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Unpacking Persecution

July 30, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Consignation to Jewish power seems to be the crux of the Gentile swoon into an eternal nightmare brought on by acquiescence to Hebrew anesthetizing. Every day we are fed the sedatives of television entertainment, the carnival of 24-hour news networks whose only focus is a lack of focus on our real problems, the “bread and circuses” of celebrity America and all that entails, and the historiography of suffering which has weakened us and guilted us into accepting the Jews as our masters. They suffered in history, hence they have the right, nay, they have the Divine Right to rule and run roughshod over our once beautiful world.

For you see, suffering by the Jews is like the eraser on the blackboard, blotting away a trillion Jewish wrongs. So much blood accumulated by the Jewish zealots of the universe can be wished away, can be bartered off by any Jewish blood spilled in history at any time and for any reason. A rock pelted through a poor innocent Jewish woman’s window 400 years ago cancels out the debit of 100 million Gentiles tossed like garbage into mass graves by Jewish Cominterns and Jewish abortuaries and Jewish soldiers in Palestinian neighborhoods in Gaza. The injustice done to Dreyfus is a blood offering taking away the sins of the Jewish world. A swastika spray-painted on a Jewish headstone in Europe negates all the Arab tombs bulldozed over and turned into fertilizer for Israeli olive orchards.

Jewish sins go unanswered, unacknowledged, unaccounted for. For all their transgressions, the Jews on our planet never wear the stain of their iniquities, never lose sleep over the gross injustices foisted on our countries, our communities and our children. Why? Because Gentile life is cheap, very cheap indeed. We have permitted this to be so.

To those birthed into “Chosenness” and nursed on the self-actualization of deity, what are the broken eggs of Gentile corpses? They are nothing more and nothing less than a Hebrew fingernail. The fact that the omelet’s creation required the cracking of skulls and the ripping of sinew is not a case against murder or a call for caution and realistic reassessments. No, more eggs must be separated and finally, at long last, the Messianic dream can be realized.

If Dreyfus delivers absolution for minimalist Jewish crimes, the “Holocaust” gives a cosmology of carte blanche to the totality of Jewish wrong-doing for all time and space. The Holocaust is the Passion Play, the Jews are the Savior, blameless, sinless and bloodied, but rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of near extinction, extinction narrowly avoided and absolving them of all, past, present and future trespasses against the moral order.

What is Ahmadinejad but Haman, Pharoah and Hitler rolled into one, unmasked and unthinkingly animalistic in his thirst for Jewish blood, blood so infinitely valuable that no amount of violence or genocide, no loss of innocent life (which if Gentile is a footnote) and no measure of world upheaval is too high a price to pay to stop its shedding? Why is our blood so worthless and so cheap to these Jews, who by the force of will can cajole the United States into goring any “monster” they decide upon as a target? It is because we are not “divine” in their eyes. Every cell of our DNA does not denote divinity. Our Gentile natures are inferior and therefore expendable. This is the real danger of Judeocentrism and explains the lack of guilt, the self-remission they afford themselves in the face of an ocean of blood-letting. This is the fierce and tawdry bigotry that has deranged and vitiated many a Jewish mind each and every century, passed on like a disease generation after generation.

Our very presence is to the Jewish fanatics a “persecution” much like it was in the annals of the Old Testament. They are not “persecuted” by Gentile acts, “anti-Semitism,” pogroms or potential genocidal uprisings. Their persecution comes from our existence in their presence. Supremacy paints the Gentile as an unreasoning animal which at any time could turn and rend the Jew. But this is not the “persecution complex.” Their supposed superiority is tortured by the presence of the “inferior” and this includes all of non-Jewish mankind.

Gleeful genocide was not the order of the day in Deuteronomy because other tribes and cultures were making life hard for the Judeans and the Levite segregationists. Most of these separated entities were in all likelihood not even physically aware of the “Chosen” before their arrival. No, the very presence of the “Other” had to be “pulled down” because it was “Other.” It is a matter of “us vs. them” in the Judaized mind. “Them” is different from “us”, thus “them” must stop “persecuting” what is “us”, even though “them” had done nothing of the sort. The “Other” and the fact that he drew breath was the biggest insult of all to the solipsistic Jewish supremacists of yore, their self-love grotesque and sweeping and domineering. Their self-righteousness was, and is, simply staggering.

Why are the Jews “persecuted” everywhere they traverse? They are “persecuted” because to the mind that is Jewishness, all that is not of them is against them. All that is not Jewish in all its non-Jewish vainglory is like a burn against the flesh of that which is god-like. This is why any attempt at policies of d├ętente with Jewish extremists always fail, for the very terms of the war guarantee no resolution and the beneficial denouement must necessarily go to the side that will give no quarter. This is the Jewish side, and it is winning because the Gentile side doesn’t comprehend, indeed often cannot comprehend that its very existence is the problem.

They don’t hate us because of who we are, what we are or what we believe. They hate us because we are, because we move and breathe and are living beings. Jewish supremacist hatred is such that for the Jew to stop his war against us, we must cease to breathe, cease to move and live upon earth’s surface. If we move, if we draw air, copulate and replenish ourselves, we are “persecuting” him (the Judeo“god”). One Jewish supremacist put it succinctly: “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.” [1]

But the Judeo“god” does not ravage us openly, does not kill our children in the streets (at least not yet), but works quietly within the gates to assuage his hate quietly against the “Other.” He does it in many countless and underhanded ways, which have all been recounted elsewhere. But his “persecution complex” remains, even as he scales the heights, inhabits the upper echelons and acquires a fortune that the kings of ancient fiefdoms could never have dreamed of. There is no assuagement, for the “Other” remains intact, and the cruelest cut of all is that the “Other” still has some modicum of power in his own land, his own house.

Asking “What does the Jew want?” is a hapless question, for it has a clear answer and at the same time no answer. The supremacist Jew wants his “persecution” to end by ending the non-Jewish “Other” through either genocide or utter physical enslavement under a Noahide Talmudic empire he is “prophesied” to sit athwart. The why of the ‘what’ question can never be unpacked satisfactorily and its answer is probably buried in the foggy and lost chronicles of very ancient history. But as we have seen, this history has had real repercussions for all the non-Jewish inhabitants of the world, who now live under the threat of a jealous and racially-charged enemy that is insatiable in his wants, his perceived needs and in his capacity to “feel persecuted.”

[1] You Gentiles, by Maurice Samuels, p. 155


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