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Discernment and Moderation

October 10, 2007

“Virtue, then, is a kind of moderation inasmuch as it aims at the mean or moderate amount.”

-Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics

By Patrick Grimm

One reader commented on my comment to a Jewish reader and said “Your reply is symptomatic of what I like about this blog above all else (with the exception of TFC) Mr. Grimm. It dares to be painfully honest and outspoken about something, which others avoid like plague, yet in spite of all adversity from all sides, it still maintains a measure of discernment and moderation.”

This is true, and I am proud of the fact that “discernment and moderation” is the way I travel. I have not, as of yet, resorted to the types of imprudent language that I see as damaging in the larger scheme of things. Our enemies use this language liberally and abundantly, but I will not, no matter how far the Jewish foe tries to push me, aching and longing for any of us to dip ourselves into the mold they have made, if only we will take a cement bath.

I must admit that there are times when I feel like cutting loose with an angry stream of expletives at the latest excesses of Zionist Jews. But I don’t, I won’t because there is something more important to me than simple rage, as cathartic as uncensored anger can sometimes feel. There is a saying that goes “The medium is the message” and that is often true. I would also say that “The tone is the totality of the message” at least sometimes. Like a good singer, a writer too must possess a tone that compels and impels rather than repels. Whether it be humor, polemics, poetry, satire, philosophy or any other “genre”, the tone is paramount, at least from the reader’s point of view. Words do mean things and the feelings, the ideas and the motivation behind those words should be high-minded, even when discussing seemingly mundane topics like Sinatra songs and the silly zing of ZOG.

Our art, our literature, our theatre and our music have all been debased, actually defused of its potential moral currency by an alien philosophy, an anti-European entity that has submerged nearly the whole planet into a swill-like soup of amoral darkness. Our children are being turned, not into immoral agents, but amoral creatures, consumers instilled with little more than an appetite for consumption. Moral considerations have not been merely lowered. They have been made of no account whatsoever. This is the mental backdrop of the Talmudic Jewish worldview. Sadly, it is now enshrined in our laws, in our pop culture and into the minds of our children. It is soulless consumerism mixed with “sitch non-ethics” and stirred into a stew of disdain for anything smacking of traditionalism.

I, Patrick Grimm, have sat back, resting on my laurels for the past few years and watched as Jews have operated, both scruple-less and floating above any considerations of right and wrong. It’s not that these particular Jews lie while thinking “I am doing wrong, but I don’t care.” No, Kol Nidre ethics are at play. They can cancel out their falsehoods and fibs, not even with a prayer, because most of them don’t even feel that this is necessary anymore to justify what they do. They lie because they see rules of right and wrong as mere constructs that the Luddites have to follow, that the cattle have to maintain, but that they are exempt from. Because moral statutes don’t serve their agenda, they have long since dispensed with them altogether. They (statutes) are not even part of the game these Jews are playing, and winning, I might add. In this sense, I cannot follow them onto that rule-free field, and this gives them an advantage over the principled Gentiles who struggle against their wiles and their tricks.

But there is something to be said for goodness, even as imperfectly as I, like all morally sentient, yet fallible human beings try to uphold it. I abstain from bad language and bristling hatred, not just because they hurt the message, but because they are inappropriate to promulgate any message, at least when the war is being fought on a “cold” level. In any battle, the enemy must be obliterated, either figuratively or literally. But it is much harder to prevail when your adversary will not abide by the “rules of war”, codes generally laid out in a conflict between two “civilized” powers. The radical Jews have long since tossed aside any sense of fair play. Thus they can no longer be considered “civilized”, much less civil. They are not. Probably they never were.

So I will take the gloves off, be harsh when necessary, even mean when it is required. What I won’t do is descend into the sewer and wallow with the Jewish provocateurs, dish out a steady stream of their gutter-mouthed back-and-forths and give them the delight of an overreaction and obscenity-laden retort. They have proven who they are, that they delight in perversion, scatology, sickness, depravity, warmongering, bloodshed, violence, death, murder and the raping of our beautiful women by the dregs of society whose corner they proudly stand in. We should be better than this, and we are better than this. It’s all part of being people concerned with “discernment and moderation.” These are two traits that the henchmen of the Self-Chosen have never been accused of possessing.

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