Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Being Jewish Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

March 6, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Having grown up in America as a Gentile and a Caucasian male and inundated from birth by media-induced white guilt, I want to do what is always expected of me by our media masters and Anti-Defamation League overseers. I want to apologize in advance for this column and for every word contained in it that may offend. I know what I am saying is true, but as the purveyors of hate crime laws always say “Truth is no defense.” So I will say it. I’m sorry, deeply sorry, and probably guilty as well of holding all kinds of views I should not be allowed to hold, mainly because our PC-thought police get to decide what I am allowed to believe, consider and to think about, as well as read on the internet and in the library.

This is exactly the problem. Gentiles are apologizers. Most of us seem more than ready to apologize when the the media and the anti-American intelligentsia say we should. So you don’t like homosexuality being gleefully promoted by your socialist government school and you speak out about it? Just say “I’m sorry, so sorry,” and you better mean it or you’ll get beaten down by the media. Offended by black criminality and are sick of white neighborhoods becoming drug-infested cesspools when they are integrated. Get ready to issue a big mea culpa as soon as the media catches wind of your comments, realistic though they may be. And God help you if you say anything negative about Israel, Zionism, Jewish Hollywood or differences in black and white IQ. It will be all she wrote, and the only way to save even a smidgen of your career, reputation or your family’s good name will be to throw yourself on the mercy of the media court, the thought-masters, the PC storm troopers who will hound you unto the ends of the earth.

The examples of Gentiles always being chronic apologizers are too many to name. Mel Gibson’s comments on “f***ing Jews” starting all the wars would be one of the best (or worst) examples of the endless need for Gentiles, mostly of the white persuasion, to recant what they say and then grovel for weeks at a time. The Michael Richards “n-word” stand-up situation was another. Richards should have simply said, “I’m sorry for what I said” and never mentioned it again. But no, the apologies only got more and more pathetic as time went on, until the former Seinfeld star was prostrating himself before the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, two black racist demagogue hucksters who have made an industry out of magnifying every perceived racial slight. Even the beloved Reverend Billy Graham, who had made some accurate comments about Jewish media control thirty years ago in confidential conversations with President Nixon, proved himself to be an apologizer. Graham said he didn’t remember the comments, and then apologized for his deeply held personal beliefs if those beliefs had offended “the Chosen.”

But there is one group in America who never apologizes. They are so firmly ensconced in the highest seats of media power in this country that no one can touch them. Stop and think about it. When have you ever heard a Jew apologize for anything? You’ve heard whites apologize for their role in black slavery, for Jim Crow, for segregation, for past discrimination against women, for not doing enough to stop the Holocaust in Germany and for the treatment of American Indians. This has become such a pathetic and common occurrence that it is almost becoming sickening. But when have you heard a Jew, just one single solitary Jew, apologize for anything? Somebody tell me. And the Jews have so much to apologize for.

Perhaps Abraham Foxman and the ADL could start by apologizing for the huge Jewish role in the greatest mass murdering machine of all mankind, much bigger than the holy and sacred Holocaust, which is the event that started America’s biggest religion, Holocaustianity. The Jews, who made up 80% of the Bolsheviks who turned Russia into a slave labor camp, killed somewhere between 20-60 million Gentiles, the majority of them being Russian Christians. Maybe Foxman and the rest of the Shoah industry bandits could start by issuing a heart-felt apology, both verbally and in print, to the living relatives of all the families who were shot execution style through the head by Jewish Trotskyites or herded away to gulags to starve to death or burned alive by Christian-hating Talmudic Jewish Communists.

No, that’s probably too big of an apology to expect right off the bat from a group of supremacists as arrogant, smug, greedy and grasping as the Jews who run these phony civil rights groups. We need to start smaller, get them used to the idea that they are not all God incarnate. Hmmm, maybe we could get the Jews to apologize for their huge role in organized crime, in creating Murder Inc. and for all the Gentiles they ripped off and killed with all their murderous gangsterish activity. No, that wouldn’t work. The Jews are still running the biggest organized crime syndicates in America, in Israel, and especially in Russia, where they have stolen about 80% of the country’s wealth. These Jewish mobsters are sending big bloated checks to the Anti-Defamation League and the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in exchange for Jewish pressure on the FBI not to prosecute their criminal brethren. Nah, not likely to apologize for that.

Let’s see, maybe the Jews could become big apologizers for their humongous role in hard-core pornography. After all, Jews are about 90% of all pornography producers and make up a large number of the male and female performers in porno movies. Yeah, the Jews could at least apologize for porn, couldn’t they? But you see, that wouldn’t work either. After all, a lot of these Jewish pornographers do contribute a lot of money to pro-Israel Zionist causes, and after all, what’s more important than money, right? No, can’t get an “I’m sorry” for that one.

By now you get my point. Gentiles are chronic, almost painstakingly fastidious apologizers. Want an apology? Go to a Gentile and demand one. The Jews, who have much to be sorry for, are not big on “I’m sorries.” The Chosen don’t do apologies. But perhaps one day they will surprise us. Maybe somewhere in the world, once upon a rare and wondrous time, a Jew will turn to some Goy in a supermarket and say “Okay, you can have your penny back.” But I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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