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It's All About Big Jewry, Baby!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The establishment and the Hebrew media magnates are treating the upcoming amnesty of twenty million illegal Mexican immigrants as something almost noble, exquisitely beneficial and as American as apple pie. They want you to believe that, much like a flu shot, this is being done for your own good. They are almost trying to convince you that this is the American thing to do. "This country is made up of immigrants, after all!" George Bush, John McCain or Ted Kennedy might declare with a self-assured snort of condescension. But I won't go into that right now. The attitudes, the elite snobbery of our out of touch politicians is to be expected, and nothing you say or write is going to change their hermetically sealed minds.

The more important consideration in this whole sordid matter is an elementary question. Who benefits from amnesty being bestowed on millions of poor Mexican Third Worlders, who bring their backward culture, their poverty mindset and various dangerous and incurable diseases into our "melting pot" nation?

1. Big Business

The first group who benefits is the most obvious. It is the companies, the businessmen who have no scruples. They want cheap labor, they want to cut corners and pinch pennies, even if they are breaking the law. They know our compromised government will do nothing to punish their unethical hiring of lawbreakers and miscreants. These are Bush's true constituents, those who funded both of his presidential campaigns and who line the pockets of the Republican so-called cognoscenti and pour millions into the neo-con think tanks who agitate for policies that are inimical to the US's true interests and well-being. These are the same folks who are more than glad to ship the job base out of this country if they can make a few extra dollars of profit. They are shameless, and in an ethical nation-state, they would be locked up as criminal traitors. But no, they are the shysters and bigwigs who keep the political ship afloat, no matter how rough and choppy the waters become.

2. Big Liberalism

The second group who benefits from a flood of illegals is the Left of the Democrat Party. These anti-American ideologues are sheer conniving opportunists. They care about nothing more than grabbing and holding on to the levers of government. Amnesty for criminals breaking into the United States only guarantees them a steady stream of uneducated and uninformed voters. There is also a built-in advantage for the leftist end of the spectrum because illegals are going to be more likely to utilize welfare programs, food stamps and free health care services when they show up in emergency rooms with real or imagined ailments.

These are natural Democrat voters who are unabashed at crashing our borders and then latching their mouths onto the teat of governmental dependency. They are people who love a hand-out that is both undeserved and actually stolen from native-born Americans who might require some temporary assistance. If real Republicans honestly think that these Mexicans, who are sucking up precious resources and billions confiscated from American workers, are going to vote for a platform of small government, lower taxes and deregulation, then they are either incredibly and unforgivably stupid or they have taken their usual naivety to a petrifyingly preposterous extreme.

3. Big Jewry

What is the third group who benefits, and perhaps benefits more than the previous aforementioned two? Why, it's the Jewish supremacists and the Zionists, of course! I'm sure you predicted that that was coming in this piece, but it all bears repetition, again and again and again, until the American people at last discover who is orchestrating the alien horde invasion of their once venerable nation. It's the Jews, Jews, Jews! It's the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Defense League, the American Jewish Congress, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and many, many more. What do they all have in common? That's easy. They are all pleased, actually orgasmic would be closer to the mark, about this bipartisan bulldozing of America's sovreignty and national borders. Why? They are on the verge of ecstasy because they are watching the white race, European-Americans die away. A multicultural fragmented country will be so much easier for them to control and string along like mindless sheep. Whites will be just one of many competing groups.

Who is doing this? These are the true-blue Jews, the Marxists, the Communists, the one-worlder socialists, the neo-conservative Israeli fanatics, the real dyed in the wool Bolshevik types, the Talmudic haters, the sixties Trotskyites. These are the Zionist extraordinaires. These are the very Jewish lunatics who run our TV media, our newspapers, our universities, our government and almost everything else of consequence, yet are never going to be contented and comfortable until they run it all, until not one faction of smart white folks are remaining to challenge their supremacy and the clamp down that they are planning for all of us.

That's why they yearn for loads of Mexicans and every other kind of Third Worlder to transport their squalor, their backwardness and their criminal violence into clean white neighborhoods and towns until European-Americans have no place else to go and no country left to take pride in. Don't you understand that the extremist Jews are funding this whole drive for open borders and are actually aiding the Mexican thugs who traipse arrogantly into the USA, giving them money, legal assistance and providing them subterfuge? They are doing it openly, smugly and proudly, without a glint of irony in their eyes, simultaneously supporting displacement in "the Jewish country" for poor Palestinians. But who in the world is even slightly surprised by their nervy hypocritical chutzpah anymore? I'm not.

So who benefits? Three groups: Big Business, Big Liberalism and Big Jewry. Who benefits the most? In the long run, Big Jewry does. They are in this for the long haul and nothing matters but the Tribe's success. If amnesty damns the rest of us, they will keep up the damning. After all, it will ensure the Chosen's survival and their dominance will be assured. Big Jewry will still be fueled, fired-up and fouling this country when the white race is but a nostalgic memory in a discarded history book. Even when the benefits for Big Business and Big Liberalism are exhausted and dried up, Big Jewry will be cackling as they are "king of the hill, A number one, top of the heap", even if they ravage and steamroll all of humanity to get there. They literally don't give a damn who they damn. I mean, why should Big Jewry want to rule over a resisting populace who hates and resents them when they can rule over squabbling groups of ill-educated people who don't even realize Big Jewry exists?

It always seems to be "heads, Big Jewry wins" and "tails, Big Jewry wins." This go-round may be no different. If amnesty does not happen this time and there is no ultimate cashing in for Big Business, Big Liberalism and Big Jewry, it is going to be quite predictable. Big Jewry will use their many arms of media to portray American opponents of illegal immigration and amnesty as akin to the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis of World War II. Big Liberalism and the Democrat Gentile front men that Big Jewry appoints will step forward to parrot the message and the talking points that Big Jewry assigns them. Big Business will contribute much of their dollars to the effort, knowing that it will assure them cheaper labor in the near future. The next President, one put into place by Big Jewry and one even more pliable than George Bush, will promise his donors (Big Business and Big Jewry) that he will deliver what they want. The amnesty bill will be signed into law and Big Jewry will declare it a victory for American democracy, pluralism and diversity on the nightly Big Jewry newscast. They won't even wince when Israel tosses a Molotov cocktail or three into a Palestinian kindergarten or two just on a wacky Yiddish whim.

Isn't it wonderful how America works? The triumvirate of opulent greed, tawdry opportunism and sheer ethnocentric hate-laced racism work like a well-oiled machine to wreck and derail us. Big Jewry is the biggest villian in this tragedy, but not the only one on the stage. To defeat them and win a victory we must continue to shout and raise our voices in protest, rage and dissent. We must also write and tell the truth on the internet as well. Big Jewry is the one running this malformed machine of avarice and bigory, even as they ally themselves with others foolish or greedy enough to throw in their lot with these twisted Zionistic creatures. To throw a wrench into the works, they must be exposed if the United States is even to have the slightest hope of being rescued from the political and cultural morass we are entrapped in.

We must stop Big Business, stop Big Liberalism, and most of all, stop Big Jewry. This is a trinity, a godhead made in hell, akin to the threesome of Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The only difference is that this political trinity makes the Unholy Trinity of Christian eschatology seem like a walk in the park.

original source: http://zionistwatch.blogspot.com/2007/05/its-all-about-big-jewry-baby.html

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