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Curtis Maynard and the Jewish Question

October 20, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Well over a year ago, as I was becoming more and more aware and awakened to the Jewish Question (and the fact that there is any age-old question at all about Jews shows that ‘anti-Semitism’ is a healthy reaction rather than bigotry) there was one author that helped to thrust the problem away from just a peripheral concern into the realm of a crisis of survival measuring titanic proportions and consequences. That author was, and still remains, Curtis Maynard. He is one of only a handful of political writers whom I credit with my own foray into all things supremacistly Jewish.

Reading some of Maynard’s work in 2006, I thought to myself “This guy has totally put his finger on the problem. If he can write so courageously about this issue, then perhaps I can too.” The trenchant honesty of his prose, the laboring of a working patriotic American to grasp the takeover of all aspects of our lives, our media and our government by an alien entity, alien in both its value system and its origins, was presented to the reader in such a way as to be comprehensible, even when the magnitude of Jew crimes and double-dealings was almost breathtakingly vast.

On July 4, 2006 I happened upon a Curt Maynard research piece, written two days prior, entitled “A Frank Discussion of Jewish Group Dynamics” (also known as “It’s the Jews, Stupid”) which found the author wading into the murky world of Jewish and Zionist topography with a tad bit of trepidation, at least at the outset, that would wane and fade as time, familiarity and anger transformed him from just a researcher to a full-blown anti-PC dissident raging against the imposed darkness of the zeitgeist of Zion now gripping us like a vice whose release we can now only silently pray for, fearing eternally in the backs of our minds that legislation against these sorts of “anti-Jewish” second thoughts might be forthcoming. But like Maynard, my second thoughts have turned to certainties on the malicious character of organized criminal Judaism. Seven months after reading his research piece, I too would take a stab at the ghoulish specter of chutzpah-possessed Jewish extremism.

Here is one pertinent passage, closing Maynard’s article that neatly sums up the seemingly endless list of Jewish wrongs with a parting call for immediately extricating ourselves from the web of organized Big Jewry:

“This list could go on and on, it would require a tomb the size of Moby Dick to encompass the many crimes ethnic Jews have committed against Gentiles just in the last decade. The point of writing this isn’t to convince readers that every Jew is deeply entwined in a plot to subvert Gentile society, but that Judaism is not a peaceful religion that seeks to coexist in harmony with non-Jews, the fact is Judaism is first and foremost a “supremacist” religion that advocates the dominance of non-Jews.

Unless Gentiles become aware of the fact that Zionism is nothing but Judaism’s latest “ism,” preceded in the past by many others, i.e. feminism, socialism, communism, and that these “ism’s” are nothing more than tactics used in a grand strategy to weaken our will and western civilization itself, we’ll never get to the heart of the problem at hand, we’ll continue to fight wars for the Jews, to kill for the Jews, to arrest and incarcerate people for the Jews, to suppress the right to free expression for the Jews, etc… etc… ad infinitum. The time to liberate ourselves is now.” [1]

After the travails and Jewish strong-arming censorship at the No More Wars For Israel conference, I believe that either liberation or national and global suicide and/or death draweth nigh, the latter brought to us by the plague-carrying rats aboard the bad ship Talmud Dollop. But thanks to Curtis Maynard and several essential others, I am awake now, poised and equipped with the knowledge and the confidence to fight the well-poisoners of the human family, these inhuman monsters that John DeNugent called “a group of defamers” and the “sons and daughters of Satan.” These are harshly appropriate names for those who follow the hellish creeds of Zionism and Talmudic Judaism, which are one and the same.

Curt, thank you for the inspiration you provided those fifteen months ago, the impetus, the stimulus to fight for the heritage and future of European-Americans, unencumbered in an ideal future from the slavery of Judaic thinking, and in the process securing the liberation of all peoples upon this planet who groan under the incalculable weight of the Jewish yoke, a yoke which makes chattel servitude seem mild in comparison. I appreciate the signpost you provided on my own intellectual pathway, a road that has led to the freedom I now hold to embrace uncomfortable, yet verifiable truths. Keep up the good fight.


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