Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Above All, Be Responsible

June 30, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

I am sick and tired of some people in this movement living up to every pathetic stereotype shoved upon the public by both Jewish Hollywood and the spastic Jewish media machine. I am not going to name names, because I have a policy of never publicly attacking folks who may, despite all their foibles and flaws, be doing some good work for our cause.

Let me make this brief, very brief. To the fringe nuts and seething with rage hatemongers who may even concur with me on certain points, but have a real problem controlling their tongues and using responsible language, I can only say one thing. Keep doing what you are doing and you will demolish the credibility of everything we are trying to accomplish here! But I know some of you don’t care about the credibility of this movement and the fight against Zionism. You just care about your own big, bloated egos. If that is the case then I would suggest another pursuit, perhaps sports or entertainment, something that lets you be the cock-of-the-walk.

I have received some recent comments from individuals, and you know who you are, brandishing words like “kike” and “nigger” and generally acting like a bunch of adolescents who enjoy using curse words because they upset their teachers at school and anger their parents at home. Grow up and get over yourselves! You are foolish and frivolous if you aren’t capable of refraining from that sort of language, especially when tackling issues that are weighty and have significant public moment.

I’m quite cognizant of the reality that my warning will not be heeded and that most of the folks I am talking about right now will keep on bringing opprobrium and disdain on this movement by their crassness and their hateful and reckless words. Some of you trash me and insult me for not believing and asserting that every Jew on planet Earth is uniformly evil. I don’t believe this absurdity and have never believed it. I know from personal experience that this is empirically false. Yet some of you will never be satisfied, will never be happy until I am just as full of hatred and vitriol and rancor as you are. I’m not jumping on your bandwagon and I hope that your negative tone and poison pen don’t cause people to exit the anti-Zionist cause in droves.

In closing, I would, as usual, give a warning, if anyone even cares a whit about heeding wisdom that is placed before many pairs of eyes in the form of words. Speak responsibily, write responsibly and act responsibly. Behave so as to desire your own good favor. Deny nothing. Invent nothing. Above all, don’t, with your very words, tear down that which others have labored to build up, that which, in my more optimistic moments, I believe could perchance, save us.


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