Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Blame Game

May 27, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Can we be strong, or are we forced to be dependent “on the kindness of strangers”? Those strangers are the alien forces among us, those who bestow their blessings upon us, the media kingpins, the entertainment masterminds, the gurus of both self-help and self-congratulations. We can talk, complain, harp and thunder in rage against Zionism, but in so many ways, we only have ourselves to blame. We can try to lay the whole burden of guilt on Zionist Jews and radical Jews and extremist Jews who truly do run an immense cross section of this country. But what then? We have allowed it to happen, haven’t we? We have been silent, uninformed, misinformed, cowardly, cowed, afraid of ruffling feathers.

You don’t like the perversion pouring out of Hollywood? Then why are more Gentiles not producing films, TV programs, documentaries and other works of art of the highest quality? We have abandoned the field and others, those who have values and moral compasses alien to most Americans have seized that field and they have achieved unquestioned, undisputed success there. Who can blame them? They are money people. They have made money their god, and it is a false god. That is not the issue. We have not stepped up to the plate ourselves. We have been content to let others play the game, and they have now won that game.

So you don’t like the art being flung upon the public, championing ugliness, malformed concepts and degenerate lifestyles? What are you doing to make your country a more beautiful and comely place? If all you do is scream and shout at the depravers, I doubt you are doing much of value whatsoever, are you?

The fact of the whole matter is simple, as most truths are. The Jewish supremacists have a lot to answer for, but in a very fundamental way, so do we. We have chosen to be “talkers” but not “doers.” We have stepped out of the picture and consigned ourselves to the fact that we are not bright enough, committed enough, dedicated enough or rich enough to run our own United States of America. It’s just not true. White people created the foundations upon which we stand. We are more than up to the task of preserving our republic, but it takes more than complaints. It takes action, hearty, honest and open-ended debate and creations, gifts that enrich our people, rather than despoil them. The zealous among the Jews have given us the sour, twisted moral code that lurks like bile within their hearts. We must do better than that. We can’t do it by simply playing the blame game. Create, exist with a purpose and a mission and become the change. Your world can be better, but it must come from you, me, ALL OF US.

Scapegoating, while sometimes necessary, is often fruitless when glancing at the big picture. The big picture is much like a good painting. It is full of juxtaposed images, all glowing with their own individual brilliance. We must be those images, those splashed-about colors in a universe, a world and a country that has been stained and flecked with darkness. Stand, create, embody the change you desire, the change you yearn for. Fashion those things which are noble, honest and good, no matter what your talents are. If you are an artist, uplift people with your work. If you are a speaker, speak words that enrich and embolden. All of us must do what we are best at doing.


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