into the leftist Hispanic political caucuses and doing their due diligent damage in the process.

For you see, every race has as a basic right, the right to live. Organized Jews would disagree with this assertion. The Jewish “race” (which is not a race in any true sense) is the only race with dignity and Israel the only nation with an absolute and unassailable right to “exist as a Jewish state.” How can these views be reasonably compared to the opinions of any responsible white nationalist or European-American activist? No fair-minded person could say that the two paradigms could be honestly juxtaposed together or construed as quarreling twins in the arena of ideas, unless this were done in the most slipshod and facile of comparisons.

Consistencies, or silly fabrications slapped together foolishly to only appear as consistencies, need to be examined to see if they hold water or possess the merit attached to them. “Test all things and hold fast to that which is good,” another philosopher once wrote. That which is good and excellent is the survival of all peoples. That which is bad and dissatisfactory is all peoples being quelled and suppressed by the ultimate suppressor and hater of all nations and races, the everlasting Jewish supremacist power, the tyrannical autocrats of the human family. The only “consistent” facet they maintain is the inconsistent standards they apply to everyone but themselves. Let us not play the role of fools and leave them unopposed in their drive for absolute despotism or allow them their will or their way with anyone but themselves.

[1] The Complete Essays and Other Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Brooks Atkinson, ed., 1940), 145-52.

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